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I Love My Mother

I Love My Mother

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Published by rbhairavi1984

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Published by: rbhairavi1984 on Oct 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject: I Love my Mother. I love my Mother: This is a true story ofhow I became "more" than a son to my mother. Some of you might considerthis as a sinful act. But I don't blame you since I had thought of it asa sin too, but then every thing changed. Please don't read this if"Incestuous- love" offends you. I am the only son for my parents sothey loved me more than anything in the entire world. They gave meeverything that I ever asked and more. We are very religious Hindu-Bengali family. My father works for a company in Europe, so me and mymother stayed alone in India. I always wondered how my father could stayaway from mother since he loves her soo much. Mother told me that he wasdoing this for me, so that I could get into a good college. Father comeshome once in six months and sometimes we go there for vacations. Beforeleaving to Europe father told me that I have to take care of mothersince we don't have any relatives in the town. My mother is a verybeautiful and innocent woman. Even thought she is well educated, shewanted to be a housewife after my birth to take care of me. She is 37years old and she is very fair as all Bengali women are. She has themost beautiful eyes and her lips are big and red. She is so simple thatshe never even wears a lipstick and so loyal to my father that she neverlooked at another man. Her height is 5"8, very tall for an averageIndian woman's height. Her body is ripe and her measurements are 36-30-44, I got these measurements from one of her Health Insurance papers.Her hips were very wide compared to her slim waist, which made her lookvery womanly. She is a little healthy looking, but for her height she isvery attractive, she has the perfect round curves and a little roundedstomach. The fat in her had accumulated in the right places. Her breastswere a little sacked, may be because of its weight. She never exercisedbut dieted often that's how she could maintain her perfect shape. Herbuttocks were soo "big and wide" that every time she walked round, theywould shake up and down, it is the most beautiful sight to watch. Sinceshe only wears silk saree's every time, we can make out the shape of herbuttocks inside the saree. Her hips were soo large that, when she sitson a chair or a couch and gets up her saree would get stuck between thecrack of her buttocks. Whenever we go to market, I get embarrassed andangry because all the men keep staring at my mother's behind and as ifthey want to rape her. I always wonder how my mother felt about thosemen staring at her enormous back. My mother loves me soo much that evennow she feeds me breakfast most of the time. I love her a lot too andrespected her as my mother and did not have any bad thoughts about her,until one day, when my best friend came home. He was my best friendsince 8th grade, we shared all the secrets together and helped eachother in need. He was also very polite and kind. We had a lot in common,in class we sat next to each other in the last bench, we were poor instudies and both of us were 6"1 tall. He usually comes over to my placein the evenings to study and my mother used to helps us withmathematics. Mother liked him too, since he was decent and polite. Wewere in 12th standard and the Final Board Exams were nearing. Thatevening my friend came home to study. I was in my room changing, somother opened the door. I asked him to wait in the living room and Iwould be there soon. My house was two storied, with only my bedroom onthe top and a staircase leading to it from the living room. After Ifinished, I came out of my room to the stairs and looked down from thetop. This was the time that I was going to loose my best friend. Mymother was standing at the dinning table clearing the things on it sothat we could study. She was facing her back towards my friend who wassitting far away staring at my mother's buttocks and with one hand onhis pants rubbing his penis. I got so angry, I wanted to jump on himfrom the top and kill him. I shouted his name from the top so loudly,that he quickly stopped and got up. My mother turned around innocently,she didn't no what was happening. I immediately ran down and asked my
friend to come out with me. When we went outside, he told me that he wassorry. I was soo hot, I told him how could he even think of such a thingabout his best friends mother. He told me sorry again and told me thathe was not the only one having bad thoughts about my mother but even ourclassmate too. I didn't know what to do. He said that my mother was soattractive that he couldn't control himself. He also told me that whenever mother comes to school for the Parents Teachers Meeting, all ourclassmates would comment about her buttocks and that they wished tosleep with her. Now it all made sense, that's the reason why my friendswould repeatedly ask me if they could come to my house to study, littledid I know that it was my mother they were after. That was the last Iever talked to my friend. My life was never going to be the same fromthat day onwards. I couldn't sleep that whole night. I even felt likecrying, my mother always thought that my friend was a decent boy, butshe didn't know that all this time he was having such bad thoughts aboutsleeping with her. It was midnight and I became restless so I got up andwent downstairs to see if mother was awake. The light was off but Icould see her, because of the streetlight shining through the window.She was in a deep sleep and she was looking soo innocent and beautiful,when she suddenly she moved to her side and stretched her legs, theblanket on her came off and I could see the lower half of her buttocksas the saree had moved up due to her previous position. I couldn't seemuch since the light was off but she was not wearing an underwear insideso I could see her huge white buttocks. I was stunned. I immediatelyclosed my eyes and ran up to my room. I cursed myself for going into herroom. I couldn't take that sight off my mind. I slowly realized that myPenis was getting hard. I got worried, that how could I possibly get ahard-on by seeing my own mother naked. I tried to get a hold of my self,but it started getting worse. I felt the urge to go down again and takeanother