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ISLAMIC TEACHINGS An overview 'Allameh Sayyed Mohammad Hussain TABATABA'I 1892-1981

ISLAMIC TEACHINGS An overview 'Allameh Sayyed Mohammad Hussain TABATABA'I 1892-1981

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Published by Cairoden Dimasangca

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Published by: Cairoden Dimasangca on Oct 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An overview
'AllamehSayyedMohammadHussainTABATABA'I1892-1981--------------------------------------Translated by:R. CAMPBELL
Introduction 9
Notes 12
My Life: Author's Autobiography 13
Notes 18
Chapter One: Religion 19
Beliefs 20Ethics & Action 21Must man be bound to a religion? 22Conclusion 26Benefits of religion 26Human civilization 27Society's need for rules 28Man is not free vis-a-vis the rules 28A weak point in the evolution of rules 29The ultimate source of the weakness of civil law 30What distinguishes religious law from other forms of law 31Recourses other have made 34A brief look at the history of religions 36Islam 37The importance of religion to human tranquility 38Islam in comparison with other religions 38Islam in comparison with other social systems 40Notes 42
Chapter Two: Beliefs 43
To consider the origin of creation is natural 43Proof that there is a Maker 44Theology and the nations 45The effects of curiosity on human life 46How to know God according to the Qur'an &Qur'anic teachings on the Creator of the universe 47The Qur'an and Tauhid 50God Most High has all the attributes of perfection 51Why does man at times fail to accord with this truth? 52God's Power and Knowledge 54Justice 55Mercy & Other attributes of perfection 56
Prophecy 57The proof of prophecy A The differences between man and otherbeings 58Qualities of Prophets 60Prophets in the midst of human society &The Prophets of decision and other Prophets 61Noah 62Abraham 63Moses 64Jesus, the Messiah 66Notes 66
Chapter Three: The Messenger Muhammad,Son of 'Abdullah 67
The story of Bahira, the monk 70The story of Nesturius, the monk &Prophecies from the Jews of Medina 72Qur'anic references to prophecies of the Messenger's coming &The period from the beginning of the mission to the Hijra 73A journey to Ta'if 76The Most Noble Messenger's migration lo Medina 77Summoning the kings to Islam 82Ghadir Khumm and the question of the succession 85The Most Noble Messenger's stay in Medinaand the advance of Islam 85A look at the spiritual character of the Most Noble Messenger 86His spiritual character was extraordinary 89The personal character of the Most Noble Messenger 90The Most Noble Messenger's legacy to the Muslims 94
Chapter Four: The Noble Qur'an 97
The Noble Qur'an is a miracle 100Accusations against the Most Noble Messenger 103The Qur'an lays down a challenge to the mushriks 104
Chapter Five: 'Me Heirsto the Most Noble Messenger 107
The documented virtues of 'Ali and the other heirs 109The Imamate IIIproof of the Imamate 112One cannot be free of need for the Imam &What the Most Noble Messenger said about the guardianship 113The Messenger names his successor 114The infallibility of the Imam 115The Imam's moral virtues, Knowledge of the Imam, The fourteen

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