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P-06 Prophetic Vision - Five Horses

P-06 Prophetic Vision - Five Horses

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Published by Andre Niemand
A prophetic warning for the USA and every other Christian country.
A prophetic warning for the USA and every other Christian country.

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Published by: Andre Niemand on Oct 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prophetic Vision: Five Horses
BackgroundAnton Brittz saw a vision of significant propheticvalue in the early morning hours of the 20
day of August, 2010. Anton gave me written permission totranslate the vision into English and to interpretand publish it as I believe the body of Christ shouldtake note of it.VisionI saw in a vision, four beautiful horses. I saw thesefour horses in one scene in a single picture. Theywere perfectly created and they were in excellentcondition. As I looked at the hind quarters of thesehorses they appeared to be overweight because of their fat and healthy state. All four horses werebeautiful and in equal healthy condition; only theircolors differentiate them from one another. The first horse was of a natural blue color, which isa common color among horses. The second horsehad a brown color; the third horse was white andthe forth horse was black. All horses were of naturalcolor and all were very beautiful and healthy.All horses had bridles, with bits, reins and blinkers. The reins were not on the necks of the horses butwere hanging loose; down toward the ground. Thehorses founded themselves as if in a circusatmosphere where they were performing stuntsand tricks and were cavorting. The horses were wearing triangular, pointed hatssimilar to those that children wear at children’sparties. The horses did not behave like horses butmore like people that have given themselves overto pleasure.
 Then many black, yellow and brown snakes camefrom all sides and attacked and bite these horses.Not one died but they lost their good appearanceand became crippled. It looked like a sickbay, everyhorse was full of wounds and some have lost limbs;all their wounds were bandaged. The beautifulhorses were reduced from their beautiful andhealthy state into a “sick lame and lazy” bunch.While I looked at the blue horse I saw manyvehicles, many motorcars and pickups (LDV’s). Itseemed if they were not operative for a long time;dust was covering these vehicles.When I looked at the brown horse I saw everythingthat could float, like ships and boats were notoperative. It appeared that the ships, boats andeverything in the water were so overgrown by mossthat the water became totally stagnant.When I looked at the white horse I saw airplanesgrounded all over. These airplanes wereinoperative, out of commission. There was not oneairplane in the air. Every airplane on the groundwas totally neglected, busy to corrode.When I looked at the black horse I saw all trainswere inoperative, some lied derailed on their sides.After I have seen the picture of the four horses Isaw a fifth horse on the scene, a beautiful red horsewith a beautiful deep red color similar to Bonsmaracattle (bovine subspecies; breed of South Africa). This horse was not among the “sick, lame andlazy.” He had no bandages; however, this horsewas very thin. When I looked at the red horse I sawthe water on earth was like oil and polluted, evenvapor came out of the water. Some places lookedlike muddy slime was in and on the water. Then I saw a sunrise; the sun appeared on thehorizon, big, red and in its full color. As soon as the
sun started to illuminate the earth it stood still anddid not move further. It was first light in otherwords it was dusk.I saw a huge elephant. People drag the elephant byhis face. The elephant cannot walk. They drag theelephant by his face and not by his trunk. Theelephant was chained on a similar wagon asportrait in the movies; the wagon that were used toupload the wooden horse of Troy. They moved theelephant ahead because he could not move byhimself; his feet were chained in large shackles. Hewas helpless. It looked like a typical elephant thatone sees in an Oriental country wearingdecorations and ornaments. He could only move hiseyes and ears. Then there appeared a sign that looked like the“Radio Active” sign with the three symbolic signsthat indicate radio activity - danger.I saw a very fat face that looked like HumptyDumpty; it had a deformed head but without abody. The eyes, lips and side of the head weredisfigured; it looked like a fat person’s head.I saw a great multitude of people, millions opeople. All of them ran stooped and held theirheads in their hands. They were all dressed in wornout combat clothing. They appeared like an ancientarmy that carried on them swords, bows andarrows. They were all busy to flee. Nobody wasusing their weapons. The weapons were fixed intheir sheaths, on the soldiers’ bodies.I saw in a distance a beautiful green living brightforest. It looked like how I would have imaginedparadise. Bright light beams shone out of the forestto heaven. Initially I thought it could have been thebeams of a gigantic diamond which I havepreviously seen in another vision. In these brightbeams I saw a beautiful white horse with a

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