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WH Extra Credit

WH Extra Credit

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Published by rsargent2665

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Published by: rsargent2665 on Oct 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Classwork/Homework Term 1 Optional Extra Credit
Wuthering Heights
Outside the Box
I invite all of you to try this Term 1 extra credit. There are several choices you can choose from so select onethat will show your skills and that you will enjoy doing. This is worth a possible 8 extra credit points added toyour quiz average. Late extra credit assignments will not be accepted, but early ones will. Your task, shouldyou choose to accept it, is to select one of the following projects to complete.
Catherine/Heathcliff on facebook 
. On poster board, create either Catherine or Heathcliff’s facebook  page. Include interests, posts from friends, bumper stickers, status updates, etc. Include references tothe big questions, themes, motifs, symbols and plot of the novel.
Musical Wuthering Heights.
Write a song about the big questions, themes, or motifs. Record thisand bring it on a cd. If there are lyrics, bring a copy of those as well. Write a short paragraphexplaining how your song captures the elements of the novel. (May be done with another person.)
Gothic Short Story.
Write a 3+ page short story that would classify as gothic literature. Includeelements typically found in gothic literature (ghosts, darkness, decay, etc) and make your reader feel“pleasing terror.”
Catherine/Heathcliff’s iPod
. Imagine that one of these characters had an iPod loaded with songs thatshow his or her character and emotions. Select 10 songs to capture your chosen character. Submit acd and print out the lyrics. Also include a paragraph that explains each song and why you chose this.
Write a beautiful poem or a skit related to the big questions, themes, and motifs of 
Wuthering  Heights
. It should be at least 15 lines. Include a short explanation of how this poem captures thesethings.
Technological Adaptations.
Use iMovie, Garage Band, Voice Thread, image editing software, etc tocreatively illustrate the big questions, themes, and motifs of the novel. Include a short description of the product you created and how it relates to the novel. (May be done with another person)
Historical Research
. Using reputable sources, do some research about how people lived in the firsthalf of the 1800’s in England. Write up a short description of what life was like at the time and makesure you cite your sources.
either come to class dressed as individuals did during this time, or  bring and share a food item that they ate at this time (enough for the class to have a taste) or be prepared to demonstrate an activity or dance or pastime from the era. You must do the second part toget credit for this!
Imagine that Catherine or Heathcliff kept a diary/journal. Write out five entries that he or shemay have written during different parts of the play. Capture their characteristics and how they feel.
on Oprah
. If the two families existed today, they probably would have foundthemselves on television. Choose two or more people from the text to go on Oprah and discuss howthey are feeling and what they have experienced. Make sure that Oprah asks lots of intriguingquestions and offers some solutions. Your script should be at least 3 pages.
Movie Preview
Imagine that you have been asked to film a new “Wuthering Heights” movie.It might be a version from the 1800s or you may choose to modernize it. Write and film the previewthat would play in the theater. Look at other “Coming Attractions” previews for inspiration. (May bedone with another person.
You may hand this in until __________________ 

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