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Published by vrixx

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Published by: vrixx on Oct 19, 2010
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Business india
Oobr 4–17, 2010
Best B-schools Survey 2010
a l p h a b e t i c a l
 ABV-Indian Institute o Inormation Technology and Management Gwalior Gwalior www.iiitm.ac.in A++
 Academy o Business Administration Balasore www.abaindia.com
 Acharya Institute o Management and Sciences (AIMS) Bangalore www.acharyaims.ac.in 42
 Acharya’s Bangalore B-School Bangalore www.acharyabbs.ac.in
 Adhiyamaan College o Engineering Hosur www.adhiyamaan.ac.in A
 Advanced Management College (AMC) Bangalore www.amcgroup.edu.in
 Alliance Business School Bangalore www.absindia.org 48
 Alluri Institute o Management Sciences Warangal www.aimswarangal.org
 Amity International Business School Noida www.amity.edu/aibs 40
 Apeejay Institute o Technology - School o Management Greater Noida www.apeejay.edu/aitsm/ A+
 Apeejay School o Management New Delhi www.apeejay.edu/asm A++
 Army Institute o Management (AIM) Kolkata www.aim.ac.in A++
 Asian School o Business Management Bhubaneswar www.asbm.ac.in A+
 Asian Workers Development Institute Rourkela www.awdibmt.net B++
 Asia-Pacic Institute o Management New Delhi www.asiapacic.edu A+
 Aurora’s Business School Hyderabad www.absi.edu.in A+
 A.V. College Post Graduate Center Hyderabad www.avcollege.in B++
 Avinashilingam School o Management Technology Coimbatore www.avinuty.ac.in A+
Babu Banarasi Das National Institute o Technology and Management Lucknow www.bbdnitm.edu A+
Badruka College Post Graduate Center Hyderabad www.badruka-mba.com A+
Badruka Institute o Foreign Trade Hyderabad www.bit.ac.in A++
Balaji Institute o International Business (BIIM) Pune www.biibpune.com A++
Balaji Institute o Management & Human Resource Development Pune www.bimhrdpune.com A++
Balaji Institute o Modern Management (BIMM) Pune www.bimmpune.com 35
Balaji Institute o Telecom & Management (BITM) Pune www.bitmpune.com A++
Bengal Institute o Technology and Management (BITM) Bolpur www.bitm.org.in B+
Bhai Gurdas Institute o Engineering & Technology Sangrur www.bgiet.ac.in B+
Bharathidasan Institute o Management (BIM) Tiruchirappalli www.bim.edu 29
Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute o Management & Research New Delhi www.bvimr.com 45
Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute o Management Kolhapur www.bvduimkolhapur.org
Biju Patnaik Institute o IT & Management Studies (BIITM) Bhubaneshwar www.biitm.ac.in A
Biyani Institute o Science & Management Jaipur www.bisma.in B+
BLS Institute o Management Ghaziabad www.blsim.org A+
Brij Mohan Institute o Management & Technology (BIMT) Gurgaon www.bimt.edu.in B+
Central Institute o Business Management Research & Development (CIBMRD) Nagpur www.cibmrd.com A+
Centre or Management Development Modinagar www.cmd.edu A+
Centre or Management Technology (C-MAT) Greater Noida www.cmatgrnoida.com B+
Centurion School o Rural Enterprise Management (CSREM) Paralakhemundi www.csrem.ac.in A+
CH Institute o Management and Communication (CHIMC) Indore www.chimc.in A
Chandigarh Business School Mohali www.cbsmohali.org A+
Chennai Business School Chennai www.cbs.org.in A++
Christ University (Institute o Management) Bangalore www.christuniversity.in 34
CMR Institute o Management Studies Bangalore www.cmredu.com B++
Coimbatore Institute o Management and Technology Coimbatore www.cimat.edu.in A+
Datta Meghe Institute o Management Studies Nagpur www.dmims.in B++
DAV Institute o Management (DAVIM) Faridabad www.davim.ac.in
David Memorial Institute o Management Secunderabad www.davidmemorial.org A+
