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DDB YP UnleashEmotions 040907

DDB YP UnleashEmotions 040907

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Published by vliff

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Published by: vliff on Jul 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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More than a eeling: emotionally appealingexperiences can resurrect markets
Unleash emotionsor business growth
The YellowPapers Series
There has never been more need ormarketers to unleash the emotionalpower o their brands. Marketingsameness, media ragmentationand conusing choices call orinspirational emotional experiencesto engage consumers and createrevenue growth.
Reproduced with permission o Advertising Age. Edited by Jennier Rooney.Unleash emotions or business growthThe YellowPaper Series01
Emotional experiences aredistinguishing leaders rom ever morelook-alike, seem-alike, eel-alike anddo-alike brands. What is the dierencebetween an
 Apple ipod 
and a
i they unctionally play the sameamount o music with equal portability?The distinction is the emotionallyinspiring elegance, hipness andsimplicity
ans pay a premiumto have.
Experiential marketers who unleash theirbrands emotional appeal create a virtuouscycle o marketing engagement. Consumersreturn loyalty to brands that engage themin habit-orming emotionally satisyingexperiences. The top 20% o 
 customer base averages 16 visits a monthuelled by a passion or coee experiences.While emotionally appealing brandexperiences can open up new categoriesand create growth, they also can resurrectmarkets once surrendered to thehistory books.
Cirque de Soleil 
is redening a tired, decliningentertainment category into a multi-milliondollar business noted or double-digit growth,high margins and loyal customers.
Cirquede Soleil 
combines a unique collection o intangible experiences provoking excitement,wonder and countless repeat bookingsat hundreds o dollars a ticket. Setting theCirque experience apart rom
isan elaborately transormed experience o theatrical, ashionable and sexy perormancespectacles evoking an array o inspiring,unorgettable and inimitable emotionswhich uniquely engage the
Cirque deSoleil 
customer.Emotions play a signicant part in eventhe most hardnosed business decisions. A decision to list with NYSE as opposed tothe FTSE, Hong Kong or Frankurt is neverbased purely on cost. The NYSE brandengages emotions associated with prestige,power, respect and credibility, careullyorchestrated to echo through all possiblecontrollable experiences o the brand. And, o course, emotionally engagedconsumers can build incredible value.
News Limited 
paid hundreds o millionsor
which is anchored byuser enjoyment o the social experience.By aggregating strangers into communitieso mutual yet diverse interests
 leverages its emotional pulling power intoa antastic new marketing aperture.Retired baby boomers ondly relating backto icons o their youth are spending big sumsrecapturing those memories. In the U.S. anoriginal 70’s
Chevy Camaro
that once costa ew thousand now etches hundreds o thousands.
Dodge, Ford 
are all re-releasing their most memorable muscle carso the 60’s and 70’s and there is still plenty o opportunity or marketers to tap into theseemotions and repeat the success o 
Harley Davidson
Ford’s Mustang
Brands are a bundle o experiences. The experience is the brand. And the more emotionallyengaging your brand experience, the more unique intangible value you grow by engagingcustomers in it. Ad agencies that embrace this model and position themselves to serve itwill prosper. Not only will they serve their brand clients better by supporting margin and salesgrowth but they’ll uture proo their brand clients by developing enduring emotional brandexperiences almost impossible to imitate in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Ad agencies need to start adapting now. They need to overturn many conventionalassumptions running their client engagements and businesses. They might begin byexpanding the use o marketing sciences to construct the business case or Creativity.Pressure on accountability, new streams o behavioural data and powerul analytic techniquesare combining to bridge gaps between theory and marketplace acts. At the bleeding edgeis biometrics and neural sciences translating previously hidden consumer experiences intoremarkable insights or managing brand experiences. Leaders will thus combine the powero accountability with more insightul and relevant creativity or in other words, construct thebusiness case or creativity.More and more, science also tells us emotion, not rational thought is the gatekeeper toconsumer behaviour, rendering the most emotionally engaging experiences the mosteective communications and compelling us to override that knee jerk attraction towardeature driven, all too rational communications. At the same time, we must remember the sum o all experiences is the most powerulcommunication. It is virtually impossible to persuade customers using one dominant medium.Rather, they are engaged through multi-dimensional, emotionally rewarding, co-createdexperiences in increasingly varied combinations o old, new and emerging channels. andevery one o them should be considered or their consistency with the brand strategy. As everything communicates, ad agencies must assume responsibility or planning everyelement in the customers’ experience o the client brand as consumers move rom branddiscovery to point o purchase. This means assembling the collaborative talent it takes tobuild content or channels in the right contexts with whatever marketing services specialist ittakes. Experiential creativity demands new talents and another type o teamwork altogether.
Paul Price
is Chie Partnership Ocer, DDBWorldwide. He has more than 20 years experiencein marketing, advising marketeers in categoriesincluding telecommunications, consumerelectronics, and ood and beverages.
Unleash emotions or business growthThe Yellow Paper Series

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