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Hypnosis Suggestion

Hypnosis Suggestion

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Published by: Mike5555555 on Oct 23, 2010
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 Author of The Curse of Kama
Hypnosis &Suggestion
A Step-By-Step System ForUsing Hypnotic Influence andSubliminal Suggestion…
 William Lovatt
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Use This Material At Your Own Risk.
Once you read this manuscript be sure to check out the most practicalguide to Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence & Manipulation. You canreceive a copy athttp://mindforcehypnosis.com/offer_hypnosis_books.php 
In view of the fact that much has been written on the subject of Hypnosis and Suggestion by eminent men, dealing with its history andtheory, I will refrain from repetition and refer the reader to some good book-seller who will be able to supply him with his needs.As in every other science, profession or trade, hypnosis requires acertain skill and technique in its application. There are some people whoare born hypnotists and have a natural healing touch - a truly wonderfulgift; which, when used for the benefit of mankind, becomes a blessing tothe possessor and a boon to those who suffer.Only the practising hypnotist can realize fully what a stupendous power this is to have at his command. The more I practise, the more do Irealize how powerful this gift can be. I feel thankful for this God-sentgift and to know that I can be of some service to humanity-to be able torelieve pain, induce sleep and bring relief in many other ways, almost ata touch.Even though this book is not intended to be a treatise on the subjectof Hypnosis and suggestion, I shall endeavour to give a brief outlineconcerning some of the possibilities by this form of treatment, of interestto the medical profession and the layman alike.Hitherto, hypnosis has been looked upon with awe, if not in horror  by the "Man in the Street", and I have purposely written this book for his benefit in an effort to dispel some of his unwarranted fears.
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There is no danger in hypnosis when properly applied and itstechnique understood. I have never yet found anyone to be any the worseor to have suffered in any way whatsoever, in consequence of having hadhypnotic treatment, either at the time hypnosis was induced or at anytime later.For therapeutic uses, we shall see that it is not necessary for a deephypnosis to be induced in order to effect a cure; many cases in fact, arecured without any hypnosis being induced at all.Cases will be quoted from my own experience where suggestiontreatment has been used alone or in conjunction with other forms of treatment; but in all instances, no names will be mentioned inconsideration of the personal feelings of the people concerned.Throughout the book, the word "sleep" will be used, because there isno other word which can be used to express the idea which we want toconvey to the subject, but this must not be confused with "natural sleep".The word "awake" will be used likewise, in order to return thesubject to his normal waking state from that of hypnosis, and again mustnot be confused with "waking from natural sleep".WILLIAM F. LOVATT.1 Bene't Street, Cambridge. December, 1933.

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