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The Eyeopener — October 20, 2010

The Eyeopener — October 20, 2010

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Published by The Eyeopener

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Oct 20, 2010
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volume 44 / issue 7 Wednesday, October 20, 2010Ryerson’s Independent PaperSince 1967theeyeopener.com
The Eyeopener2 Wednesday, October 20, 2010
The Eyeopener Action News Team Needs You
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). Then drop it o at theEyeopener Rafe Box outside theoce on the 2nd Floor o the SCCbuilding beore Monday, October25, 2010. It’s so easy it’s almostcriminal.
Ever think about being a model?Come see us, we’d like to helpyou with your curiousity...We’ll dress you up, we’ll takeyou out and then we’ll snap afew pictures of you.The Eyeopener needsmodels. Send us your headshots, candid photos or a rea-sonable hand-drawn facsimilie.
The Eyeopener3 Wednesday, October 20, 2010NEWS
Ryerson purchased new recreationsoftware for $80,000 that will allowstudents to register for services on-line. The university purchased Class Ac-tive, recreation software developedby Active Network, Inc. last week tohelp its recreation and athletics de-partment manage its operations vir-tually. Students will now be able tosign up for classes, book equipmentand pay feels online.“Instead of having the long linewhere you’re waiting, you’ll be ableto register online and be able to fa-cilitate the quality of service to ourstudents,” Joseph said. “And I think that’s really important.”Although the $80,000 price tagof the software is relatively steep,Joseph said it will be worth it in thelong run because it would benetstudents and save money.“I think we’ll make that back upin operations,” he said. “It’ll probablypay for itself in less than two years. The purchase of the new softwarewill also help smooth our operationof the Maple Leaf Gardens, accordingto Ryerson president Sheldon Levy.“It’s going to provide a lot of sup-port when the programming increas-es because of Maple Leaf Gardens,”said Levy, adding that it’s a “fantasticimprovement” to the way the depart-ment operates.While the system will reduce thenumber of staff, Joseph assures thatit will not lead to loss of jobs. Instead,full-time positions that are vacantwill not be lled but will be replacedwith more student jobs.“A couple of our full-time staff havemoved on to higher-paying gigs orfancier jobs and, in anticipation of Class, we have not replaced them,”he said.“We have been able to now hiremore students to ll the front desk and all that sort of stuff because of Class [Active].”Ryerson expects to implement therecreation system on Jan. 1, 2011. Butthe university is lagging behind 10other Ontario universities, which al-ready use the software.“It should have been done a longtime ago,” said Joseph, noting thatschools like The University of Ottawa, The University of Guelph and York University already use the software.
New recreation software costs Rye $80,000
Ivan Joseph is happy about the new software.
Ryerson is looking for a companyto evaluate the amount of asbestoson campus, according to a requestfiled by the university earlier thismonth. The university has filed an inqui-ry seeking a engineering and envi-ronmental consulting firms in a bidto find one that can assess the levelof asbestos on campus.Since much of the campus wasbuilt in the 1960s, a number of buildings are deteriorating and atrisk for asbestos.When asbestos enters the envi-ronment, fibers get into the air andif inhaled, they can cause healthproblems such as lung disease.According to a 2008 Status Re-port on Asbestos Containing Mate-rials at Ryerson, several buildings,such as the Victoria Building, KerrHall, the O’ Keefe Residence, andthe School of Image Arts, have hadtraces of asbestos.Asbestos is naturally occurringlong, thin fibres that are mined fortheir strength and chemical andthermal stability.Jackson Tang, supervisor at thePurchasing Office, is in charge of the contract proposal that seeks tofix this problem. Tang said the inquiry is in thepreliminary stages and he cannotprovide much detail until a com-pany is found.“We encourage everyone whothinks they are qualified to comeout and evaluate this situation atRyerson,” he said. The inquiry is standard and re-flects Ryerson’s annual use of en-vironmental consultants to assessasbestos on campus, added IanHamilton, Director of Campus Plan-ning and Facilities.“It’s not that that we have anasbestos problem at the moment,”said Ryerson president SheldonLevy.He said that this way, the univer-sity can build a reliable list of com-panies it can consult if a problemarises.But Levy noted that it is possiblethat asbestos is present in somebuildings and has not been foundyet.“The moment that you disturban old facility, it doesn’t matterwhich one it is, you are by law re-quired to remove the asbestos,”said Levy.“So we don’t have any problembut any time you touch an oldbuilding you’re going to find it.”Emma McIlveen-Brown, a first-year contemporary science stu-dent, is not surprised asbestos isfound on campus since it is alsopresent in many buildings aroundthe city.A former student at the Universi-ty of Toronto, McIlveen-Brown saidtraces of asbestos were also foundin many of the buildings there.But despite being a commonproblem, she thinks that asbestosshould be evaluated.“I think it is reflective to the factthat our government and institu-tions have poor standards, whichare endangering people’s health.“For Ryerson it would be good toreview their policy.”
Ryerson aims to battle asbestos
Company needed to deal with asbestos that could show up during renovation and construction
Discovery of asbestos slowed down the renovation of the Image Arts Building, postponing its completion until next fall.
Any time you touch an oldbuilding, you’re going tond [asbestos].
— Sheldon Levy,Ryerson president 
 Are you worriedabout asbestos?
“It’s scary when youthink of it and how youcan be affected by it.”
— Syeda Mariam,second-year biology 
“I don’t want to haveto worry... about my health in a hazardousenvironment.”
— Aron Wayne,third-year business man-agement 
“I’m only in Kerr Hallfor about 10 minutes,so I’m not very worried.”
— Anna Fatmi,second-year business
We have been ableto now hire morestudents.
— Ivan Joseph,director of athletics

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