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Comparative Study Architecture - Veroy-Vergara

Comparative Study Architecture - Veroy-Vergara

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Published by rechie_veroy

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Published by: rechie_veroy on Oct 19, 2010
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University of Immaculate ConceptionFr. Selga St., Davao CityGraduate StudiesA comparative studyon Different Processors
Submitted by:
Engr. Rechie J. VeroyMr. Aaron VergaraMSITSupervised by:
Dr. Melquiades R. Hayag, Jr.
 Architecture of Computer Systems - IT405
Sem. SY 2010-2011
 Architecture of Computer Systems - IT405
A comparative study about different processors will be accomplished in order toinvestigate the similarities and differences between these hardwares. It has always been afrequent question -- "Will I benefit from multiple processors?" With the growing popularity of dual core processors, the topic is more important than ever! Will multiple processors or a dual core processor be beneficial to you, and what are the differences between them? These are the questions this article will attempt to lay to rest.A major question for some people getting ready to buy a high-end system is whether theywant or need to have two processors available to them. For anyone doing video editing,multi-threaded applications, or a lot of multitasking the answer is a very clear 'yes'. Thenthe question becomes whether two separate processors (as in a dual Xeon or Opteronsystem) is the way to go, or whether a single dual core processor (like a Pentium D or Athlon64 X2) will do just as well.So, this comparative study will point out and clarify the similarities and differences between processors to be able to put some propitiate solutions that can help students toavoid such effective confusion.
The present study attempts at investigating the similarities and differences between processors. And it will describe the structure the said hardware in these different processors and its use in its different sides through a discussion for the researchquestions.
1.What is the structure of its specific processors?2. How is the development of its processors which belongs to different company andmanufacturer?3. What are the principles which govern phrase “ Dual core or Multi core”? 4. Why dual core or multicore processors?5. How does it affect Software impact preferability?6. How does it affect the current saving technology? Architecture of Computer Systems - IT405

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