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The Golden Rule and Basic Human Rights

The Golden Rule and Basic Human Rights

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a guide to true Civilization
a guide to true Civilization

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Oct 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Golden Rule and Basic Human Rightssg micheal, 2010/OCT/21These come from a letter i wrote my old supervisor and essay on world empire. The latter will be published later.Do not talk to me unless you can respect me.Do not look at me unless you can smile at me.Do not smile at me unless you can kiss me.Do not kiss me unless you can love me.Do not love me unless you can love me forever.Basic Human Rights:freedom to live and work in any locationfree access to premium health carefree education for all levelsfreedom from subjugation, exploitation, and conflictfreedom of equitable access to all world resourcesfreedom of religion except when violating others’ rightsfreedom to trust and respect each other freedom to live without nukes, bio-weapons, military, and moneyIt's my basic premise that we do not have true Civilization until we have these rights for everyone. Otherwise, it's a mockery of the word and concept.All items in the list are doable including lines five and eight if we apply our ingenuity, developour curiosity and compassion, and focus on trust, respect, and humility. It has taken me half alifetime to develop this plan for humanity. It may take two centuries for us to disengage from our egos and materialism, but i assure you it can be done. All we require is a step-by-step approach,genuine willingness, and commitment. If we work together, we could do it within onegeneration.i'd like to say that i'm a visitor here on your planet Earth. i'd like to say that i'll not return hereuntil you have Civilization. But it sounds too much like a threat and who would care. ;)But let me say we are all visitors on this planet Earth. The planet does not belong to us. We don'tdeserve to be here without establishing a genuine Civilization. We will pay the price if we donot. That's not a threat; that's a guarantee.i don't need to take ayahuasca to Know this. Anyone who can See just a little knows this. Wemust get our act together and we must begin now.i don't know how much longer i have here on Earth.. i will 'fight' for a brighter future for my sonand his family. If you read only one essay/letter, read this one. If you pay attention to only one, pay attention to this one. If only one piece of paper survives the 'end of the world', let it be thisone. This is your personal ticket to tomorrow.

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