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Mohan and His Amma

Mohan and His Amma

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Published by rbhairavi1984

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Published by: rbhairavi1984 on Oct 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mohan and his Amma(a fantasy by Arjun)It was after midnight at the Nair house and everyone in the family was in bed for the night. Everyone,that is, except for Sushila and her son, Mohan. This was not the first night that the mother and son hadstayed up after everyone else had gone to bed, and they both knew that it wouldn't be the last. For,Sushila had recently become her son's concubine. She had noticed her son showing interest in her andactively enouraged him until they finally got together when they were visiting Sushila's mother in theirvillage. They could not hide their love affair for very long from other family members. When he came toknow about it, Mohan's father Kuttan Nair did not mind his wife and son having an affair. After fivechildren with Sushila, he was a bit tired of sex with her. Further, he had his own interest in his fourteenyear-old daughter Mala. He now saw the opportunity to reveal his love for her and take her to his bed.Everybody in the house knew about the affair between mother and son. Only outside the house, Sushilaand Mohan behaved like mother and son. Inside the house, they were practically husband and wife.Mohan even wanted to call his mother by her name rather than amma. But Sushila insisted that he callher amma. When he called her amma when they are making love, Sushila felt a special thrill. Mohan satin an overstuffed chair across from Sushila who sat on the couch. He studied his young mother as he hadso many times recently, realizing all over again just how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous, sexymother as his lover. Sushila was only thrity-one years old, having married when she was fifteen. She hadbiven birth to Mohan exactly eight months after her marriage. As her first baby, she had a special placefor Mohan in her heart. Sushila smiled seductively at her son. Her hair was dark like night, tumblingdown around her shoulders in gentle waves. She had bedroom eyes and her mouth was full and sensual.Her face was young and gorgeous but it was only the beginning of her rare beauty that made her sonMohan crazy about her. Sushila also had a body that wouldn't quit--long, slender legs, a narrow waist,and gigantic tits that stood straight out from her chest. Good looks ran in the Nair family for all thefemales were fair, big-titted and gorgeous. And all the males were tall, handsome, and ruggedly builtwith wide shoulders and muscular frames, even the youngest of the boys in the family."Let me get you some milk", Sushila said, suddenly rising and moving toward the kitchen. Mohan rose,too, following his sexy mother. His eyes fixed on the perky sway of her little ass, which strained tightlyagainst the thin cotton sari she wore, each asscheek threatening to pop out from tight confines of thefabric. Mohan knew that his mother wasn't wearing any underskirt. Mohan had requested her not to wearit so that it is easy for him to lift his mother's sari and kiss her tasty womanhood nestling between herhot thighs. The kitchen door swung closed behind the son and mother and Sushila swung around to faceMohan. Her arms wound around his strong neck and she pulled herself snugly against him. The hugemounds of her tits rolled over his chest and her mouth covered his.For long moments, the lovers tongue-kissed each other, embracing tightly and moaning with excitement.Mmmmm, Sushila sighed, easing back a little. I've been wanting to kiss you like that all night! Yeah, metoo, amma, the boy muttered huskily. Then, her mouth was once more planted over his and her tonguedarted into his mouth, twisting and turning and exciting him with lewd thrills that raced up and down hisspine and made his big cock stiffen. His mother's blouse was no longer buttoned. It was now tied in alarge knot beneath the bulging mounds of her tits. And, her eyes glittered with excitement as shewatched her son take in the exciting curves of her partly exposed tits.You're really sexy, you know that, amma? The sexiest mother I've ever seen! Mohan said, his voicefilled with admiration. Thanks, son Dear, but you know, you're really something yourself! Sushila said,flashing him her warmest smile. Back in the living room, Sushila ran one of her hands up her son's thighin a deliberate teasing motion as they sat side by side on the large couch. When her hand stopped, herfingers moved to the crotch of his lungi and rested on the growing hard-on there. Mohan moaned andPage 1 of 6*** Your Title Here ***05-09-2009http://www.asstr.org/~indian_inc/Sushila.htm