alphaBetical list Of institutes
nm o   cy Wb Rkg/Rg
Business india
Oobr 4–17, 2010
Best B-schools Survey 2010
a l p h a b e t i c a l
Dayananda Sagar College o Management & Inormation Technology Bangalore www.dscmanit.org
Deepshikha College o Technical Education Jaipur www.deepshikha.org A
Delhi School o Proessional Studies and Research New Delhi www.dspsr.in A+
Department o Business Economics (University o Delhi) New Delhi www.mbe-du.org A++
Department o Business Management (University o Calcutta) Kolkata www.mbmcu.org A+
Doddappa Appa Institute o MBA Gulbarga www.daimba.org A+
Dr. D.Y. Patil University’s Department o Business Management Navi Mumbai www.dypdbm.com A+
Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute o Management & Research Kanpur www.ghsimsr.org A
Dr. I.T. Business School Rajpura www.dritimt.in B+
Dr. V.N. Bedekar Institute o Management Studies Thane www.vnbrims.org A
Dronacharya Institute o Management & Technology Kurukshetra www.dimt.in B++
DSMS Business School Durgapur www.dsmsindia.com B
Eastern Institute or Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM) Kolkata www.eiilm.edu.in A++
Faculty o Management Studies (FMS) New Delhi www.ms.edu 11
Faculty o Management Studies, BHU Varanasi www.msbhu.ac.in A++
FLAME School o Business Pune www.fame.edu.in A+
Fortune Institute o International Business (FIIB) New Delhi www.ortune.edu.in A+
FOSTIIMA Business School New Delhi www.ostiima.org A+
Galgotias Business School Greater Noida www.galgotiasbschool.in A+
Gian Jyoti Institute o Management & Technology (GJIMT) Mohali www.gjimt.com A+
GITAM Institute o International Business Visakhapatnam www.giib.edu.in A++
GITAM Institute o Management Visakhapatnam www.gitam.edu A++
G.L. Bajaj Institute o Management and Research (GLBIMR) Greater Noida www.glbimr.org A+
Global Business School Hubli www.globalbschool.in B++
Global Entrepreneurship & Management Academy Patna www.gema.ac.in B++
Goa Institute o Management Ribandar www.gim.ac.in 41
Govt. R.C. College o Commerce & Management (GRCCM) Bangalore www.grccm.org
Great Lakes Institute o Management Chennai www.greatlakes.edu.in 19
GRG School o Management Studies Coimbatore www.grgsms.com A+
Harlal Institute o Management & Technology Greater Noida www.himt.ac.in A
HIERANK Business School Noida www.hierank.org
Holy Grace Academy o Management Studies Mala www.holygracebschool.org A
IBMT Business School Bangalore www.ibmtedu.org A+
IBS (ICFAI Business School), Hyderabad Hyderabad www.ibshyderabad.org 12
ICBM - School o Business Excellence Hyderabad www.icbm.ac.in A+
IFIM Business School Bangalore www.imbschool.com 50
IILM Graduate School o Management Greater Noida www.iilmgsm.ac.in
IILM Institute or Higher Education Gurgaon www.iilm.edu A++
IIMT College o Management Greater Noida www.iimtindia.net
IIMT Engineering College Meerut www.iimtindia.net B++
IIMT Management College Meerut www.iimtindia.net B++
IISWBM Kolkata www.iiswbm.edu A++
Indian Academy School o Management Studies Bangalore www.iasms.in A+
Indian Institute o Finance (IIF) Greater Noida www.ii.edu A++
Indian Institute o Foreign Trade (IIFT) New Delhi www.iit.edu 13
Indian Institute o Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) Ahmedabad www.iimahd.ernet.in 1
Indian Institute o Management Bangalore (IIMB) Bangalore www.iimb.ernet.in 2
Indian Institute o Management Calcutta (IIMC) Kolkata www.iimcal.ac.in 3
Indian Institute o Management Indore (IIMI) Indore www.iimidr.ac.in 15
Indian Institute o Management Kozhikode (IIMK) Kozhikode www.iimk.ac.in 16
nm o   cy Wb Rkg/Rg
Business india
Oobr 4–17, 2010
Best B-schools Survey 2010
a l p h a b e t i c a l
Indian Institute o Management Lucknow (IIML) Lucknow www.iiml.ac.in 6
