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Upon Once Time

Upon Once Time

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Published by elassi
proposition of lifes
proposition of lifes

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: elassi on Jul 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Upon once time… a powerfull man lived onthe land so distant of sun, even though everything that everymen could to envy,he was not so happy as it was humours says: he was owner half country,also had a most beautiful rose, one horse hadhability to fly,and much more echoed by the forests in thenorth.That man had a dream as all father, to see hisson married with a good woman. He asked to his pathner andcouncil to help them in that matter. The council replayed itwas not easy to find a nice girl. Many people talked to themfor going to south, they went to the south, but as it was verystressefull to go every village and they returned back to the North without any woman.The winter came so strong and the princewas so sad and thin that his father got sick together. All the people also got sick and the reign was not the same. The birdsdied, the forests become so dark and many citizens left to thesouth to run away from the dreadful weather.On the morning, the prince had a strongfewer and started to talk nonsense. The king in his bed heardson’s wisper and really that his legs could not to walk , hewent to the son´s bedroom. The king was emotive by thewords: “Bring the sun, bring the fresh winds for me, bring thewings to see my love. The servant asked:” who’s your love,my Lord?” The silence was during for three day. In the forthday, he told for all good men in the reign: The seeds, the sun,the nice woman, the good woman will be here in the nextsummer and I will tell for everybody as my love will come tome. The prince rested in his bunk so big and closed his eyes.In the sky, the citizens could to see the birdscame from the south, the flowers were so vibrant, the churchopened his door, the old woman danced again in the street to
entertainment poors children and the roses faces were sohopeless for that season fertilized by Hera.The prince woke up after long sleep and hisfather was in the garden to catch the roses when the councilapproached and revealed the idea to find the good woman.After hours, two of men entered in the castle with a lot of seeds in the theirs hands. The prince did not understandnothing and the council spoke for him how to find a perfectgirl that if the most clever and perseverant would marry the prince. All the beautifulls and nice girls had received a letter togo to the castle. Every girl went to the castle so curious toknow who was the choisen, however they were disappointedwith the prince, due he gave for them one seed of the rose thathis family was produced for years. Some girls laughted a lot,others did not love the idea e the rest of them threw the seedswhile were going to home. The gilrs need only to plant theseeds and to return back with a flower to the castle.Weeks disappeared with strong snow andthe sun was warming the cats lied down on the colourful parapets with torns silks curtains. The day, a lot of peoplewent to the castle to be present in the unusual event on thatcountry. The staffs were prepared with luxuary andextravagant elements that one of the guest never couldimagine.The prince came to the big saloon andspoke pretty charming with his guests. All the women arethere with theirs vases, each other with smile, mines one, thegirl dressed very simple with certain taste for fashiontranslated by his innocents eyes was very shy with the presence of the prince. She was not nervous, it was veryuncomum this kind of woman has not shoes in her feet, but histoes were so drawn by cosmic painter. The prince announcedthat first all wanted to have a dance with every woman. That
night, they danced and laughted for hours. It was when the prince asked to see each vase with the flower. He checked allthe roses. The simple girl was crying in the corner of thesaloon. He approached of her and wiped her tears in the redface. He required an answer where was the rose, but sheresponsed in front of everybody that her seed was not grewand the fist of oil was dried with the sadness of the winter.The big saloon was chocked and the princearged with her how she was inresposable, therefore shecommented so kind that was impossible to see any flower togrow frozen condition weather and short space of time. Hewas very angry with her.The servant came and announced thedesert was served. The prince after all the feast, beforeeverybody went to homes, already that choisen his woman.Everybody looked at the prince alarmed. He explaned thatevery kind girl lied, excepted a simples girl for him. All theseeds were infertiles on account of seeds went spoiled by himand just one of the girls told the truth and did not haveintention to play around with his family and him naturally.People were so surprised with attitude of Prince applauded him . He walked by wispers in the bigsaloon and he tooks the simple girl by hands and kissed her.The angels played the music of the lovers all the night tillnowadays.I don’t know who creats this tale, but itgives a lesson how to find your love , of course there are manyothers ways to find the right person. I heard a long time ago.Thinking about it, my friends.I am optimistic about the future, thereforeI haven’t seen for ages to work to find the truth love, it meanshardly ever, they prefer to believe it was at random, as a

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