reached out, pulling his mother against him. Their lips met again and their tongues flicked hotly againsteach other. Then he thrust deeply, driving toward the back of her throat. Sushila moaned around histaunting tongue, turning on even more.As they continued to tongue-kiss passionately, Sushila rubbed her son's crotch greedily. The huge cock still concealed in his pants strained painfully against the fabric, trying to free itself as Sushila caressed it.While she continued to stroke her son's prick, Sushila's lips and tongue clamped down around histongue. She held his tongue firmly and the boy realized that she wouldn't let go until she was good andready. Then she sucked. Hard and fiercely, she tugged on his tongue, as if she wanted to pull it out at theroot. Her own tongue whipped and twisted around his, while her rubbing hand increased the pressure of its strokes. Mohan's hands slid from Sushila's back, inching toward her bulging tits.Mmmmm, the young mother moaned into her son's mouth as he rubbed and pinched her big tits.Suddenly Sushila's mouth released Mohan's tongue and her hand grasped his wrists. A glowing fire of lust burned deeply within her beautiful eyes as she gazed up at her handsome son. Just relax, kunju. I'vegot something special planned for you, she murmured huskily. The boy grinned and offered noobjections as his mother eased him back on the sofa, her fingers working to unbutton his shirt. Pullinghis shirt open to expose his chest, she leaned down and licked and sucked his chest-flesh. Then sheloosened his lungi and pulled it down. Mohan was now completely naked and, watching him, his mothergasped with excitement. Her full, sensuous lips parted and she let her tongue slip out. Glistening wetly,the pink tongue-tip slowly moved over her lips, slickening them. Then, quickly, with an impatient groan,the young mother removed her sari and her blouse, revealing her lush nakedness to her son's hungry,devouring eyes. Mohan reached out and pulled his lovely mother to him once again. Her tongue stabbedinto his mouth, locking with his tongue for a few ammaents before withdrawing. His tongue followedhers back into her mouth and she sucked on it just as she had done before.She burrowed against her son, her heavy tits pressed excitingly over his broad chest. And her handslovingly caressed the throbbing shaft of his cock that jutted out from his naked crotch. He palmed theunderside of his mother's ripe tits with both of his hands. He squeezed and fondled them, moaning withexcitement. His thumbs inched up the slopes of her gigantic tit-mounds and rubbed over the stiff buttonsof her nips. She moaned with lust, finally releasing his tongue. Just lean back, kunju, and I'll do the rest,Sushila said, smiling up at her son, her hand still stroking the rigid length of his prick. He swallowedhard, watching her slide from the sofa and kneel between his widely spread legs. She paused there a fewseconds, her face turned to his. The moist pinkness of her tongue danced behind her parted lips. Thenher eyes rolled down to the huge rod of cock-meat throbbing upward toward her face. Tenderly, herfinger moved along the pulsing length of his prick. As her fingertips reached the throbbing crown, theylightly teased over the sensitive surface.Ohhh God, amma! What you're doin' to me? the boy said with a groan as hot lust-filled sensations shotthrough his loins. The horny mother gripped her son's rock-hard cock-rod at the base with one hand andpulled him forward a bit. Her head bent down, her lips parted, and her moist tongue flicked out andtouched the pulsing head of the blood-engorged prick. Ohhh, yeses, amma, yess! Mohan groaned. Hiscock pulsed and jerked lewdly in his mother's gripping fist. Her eyes widened with excitement as shesaw a pearly white drop of pre-cum ooze from the slit at the top of her son's cock. Her eyes moved back to his for a brief moment, just to make sure that he was watching her every movement. Then, her gazereturned to his prick. Again, she eased forward, her tongue sticking out toward the knobby head of hiscock. The tip of her tongue touched his prick-head again, capturing the glistening drop of pre-cum, thencurled back into her mouth. Mmmmm, good stuff, she purred while her son watched her in fascination.She savored the taste of the boy's cum, just as always.For the third time her tongue licked out and this time it washed over the entire aching surface of thePage 2 of 6*** Your Title Here ***05-09-2009http://www.asstr.org/~indian_inc/Sushila.htm