Indian School o Business (ISB) Hyderabad www.isb.edu 4
Indian School o Mines (ISM) Dhanbad www.ismdhanbad.ac.in A+
Indira Institute o Management Pune www.indiraedu.com A++
Indraprastha College o Management & Technology Jodhpur & Kota www.icmt.ac.in A+
Indus Business Academy
(Formerly Indian Business Academy) 
Bangalore www.ibainternational.org A++
Indus Business Academy
(Formerly Indian Business Academy) 
Greater Noida www.indusbusinessacademy.org
Institute or Financial Management & Research (IFMR) Chennai www.imr.ac.in 33
Institute or Technology & Management Navi Mumbai www.itm.edu 37
Institute or Technology and Management Bangalore www.itm.edu/bangalore A+
Institute or Technology and Management Chennai www.itm.edu/chennai A+
Institute o Advanced Management & Research (IAMR) Ghaziabad www.iamrindia.com A
Institute o Business Management & Research Pune www.ibmr.org A+
Institute o Business Management and Research, IPS Academy Indore www.ipsacademy.org A+
Institute o Business Studies & Research (IBSAR) Navi Mumbai www.ibsar.ac.in
Institute o Engineering & Management Kolkata www.iemcal.com A
Institute o Excellence in Management Science (IEMS) Hubli www.kesedu.net
Institute o Inormation Technology & Management (IITM) Gwalior www.iitmipu.ac.in A
Institute o Management & Computer Studies (IMCOST) Mumbai www.imcost.org
Institute o Management & Inormation Science, Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar www.imis.ac.in A
Institute o Management and Development New Delhi www.mba.ac.in A+
Institute o Management & Research, Ghaziabad Ghaziabad www.imr.edu.in A
Institute o Management Education Ghaziabad www.imesahibabad.ac.in A+
Institute o Management, Nirma University Ahmedabad www.imnu.ac.in 36
Institute o Management Studies (IMS) Noida www.imsnoida.com
Institute o Management Studies Dehradun Dehradun www.ims.edu.in A
Institute o Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad Ghaziabad www.imt.edu 9
Institute o Management Technology, Nagpur Nagpur www.imtnagpur.ac.in 30
Institute o Marketing and Management (IMM) New Delhi www.immindia.com A+
Institute o Public Enterprise (IPE) Hyderabad www.ipeindia.org A++
Institute o Rural Management (IRM) Jaipur www.iirm.ac.in A++
Institute o Rural Management Anand (IRMA) Anand www.irma.ac.in 31
Institute o Science & Management (ISM) Ranchi www.ismranchi.org
Integral Institute o Advanced Management (IIAM) Visakhapatnam www.iiamindia.org A
Integrated Academy o Management and Technology (INMANTEC) Ghaziabad www.inmantec.edu A+
International Institute or Special Education Lucknow www.iiseindia.com A+
International Institute o Management & Human Resource Development (IIMHRD) Pune www.iimhrd.edu.in
International Institute o Management Studies Pune www.iimspune.edu.in A
International Management Institute (IMI) New Delhi www.imi.edu 18
International School o Business & Media Pune www.isbm.ac.in A++
International School o Management Excellence (ISME) Bangalore www.isme.in A+
Invertis Institute o Management Studies (IIMS) Bareilly www.invertis.org A+
I.T.S. Institute o Management Greater Noida www.itsim.edu.in
I.T.S. School o Excellence in IT and Management Ghaziabad www.itsgzb.ac.in A
Jagan Institute o Management Studies New Delhi www.jimsindia.org A+
Jagan Institute o Management Studies (JIMS) Jaipur www.jimsjaipur.org A
Jagannath International Management School (JIMS) New Delhi www.jagannath.org A+
Jaipuria Institute o Management, Jaipur Jaipur www.jimj.ac.in A+
Jaipuria Institute o Management, Lucknow Lucknow www.jiml.ac.in
Jaipuria Institute o Management, Noida Noida www.jimnoida.ac.in A++
nm o   cy Wb Rkg/Rg

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