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Accomp 09

Accomp 09

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Published by: megan-krekorian-7417 on Oct 20, 2010
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…enhancing communities and theenvironment through education
Riparian areas along the American River in Sacramentoprovide wonderful recreational opportunities for young and old alike.
Golden State EnvironmentalEducation Consortium
(GSEEC) bringstogether the skills and assets o a variety o individuals, majorprograms, institutions,and businesses romcommunitiesthroughout thestate workingcollectively toenhanceenvironmental education inCaliornia.
$Funding Sources 
American Forest Foundation (AFF)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (viaAFF)
United Way (Bay Area)
PG&E Corporation Foundation
Hugh Merriam
…organizations that cooperate with CCFF on projects 
Caliornia Department o Forestry and Fire Protection
American ForestFoundation
The Acorn Group
The National Arbor Day Foundation
Caliornia ReLea 
The Forest Foundation
Caliornia Department o Fishand Game
Water Education Foundation
CREEC-Caliornia RegionalEnvironmental Education Community
Sonoma Ecology Center
RosevilleExploration Center
Environmental Nature Center, Newport Beach
 Tahoe National Forest
Center or the Arts, Nevada City
Nevada CountySuperintendent o Education
BABEC- Bay Area Biotechnology EducatorsConsortium
McConnell Foundation
Sierra Health Foundation
Sam Racadio Highland Environmental Center
Caliornia ReLea 
’s mission is toempower grassroots eorts and buildstrategic partnerships that preserve,protect, and enhance Caliornia’s urbanand community orests.
From the President 
Thanks to our partners and unders, the Caliornia Community Forest Foundation hashad another great year. As a statewide nonproft organization, we continue to
seekand manage unds
or projects and programs that educate Caliornians about thestewardship o their community orests and encourage people to get outside.One o our longstanding commitments is to
co-sponsor the Project LearningTree (PLT) program
. With a grant rom the American Forest Foundation, CCFFhas helped PLT launch a year-long strategic planning activity with the goal o surveyingmany users and talking to stakeholders all over the state about what the programshould target during the next fve years. This very successul environmental educationprogram reaches thousands o educators each year. We are proud to work closely withthe Caliornia Department o Forestry and Fire Protection to make PLT available inCaliornia.CCFF has
joined the No Child Let Inside Coalition
! We ully support the idea o getting “kids into the woods” and continue to help groups like the Sequoya Challengeo Nevada City by
providing unds or school feld trips to the orest
. Inaddition, we want to see more kids involved with service learning – that is, taking theirclassroom lessons and putting them into civic action such as the Sacramento area YouthEnergy Summit.These activities are only a ew o CCFF’s recent accomplishments. Inormation onother CCFF activities is provided in this report. Your thoughts, comments, and ideasare always welcome. Thanks or your support.Hugh M. MerriamPresident, Caliornia Community Forests Foundation
(PLT) isan internationalenvironmentaleducation program providing materialsand workshops or educators. Theprogram promotes student understandingo the environment by emphasizing thedevelopment o students’ critical andcreative thinking skills.
Fire Sae Councils
helpmobilize Caliornians toprotect their homes,communities andenvironments romwildfre.
…organizations with  whom CCFF has a formal relationship 
How We SpendOur Funds
Photo credits: Elias and Sebastian Antunez de Mayolo.“Point and Shoot” photographs taken during an outing for families along the American River sponsored by Friends of the River Banks.
Accomplishments for 2008-09
Community Education Projects
Provided cash awards and prizes to Caliornia’s student winners
o theannual National Arbor Day poster contest. Managed in cooperation with theCaliornia Department o Forestry and Fire Protection, the 2009 contest involved1200 children rom 59 schools.
Coordinated a touring exhibit o Caliornia’s Arbor Day posters winners
with venues in Sacramento at the capitol during State Scientist Day and theForestry Center at Cal Expo during the State Fair.
Supported training o new Project Learning Tree leaders
with a ocus onPLT’s secondary education program.
Partnered with the US Fish and Wildlie Service’s Schoolyard Habitatprogram
in the Sacramento area to oer Project Learning Tree training toparticipating teachers and parents.
Grant Management
Served as the fscal agent or the 2009 “Integrating EnvironmentalEducation into Teacher Education” conerence
or university acultyin Caliornia with unds rom the US Environmental Protection Agency’s“Environmental Education Training and Partnership (EETAP)” program.
Managed grants rom the American Forest Foundation
to initiate theimplementation o the new Biotechnology supplement to PLT’s “ExploringEnvironmental Issues – Focus on Risk” program.
Conducted Project Learning Tree workshops
in rural and urban areas o thestate with support rom the Hardwood Forest Foundation.
Assisted with the Project Learning Tree initiative to develop a newstrategic plan
with unds rom the American Forest Foundation.
Project Sponsorship
Provided unds or the South Yuba Independence Trail-Sequoya Challenge
 environmental education program to connect Yuba County children with theSierran oothill orests.
Distributed additional “Learning to Live with Fire”
educational tool kits, incooperation with the Caliornia Department o Forestry and Fire Protection, toeducational partners in Humboldt, Del Norte and Plumas counties as well as to thenew Gateway Science Museum in Chico.
Provided support to the Nevada County Superintendent o Schools
tohelp 150 children participate in the “Inspirations in the Forest” project.
Provided unds to support the Sacramento region “Project YES” (YouthEnergy Summit) program.
Supported the Back-to-Natives program
in Orange County.
Funded an environmental education internship
with the CaliorniaDepartment o Forestry.
Goals for 2010
Manage new grants
provided bythe American Forest Foundationto the Caliornia Project LearningTree program in order to expandthe capacity o the programto reach a wider audience o educators in Caliornia.
Expand outreach or theNational Arbor Day postercontest
or 5th grade youth byleveraging additional partnershipswith community organizations.
Continue partnerships withurban and community orestsorganizations
including theCaliornia Department o Forestryand Fire Protection, the CaliorniaUrban Forestry Council, CaliorniaReLea, Project Learning Tree,Project WILD, Project WET,CREEC and other communitygroups sharing similar missions andprogram goals.
Seek unding
or thedevelopment o 
“The ConierClassroom,”
a new teachingtool or Caliornia environmentaleducators.
Continue support orthe development o newenvironmental educationleaders.
Continue to supportorganizations engaging youthin environmental education.
Support the national and stateeorts to coordinate the “NoChild Let Inside” initiative
that includes development o astate environmental literacy plan.
Sponsor a student internshipprogram
in Natural ResourceManagement and EnvironmentalEducation.
Expand CCFF’s website
tosupport outreach eorts.
Pursue additional unding
tosupport CCFF’s mission.

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