pulsing cock-head. She bathed it in the moist warmth of her saliva, soaking it with her mouth-juice. Oh,amma, you're great, the boy muttered, completely mesmerized by the big-titted blonde kneeling at hisfeet, her tongue lapping over the head of his hard cock. Her tongue slid down the swollen prick-shaft,then licked back up his length. And, once again, her tongue swirled over the aroused head of his cock.Now and then the teasing tip probed at the little cum-slit, as if she wanted to drill right into it. Her lipspuckered. She leaned closer and tenderly kissed the throbbing cock-meat. God, amma, God! he moaned.His hips jerked forward uncontrollably as he felt his mother's hot breath flowing down his cock,arousing him even more- -if that were possible. Her mouth opened wide and wider still. Her lips moveddownward, slipping over the head of his prick, then moving even lower. Her head stopped moving whena good half of the meaty cock-rod was inside her mouth.As she continued to suck her son's prick, her tongue kept lashing around and around its thickness. AsSushila felt the huge prick jerking crazily inside her mouth, she knew that it was only a matter of seconds before he would come. As she continued to suck him off, Sushila cupped his balls and gentlysqueezed them, moaning with excitement when she felt them jerking slightly at her touch. Ummmmfffff,she moaned, the sound of her pleasure muffled by the meaty cock in her mouth. Ohhhh, yeah, baby,yeah! Keep it up! You're sucking me off soooo fuckin' good! Mohan groaned. Her lips formed a tightring around his cock as she began to suck him even harder. And, at the same time, her merciless tonguelicked his hot cock-meat over and over again. Her head moved up and down over the wet shining prick easing in and out of her mouth. Higher and higher her mouth rose, her cheeks hollowing deeply as shesucked at his prick with her mouth. And then she sucked her way back down, filling the boy with morefuck-lust and pleasure than he had thought was possible. Unnnhhhhh, he groaned.Up and down, up and down, she ate him. She sucked and rode his swollen cock lustfully. In and out, inand out, she filled her face with her son's throbbing, thick cock-stick. And, over and over, she whippedher tongue around his prick, lashing against him, using her tongue as a whip. Gonna come! Mohan criedonly seconds later. Sushila sucked even harder, turned on beyond belief by her son's words. As much asshe loved sucking cock, this was the part she always loved the best--when she felt his creamy, hot cumgushing into her mouth. She could hardly wait! Suddenly, gallons of hot white cream jetted from thecrown of his prick and splashed obscenely into his mother's sucking mouth. Yeaaaaah,commmiiinnnnggggg! Mohan cried, trying to keep his voice down so that he wouldn't awaken hisfamily. But it was hard to think straight at a time like this. His entire body was screaming out with joyand relief as he dumped his load into his mother's mouth. The mother was still sucking him hard.Ummmmfffff, Sushila moaned happily as she felt her son's thick cum sliding lewdly down her throat.She struggled to swallow each and every delicious drop of the boy's goo. His entire body shuddered withabandoned pleasure as he emptied himself into his mother's hungry mouth. His cock jerked andtwitched, banging against the inner walls of the mother's mouth, which was still clamped hungrily aboutthe long shaft. Sushila's nostrils flared as she sucked harder, taking every bit of cum he had to offer.Then her hand made a tight, squeezing fist and slid up and down the fatness of his cock a few times. Shemilked his prick, getting all the remaining hot cream. Then, all of a sudden Sushila came. Her wet pussyspasmed with excitement and her entire body trembled as a thunderous orgasm rocketed through her.Her pussy-hole jetted out thick streams of warm cunt-sauce that overflowed from between her bloatedpussylips and trickled lewdly down her trembling thighs. The instant that her orgasm subsided, Sushilaclimbed up on the couch with her son. He moved his hands to her tits, squeezing her nips and rollingthem between his fingers. Then, he bent his head and sucked one large, hard nipple into his mouth,biting it gently with his teeth. Ohhhh, yessss, Mohan! the mother groaned with excitement as she feltherself turning on all over again. Her cunt was slippery with pussy-juice and her clit grew hard againwith hot fuck-lust. Her nips were so hard they felt as though they would burst as her son continued tosuck and bite on them. Her already huge tits seemed to expand and grow even larger as he expertlysucked them. Her son was the best and the young mother could not wait for him to fuck her!Page 3 of 6*** Your Title Here ***05-09-2009http://www.asstr.org/~indian_inc/Sushila.htm

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