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The Divine and the Humane Cosmology

The Divine and the Humane Cosmology

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Published by Dan Constantin
Article by fr. Dan Bădulescu
Article by fr. Dan Bădulescu

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Dan Constantin on Oct 21, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The study below brings to the Orthodox Christians a fundamental doctrine of faith, which came inthe last 200 years, to be ignored or completely misunderstood, under pressure from this fallenworld, science, philosophy, culture and politics which fight against God. We are talking of therebellion shown in the in the West of 15
century, after the fall of Constantinople, during the so-called "Renaissance", and continued in the century of the "Enlightenment".Since then it was created a "new world" (New Age), with another theology, another science,another culture than traditional Christian. In these innovations that have shattered the world before, a central and essential occupied the Copernican heresy:
which, onceaccepted, opened the door to all other erring:
evolutionism, atheism, ecumenism,
etc.We will try, with all the risk of being a voice crying in the wilderness, a recovery of scriptural and  patristic cosmological revelation, that God's cosmology (with the earth in center, with a history of 7500 years, with days of creation of 24 hours, etc..) opposite to all false human cosmology.
Divine and thehuman cosmology
- Recovery of scriptural cosmology,with the earth in the center and being 7500 years old -
Fr. Dan
Why these words? It is because we propose to study the world as a whole, and 
to considethe universe, not by the light of worldly wisdo
 , but by that with which God wills to enlighten His servant, when He speaks to him in person and without enigmas. It is because it is absolutelynecessary that all lovers of great and grand shows should bring a mind well prepared to studythem.
(St. Basil the Great,
"Notice how it speaks in this way in the case of each day, wanting to rivet the sacred truths inour mind by the repetition in the teaching.Accordingly, let us carve this truths across our heart and hold fast to them, let us shake off all sloth, let us cling carefully to these salutary truths and with all forbearance instruct people
ensnared in pagan error not to confuse this order…
 Homilies on Genesis
)The notion of dogma was often distorted by understanding it in a one-way meaning, that of eternal and unchangeable truth, taught by the Church under local or Ecumenical Councils. Of course it is so, but in a wider and
equally true
sense, by the divine dogmas we understand all that isrevealed by God and which has to be believed and confessed as those made in the above mentionedCouncils. And if that's the case, dogmatic teachings about the Creation of the World must be madein the catechetical teaching, work that the Church did at the outset by the baptismal catechesis,especially those made during The Great Lent. Most known which were preserved were
 Homilies onGenesis
of Saints Basil the Great and John Chrysostom. These revelations, teachings, dogmas, arethe only true infallible, eternal, unchangeable, Orthodox ones, spiritual nourishing wheat, beinginspired by the Holy Spirit and received by
consensus Ecclesiae
consensus Patrum
. All other ancient and until today, and which will be in the future until the end of the world, are humanheretical philosophical and scientific "discoveries", that is (at least partially) false, fallible, transientand changeable, chaff and hulls or spiritual poison bare at least. These chaff and hulls was weedingfrom time to time by the Prophets, Apostles and Fathers, who kept the faith and teaching wheatfield clean, true, orthodox. But weeds and scum have not ceased to exist, but have removed the headfrom time to time, being worked by people, by the wicked. The Church has been shaken over thetimes by various heresies and fought with them in every way, throwing upon them and thoseunregenerate heresiarchs anathemas to protect the flock from losing wanderings. But heresies, as wesaid,
didn’t stopped, and among them
we now refer to those related to
cosmology, biology and anthropology
, and it should be an urgent pastoral missionary work, because today, the field becamein a very dangerous state of decay and the weeds and chaff threatens to smother the wheat. We refer here to the fact that, also in our Romanian society, the official doctrine that is taught in schools,overtly or covertly oppose revelation of the Holy Spirit, wounding tens of millions of souls andminds. And not only has the school done this, but also the "channel" that in this time surpassed itsinfluence: the media, especially the image, television. This becomes the source of the "truth", theauthority, and information. But it not only informs, but also forms, or, as they say in computer language, formats consciences. And then, it is the duty of the Church to do, in a good way, exactlywhat is called "brain wash", and not as pejorative and negative given that action, (such as did theChinese Communists on American prisoners, from where would be held with due expression), but just in terms of detachment, because the bowl must first cleansed from the inside, and not as thePharisees did.*
hear what says in this regard St.Theophanes the Recluse:"For what kind of salvation can someone expectwho
keep the true doctrine of the faith and of the Church and
thinks wrong or about God, world and man
, or about the fallen current state of ours, or aboutthe way of our being
restoration, which is only one, or about death and our future life, or about
any of thedogmas
, when the Lord himself tells us that, if someone
 3will deny His words "in this adulterous and sinful generation", this one will be denied by Him before His Father in heaven (Mark 8:38)? And that one who will be denied by the Lord, where willhe find the place? Certainly not in the kingdom of heaven. But here there are people who say:"Believe what you want, is enough to live properly and not be afraid of nothing", as you can live properly
without sound principles on what we learn from the true faith
! Do not be deceived, brethren! In the structure of the real life is included not only the behavior, but also sound judgement, so that about one who lacks it, we can not say that his life is good and right... So, whosays: "believe what you want, but live properly", while have the commandment to keep the truefaith, resembles that one who destroys its own foundation on which he wants to build the house, or the one who wants to cross a river with a boat whose bottom is pierced by him. "The following on cosmology and the formation of the world, the movements of the stars etc.are all dogmas revealed by the Holy Spirit in the Scripture and commented by the Holly Fathers:"In the seen world, the sky is above us, below us is the earth, and in the sky are the sun, moon andstars, all in their order... To know these and to include them in the mind
is the first duty of everybeliever 
 Faith cometh by hearing 
(Romans 10:17), and the hearing is catechized through theteaching preached by the Church, which puts the beginning of faith. In what you believe if you donot know the doctrine?" (St. Theophanes the Recluse
 Answers to
intellectuals’ Questions
)And again we said that: wanderings in question began in the 16
century, when some, likeCopernicus, disgraced the unique earth, stationary and in the center of the universe, but most of all
, the only bearer of life, among other dead planets. Further we will show, with the scripturaland patristic arguments that this is the case."We must strengthen ourselves in faith and spirit awareness of Christian life and anunwavering guarding, to reject anything that not matches it. This awareness will be for us like arock in the middle of the sea waves. We live in the world, and as such we cannot avoid facing whatis happening in it - but those we face cannot force us to be driven by everything, side by side withothers.
On the contrary, for those who have realized the truth, there is even an impulse to defend it and to expose lies.
" (St. Theophanes the Recluse
 Answers to
intellectuals’ Quest 
)The most serious things are in the realm of cosmology, where geostatic and geocentricScriptural and patristic teachings and was virtually forgotten almost entirely under the pressure anddeception of contemporary false science. Like we said, our greatest contemporary spiritual fathershad detachment concerns, prayer, asceticism, healing of those in sin, and some of great heights, asfor the seeing of God, hesychia, and such. But they left somehow these "fundamental" things a part,until the "stones spoke". Give for instance a search Google with topic "geocentricism" or "geocentricity" or "Biblical astronomy" and see who are those responsible now: dissidents such asPentecostal fundamentalists, creationists, alternative Catholic, Lutheran, Hebrew, and even someMuslims... In this list simply
we didn’t met Orthodox! It
is not better for those serious who willsearch through libraries and the Internet.*
Heaven. Earth. Light. Day. Night 

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