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Published by David Mathews

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: David Mathews on Oct 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10/8/10Pg. 1.B’reishithGenesis, the Beginning.
Gen. 1:1 – 6:8.
Each year after the Feast of Tabernacles, the Torah cycle is renewed inGenesis. Fittingly, the first phrase of the Hebrew scripture [B’reishith – In theBeginning] defines the intent of all Torah. The
 Law of First Reference’ dictates – from here – the structure of EVERY BEGINNING!
Thus, itcommands our attention. Let’s examine it starting with the numerical value of the Hebrew letters.Incidentally, there are many wonderful, hidden clues in the gematria of thisfirst verse! For instance: Every 7
letter in verse one. Bet, (2) Mem, (40) Mem,(40) tzade, (90) = 172. This is the same numerical value as #6117, aqab – Jacob, and is often rendered supplanter or deceiver, however, it literallymeans “One who will catch the heel” and is seen again in Gen. 3:15.There are 28 total letters. 28 is the numerical value of #2409, chattaya, a fem.noun meaning an offering for sin appearing only in Ezra 6: 17 where therebuilt Temple is dedicated! Is there a connection here to the Victory of Messiah who will destroy the head of them enemy and restore the Temple of YHVH known as the Body of Man? The total number of animals sacrificed is712 the same numbers used in the gematria of Jacob only arrangeddifferently. 712 is the gematria of #8664, tishbey, designating Elijah theTishbite, (
1Kings 17:1) it means “captivity”. Cognate words on either side#8663, teshu’ah, a shout of victory & #8665, teshuvah, to return, as in fromcaptivity. The gematria of Elijah, #452
is 52, the same as the wordBen, meaning Son.It was the bruising of the Son - Messiah that restored the Temple/Man andraised a shout of Victory at the Brides’ release from Captivity!!!Let’s look at B’reshith.
תישׁ ִארֵבּְ
Bet – 2Resh – 200Aleph – 1Shin – 300Yod – 10Tav – 400Total = 913. The simple gematria (9+1+3=13) alludes to the Bride, while theoverall value (913) is the same as the phrase, Beit HaMalchut “House of theKingdom”. It is formed from a combination of 613 (The number of TorahCommandments) which is the value of the Hebrew word gederot – Sheepfoldand 300 which is the value of the Hebrew word Kopher – to Cover, to provideatonement.Thus, we have a picture of Torah[who is Torah? Messiah!]Covering &providing redemption for the Sheepfold, the House of the Kingdom, beingrevealed in this word B’reishith. Every subsequent “Beginning” will bepredicated upon this precept! Adam-Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moshe, David,Messiah, the Final Days!II. The Bet prefixed to this word indicates in, on, by, with, etc. and represents the‘House’, while Reshith #7225, is a noun meaning the beginning, the first, thechief. It is from the root of #7218, rosh, meaning head, leader. Its’ originalmeaning was “to shake”. Therefore the Hebrew letter “Bet” affixed tore’shyith means, in the shaking. There is again precedent set for creation,hinting that the act of providing redemption is birthed out of a deep struggle.The Ruach moved, #7363, ra’chaph, to shake. YHVH said, # 559, ‘amar, tospeak, to utter, to promise. The Voice of YHVH shakes – reverberates whenreleased - this releasing invokes Creation!!I found interesting the words cognate with #7363, ra’caph, namely, #7342,rahab, broad, spacious (the name of Rahab the Harlot whom Joshua married)#7353, Rachel, a ewe, female sheep (the name of Jacobs’ wife who stole theidols of her father) and #7356, raham, womb. These words tied together inferProphetically, that the First Shaking – In the Beginning, is somehowconnected to enlarging/making fruitful, the womb of the Rahab – the
Former  Harlot Bride of Joshua - Yahshua, and Rachel, the bride of Jacob/Israel whose
children are scattered because of her/their worship of pagan deities!
The wombthat was first fruitful becomes waste and desolate (the penalty for adultery) itthen is restored by the ransom Messiah paid. This is foreshadowed in thewords of the first two verses, Creation, the womb for all that is living – becomes waste & desolate, tohu v’bohu – and is restored.I also noticed the connection to the Scarlet thread of Rahab (Joshua 2:18) andthe Scarlet seen throughout woven in the Priestly garments and Tabernaclefurnishings. The Hebrew word for scarlet, #8144,
shaniy is the same as#8145, sheniy, second, to do again, to replicate. It is also comprised of the RootStem, Shin-Nun, which means learned as in learned man. The Yod suffixindicates my or mine. Thus, Shaniy could be inferring the Messiah, My(YHVH’s) Learned Man who was hanged on the wall to save Rahab! She wastold to bind a line of scarlet. *
 Note the word for line
, #8615, tiqvah, cord,which is also the word for hope, from the root #6960, qavah, to wait or look for eagerly and expectantly! This Scarlet Thread represents Messiah, whoCreation/the womb/Eve, The Mother of all living/ waits for in order that Hemay loosen the curse of Adultery from off her!!! Again, the connection to thestruggle and violence of redemption revealed in Gen. 1:1.Tradition teaches that a Scarlet thread was hung on the Temple door at theDay of Atonement. If YHVH accepted the sacrifice it would turn white. At thetime of the death of Yahshua circa 30AD it never turned white again.RoshHaShanah 31b, Babylonian Talmud,Controversy begins.III. Let’s examine a few pertinent words:
Gen. 1:1.
ארָבּָ תישׁ ִארֵבּְ ץ׃רֶאָֽהָ תאֵוְ םיִמַשּׁ ָהַ תאֵ םיהִלֹאֱ
In the beginning Godcreated the heaven and the earth.
Created, Bara,#1254, a verb meaning to create, bring intoexistence. Only YHVH is the subject of this particular verb – Healone creates. The verb tense here is in the Perfect, expressing acompleted action, I.E. Both the Heaven & the Earth are complete.Yet,
verse 2 follows with words that
 seem to imply an incompletecondition! …
And the earth was without form and void, while

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