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The Giant World History Study Guide of Doom

The Giant World History Study Guide of Doom



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Published by marq

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: marq on Oct 15, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Giant World History Study Guide of Doom
Renaissance and Reformation Test
Multiple Choice
Brethren of the Common Life represent-An example of Pre-reformation popular pietyMartin Luther wrote his letter to Archbishop Albert in response to-New campaign to sell indulgencesAccording to Luther, salvation-Comes from God's free gift of graceIn 95 Theses, Luther criticized the selling of indulgences for all of the following reasons except that it -failed torelease souls from purgatoryJohn Knox was influential in the Reformation in-ScotlandAs a result of the Peace of Augsburg, the people of Germany-Became either Lutheran or Catholic depending on the preference of their princeThe protestant Reformation in Germany-Contributed to its continued fragmentationCalvin's reform movement was-Thoroughly integrated into the civil government of GenevaAccording to Calvin, the elect were-Those individuals chosen for salvation
The dissolution of the English monasteries-Resulted from Henry VIII's desire to confiscate their wealthThe Reformation in England was primarily the result of -Dynastic and romantic concerns of Henry VIIIThe pope refused to annul Henry VIII's marriage for all of the following except that-Henry's case for annulment had no justifiable basis in canon lawThe Catholic Reformation sought to-Stimulate a new spiritualismThe Italian urban nobility were united by all of the following except-Antagonism with the rural nobilityAll of the following were among the Italian powers that dominated the peninsula except-ParisThe 1st artistic and literary manifestations of the Italian Renaissance appeared in-FlorenceThe Italian Popola-Desired government offices and equality of taxationItalian balance of power diplomacy-Was designed to prevent a single Italian state from dominating the peninsulaThe Italian Renaissance had as one of its central components-A glorification of individual geniusItalian humanists stressed the-Study of the classics for what they could reveal about human natureThe most important factor in the emergence of the Italian Renaissance was the-Decline of religious feelingThe leaders of the Catholic Church
-Readily adopted renaissance spiritRich individuals sponsored artists and works of art-To glorify themselves and their familiesRenaissance culture was-That of a small, urban business eliteAccording to Machiavelli, the sole test of "good" government was whether it-Was effectiveWhich of the following describes a major difference between northern humanists and Italian humanists?-Both looked to classical sources, but northern humanists also emphasized Christian sources
Define and Explain
Johann Guttenburg: created the printing press in Mainz (1512). The invention of the printing pressallowed many more copies of books to be spread around, such as the bible. More people began readingand sharing ideas, those who read the bible started interpreting it differently, aiding in the start of theReformation. Archbishop Albert and John Tetzel: Pope Leo X wanted to finish building St. Peter’s Cathedral, butneeded money. He allowed Albert to become archbishop if he sold indulgences. He hired Friar JohnTetzel to sell indulgences for him, this bothered Martin Luther, for he believed that indulgences should notbe sold as a way to heaven instead of doing penance, so he wrote “95 Theses” on the subject of indulgences. John Calvin and Predestination: creator of Calvinism believed that God predestined all people to heavenor hell, no one could change this. Their behavior while on Earth would be the best marker to tell wherethey might be predestined, but it was still unsure. Calvinism was later adopted in Geneva, Switzerland,France (Huguenots), Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, and Scotland (courtesy of John Knox). Peace of Augsburg: A treaty between German princes allowing them to decide what religion their citizenswould follow. This let princes choose their desired religion. Northern princes were mostly protestant andsouthern princes were mostly catholic. Treaty resulted in increased fragmentation. 

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