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Willy Levant and the Vampire Elf

Willy Levant and the Vampire Elf

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Published by Anthony A. Castro
An attempt at a children's story that became anything but! A young boy takes a journey to the other side...
An attempt at a children's story that became anything but! A young boy takes a journey to the other side...

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Published by: Anthony A. Castro on Oct 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anthony A. Castro about 16,300 words1D Oak Crest Court Novato, CA 94947(415)897-0305Tcastro09@comcast.netWilly Levant and the Vampire Elf By A. A. Castro
 I - Breakfast 
“Willy, breakfast is ready! Better get up and come down before it gets cold!”The words were barely out of his mother’s mouth when she saw Willy comeflying down the stairs. “Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! I’mgoingexploringintheforestagain,OK?Seeyouguyslater!” The words tumbled out of Willy in an unbroken stream as his handreached for the front door.He felt his father’s hand on his shoulder. “Not before you eat your breakfast, buddy! What’s the rush, anyway?”
“Nothing…I just think the forest is really neat, is all, Dad. What’s for breakfast,Mom?” Willy stood at the kitchen door, trying not to shake from the excitement. HisDad looked at him and smiled. “Sit down, buddy…the forest isn’t going anywhere!”Willy tried to not roll his eyes as he sat at the kitchen counter. He’d overheard his parents arguing the night before – he didn’t quite get all of it, but he’d heard his name alot. He didn’t get it. First his parents had been all worried about him growing up in a bigcity with all its dangers, and now they were all worried about him wanting to spend hissummer exploring the forest in their backyard. Jeez, he thought to himself, don’t theyever stop worrying about stuff and junk?He gulped down his breakfast and raced out the back door, making his mother smile. All that energy and not a single drop of coffee, she thought, to be eleven years oldagain. His dad yelled out for him to be careful out there as he grabbed his third cup of the morning.Willy was long gone from the path when they both heard the newscast on theradio about the disappearances of two young boys over the last few weeks in the forestand the fruitless searches for them.
 II – The Forest 
Willy had his backpack slung over one shoulder as he ran down the garden path tothe fence door that led to the forest. It was a big forest, and a little scary. Being a citykid, Willy had never really seen a forest. There were a lot of places to see and explore,
trees and creeks, animals and birds. But that wasn’t why Willy was so eager to get outthere that morning.He wanted to find out if what he’d seen the day before was real. It looked realenough…Willy checked one of the side pockets. The camera was still there. He took adeep breath and went deeper into the forest.He’d seen it by the big creek, where one of the really old trees had fallen andmade a natural bridge to cross it. Willy had frozen when he saw it, a small thing thatlooked like a little man with wings. The little man with wings was slender, the sunlightshining thru his wings and making them shimmer like oil over water; it was beautiful.The wings, the face, the body…slender and beautiful.That’s a weird idea, thought Willy. He’d never thought of any other male as beautiful before and this thing was definitely male. It wasn’t wearing pants, he thoughtto himself as he giggled. Maybe he forgot them, his mind continued, or maybe he didn’thave any. That last thought made Willy a little sad. Poor little guy must get really cold.The little man had turned then and smiled at Willy. Willy smiled back. The littleman, who had been hovering about a foot off the ground, stopped moving his wings anddropped softly to the ground.“Hello” it said in a voice that was high-pitched but still pleasant, the wings on its back moving slowly.Willy knelt down. “Hello” he said, not knowing what to say next.

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