look at her. I lay there and thought to my self, that my motherwas also a woman and that one little peek at her wont do any harm andthat no one will every know about it. I went to her room again, but shehad changed her position. Now she was sleeping on the back facing theceiling and was covered fully. I sat on the floor and kept staring ather. My penis was still hard as rock. I waited hoping that she would beexposed again. After a long time she changed her position, she was nowfacing me and her stomach resting on the bed with one leg slightlyfolded. I immediately lay down on the floor and my penis had shrunk dueto fear. I was scared if she would open her eyes so I slowly rolledunder the bed to the other side. I got up behind her, and saw herwonderful wide hips facing me, but now her saree was covering it. Icould make out her huge crack between her hips through the saree. Mypenis got hard again; I took it out and slowly started masturbating. Itfelt soo good. I badly wanted to lift her saree up to take one look ather buttocks, but was scared. Suddenly I lost control and ejaculated, mysperm flew on the bed and some on her saree. It was such a goodsensation. I just lay down on the floor for a while. Later, I suddenlyrealized that I had to clean the sperm off before it makes a stain. Igot a wet cloth and cleaned the bed sheet but couldn't clean her saree,but since it was a small drop, I just left it. The next morning, motherwoke me up and told me to get ready and left to the kitchen room. I gotup and ran down to her room to see if the stains on her bed sheet werevisible, but luckily they were not. I went to the kitchen room and sawmy mom working. She was facing the other side and chopping somevegetables, and each time she sliced it her hips would shake like jelly.I went to her and hugged her from behind like I always used to, but thistime I positioned my penis right between her buttocks and hugged hertight and wished her good morning. I could feel my penis getting hard soI suddenly came back, hoping that she didn't feel it. She wished me tooand asked me to sit for breakfast. I went and sat on the chair fromwhich I could see my mother working in the kitchen. Watching her hip
moments made me so hard that I rushed to the bathroom to masturbate. Mywhole perception about my mother changed from then onwards, now I wasseeing her as an attractive woman, and badly wanted to see her naked.Every time she walked around I used to secretly stare at her gorgeousbody. Once in a while I could get a peek at her long cleavage when shebent. That's when I noticed a small mole on top of her left breast. Itwas breath taking. The contrast between her milky white breast and theblack mole was such a turn on. I used to make out her body through thesaree when she walked and when the saree would get stuck between herbuttocks; I ejaculated right inside my pants. Sometimes she would puther hand in the crack of her hips and pull out the saree when it getsstuck. I could see that she never wore a panty, because I never found itin her laundry and if she wore one, I could have seen the lining of thepanties through her saree when she walked around. She was soo simplethat she never even wears lipstick. Sometimes I just feel like thankingmy friend for opening my eyes. I thought to myself that it wasn't othersfault for having bad thoughts about my mother but it was my own mother'sfault for being soo gorgeous and attractive. I would give anything tosee her naked. I used to masturbate two to three times a day, thinkingabout my mother. One day my father called us up and told that he wascoming home for vacations. Hearing this mother became soo happy, sinceit had been almost a year when she last saw him. Even though fatherphoned use every week, mother missed him very much. Dad also missesmother too much that he used to talk for hours sometimes, even thoughtit costs a lot. Mother made lots of sweets and snacks for my dad. Shewas a good cook. On the day my father was arriving we both went to theairport and received him. We hugged each other for a long time; I couldsee tears in mother's eyes, tears of joy. Father had bought a lot ofthing for me as usual and we all talked for a long time. After dinner,mother asked me to go to bed early. I went to my room puzzled, becauseit was only 9 o'clock and usually I go to bed at 10- 11 o'clock afterwatching TV. But then I thought that may be dad wanted to have sex withmother. My heart was beating fast, at the thought of my mother gettingfucked. I started imagining things in my mind. I was having a hard-on.Then I thought of a naughty thing, I wanted to see them doing it. Thethought made me shiver. My parent's bedroom was the corner roomdownstairs, so it had two windows on two walls. Mother always kept thewindows in our house open for ventilation. So I thought of a plan. Islowly came out of my room and closed the door behind me. Next to myroom was a door that leads to the terrace. I went to the terrace and atthe back of the house we had a metal ladder, by which I came down without making a noise. Since we live in an independent villa and theneighbors lived far away from our compound, I was sure no one would seeme sneaking out. I came to their window and made up courage and slowlylooked through it. My parents were softly talking something. I was surethat they could not see me because it was very dark behind me. Thelights were off inside, but due to the streetlight from the other side,I could make out their bodies. They were fully clothed. Mother wassitting against the wall on the bed and father was lying next to herwith his head resting on her lap. I couldn't make sense of theirtalking, since I was not able to hear much. They talked for some time.Finally dad got up and locked the door. Now I was sure that he was goingto do it. My penis was rock hard. Father removed his shirt and pajamaand came to the bed. He went close to mom and slowly removed the sareefrom her. I could see that my mom was feeling a little shy. When heunhooked her blouse the breasts fell out. I couldn't see very clearlybut could make out the whole thing like in black and white. Dad made herlay down and put his mouth on her breasts. Mom was holding his head andrunning her fingers through his hair, like a mother feeding her baby.Dad started getting impatient and tried to pull the whole saree. He musthave been waiting for this moment for a long time. The window that I was

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