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Why You?

Why You?

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Published by Louis Turi

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Published by: Louis Turi on Oct 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10/7/2010Dear reader;I am sure like me you have pondered WHY you attracted a situation or a person you once loved so much. I am sure you also thought, damn I knew it, I should haveknown better but after you have finished reading this VIP Cosmic Code sample, you will know or at least understand the karmic reason why this person was sent to you: Some people will come into your life for a very specific reason, some will be a "night stand" some will stay for a few years then disappear and others for a lifetime. But chances are you will, if you meditate hard enough, know whichone it is and what you have (had) to do or suffer because of that particular person.Sexual urges are quite strong when you are a young stud, and in my 60 years ofcrazy existence, acting as a bad "French Man" brought my share of night stands.Those pretty faces and gorgeous bodies were sent to me to satisfy a very powerful selfish insatiable thirst for flesh. But was that all these pretty girls meant to me? What about the packs of heartbreaks and lost dreams finding and enjoying true love ? What about their hearts and deep but discarded feelings for me?Why did they all had to land on me and my sensual centered world where commitment, love, respect and long lasting matrimony was nonexistent? So what is my onlyplausible, valuable answer?WHY YOU AND YOUR DEMONS?When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a deep need youhave expressed. So can you really blame a young attractive French stud loaded with hormones and testosterone? No because there a millions of those male and female young souls ready to experience life and uncover its powerful natural sexualurges. When my ex wife "dropped" me after 13 years of marriage I was in shock... I never cheated, hurt or misbehaved with her and (I did not know then) I was only the victim of the Dragon's Tail moving through our 7th house of marriage enforcing the badly needed changes, et voila! freed against my will or not? So the experience was devastating and I built a "vendetta" against ALL females and all my "victims" came to assist me through a severely difficult emotional time providing me with the lost love, guidance and support, to aid me physically, emotionally and spiritually. All the while those "victims" were godsend and played their own crucial healing part in my messed up life. Meantime had my ex stay withme I would never ever found my soul mate, my wonderful beautiful wife I love so much Terania.But people from all walks of life have to deal with their own karma and God's perfect plan is set to "attract" certain people only. They are there for the reason you simply need them to be and be sure they will play their part perfectly because, somewhere, somehow you need to grow up spiritually. Millions of people will or have found themselves in my own situation but won't react like I did justbecause of their natal UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. Some of my weakest closefriends could not bear the heavy load of emotional stress and chose the easy way out by commit suicide to liberate their drowned spirit. Others seeded with doctors and ended up legally drugged while Neptunian souls drowned themselves in alcohol. The list on how one react to rejection is endless and all depend on yourinherited celestial make up.
Did you read "Rejection and How to Deal with It?" http://www.drturi.com/news/1117913529.htmlYes indeed, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, thisfriend, this lover, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end or worse, they died on you. Sometimes they simply walk away forcing you to take a painful stand you would rather ignore. But in reality what you must realize is that your very specific wish or need has been met, a deeper innersubconscious desire has been fulfilled and the work is done. The subconscious prayer you sent up to God has been heard and answered and now it is time for you to move on to painfully experience the rest of the story. You may have wished formore love, a more logical, practical or spiritual soul, or someone giving you more respect, more money, more freedom, more sex or a better job but rest assuredkarma was there all along if you misbehaved or abused that person.And, chances are, you may not necessarily be conscious of all your physical or spiritual previous acts until it becomes much too late for you. Yes indeed humanseems to learn much faster when hurting. Wisdom does not come easy, free and packaged to fit you personally. When I mention "your future is nothing else than the reincarnation of your thoughts" I truly mean it but it took me only 60 yearsto acknowledge and assimilate this fact. Yes many of you are still quite young while others bruised souls can easily relate to my wise words...The fact is some people come into your life for a SEASON only; because your turnhas come to share, grow or learn the hard way, call it needed karma. Very oftenthe "Cosmic Clock" is responsible for your experiences to come by; for you have only a few earth years to learn and grow right here on earth (hell.) Incidentally I got married when the Dragon's Head was in my 7th house of marriage and divorced 13 years later when its nasty Tail comeback in the same very partnerships house forcing us to separate. Yes the "bad" people, the perfect situation, the great opportunity were there, all was set in perfect harmony for the actorsto play their parts in accordance to the Cosmic Code rules.Little did I know then that the entire movie was a liberation to my soul and notthe loss of a wife... But as mentioned so many times before, "human" reasons are your only answers and comfort"Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking conspiracy and imagination does the rest." There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannotperceive.Dr. TuriYes indeed knowledge is power and mastering the Cosmic Code or using your "luckyWindow Dates" can bring about your wishes, but who's really understanding or able to use my work on the Dragon when your interests are somewhere else? Guess what put aside your selfish interests for a change, master and use the Dragon instead to make your "interests" a reality! Yes only when the student is ready willDr. Turi's rare wisdom available to you.YOU CRACK ME UP!
Some friends will bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh crazy, while the nosy ones will make you feel insecure. They may teach you something you have never thought of or even consider for your fears have roots you must uncoverand correct. Yes your subconscious has no clue between your fears and your wishes and will work for or against you if you do not understand the rules.Friends bring wishes, lose a friend and lose a wish; it's a simple as that. Somereal friends usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy and will be there when you need them most. Then this "friendship" will be tested with time and willeither disintegrate then break up or upgrade to something much more valuable inyour heart, believe it, it is real, but only for a timely reason. Upgrade a connection with a friend and see the results, use and abuse them and pay the karmayou need and deserve to grow up.YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND - FOR EVER!A lifetime relationships will teach you lifetime lessons, things you must acknowledge and build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your karma is to accept the lesson, respect the person and put what you have learned to usein all other relationships and vital areas of your life because there is NO future in your past. Actually full forgiveness is what will free your spirit fromits own jail. A true friend will recognize any situation you are in and find a way to help you. If your plans with friends were messed up it is coming from a higher order you may not be allowed to grasp just yet. But one thing is sure, your friend ship will be tested and if it passes you won so many future blessings.Indeed it is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant but not allyour friends were born with a perceptive UCI.If any of your friend have been with you for more than 7 years both of you haveupgraded with higher distinction. If all the misunderstandings, pains, fears and tears did not kill the magic then something truly magical took place. And those earthy guardian angels will always be there for you in time of troubles. A true friend will be concerned with your welfare but may not necessarily know whatyou are going through. A true friend will always find a way to forgive you fora "faux pas" or mishap and show his true face and true love, it is just unmistakable.We are all smart humans' beings and equally foolish to the eyes of God, we are all immortal spirits jailed on this dense physical world where our perception ofthe divine is minimized and in some case nonexistent for the earthy self consumed unworthy "friend" type. Yes once more, lose a friend and lose a wish in the process; this is why it is worth all your efforts to keep them as friends regardless of their shortcomings because the law of karma may also turn them into yourworse enemies. The people you once truly loved, the friend you admired and respected the most seems to be nothing else than a manipulator, a self centered soul working endlessly to make your life total misery. At least this is your side of the story or how you perceive the karmic situation you brought yourself in. But the sad reality is; in some case you are dead on right with such person and your challenge will be to understand and accepting that YOU have attracted this soul who happens to match YOUR energy. For this universal law is as real as can be; "a magnet will never attract a piece of wood."IS IT ALL ABOUT THE GREEN?

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