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Shifting in 2008

Shifting in 2008



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Published by Michelle
In the year 2008, more and more people will begin questioning things
that they never questioned before. Individuals from all walks of life
will be seeking new answers and to make sense of a nonsensical world.
In the year 2008, more and more people will begin questioning things
that they never questioned before. Individuals from all walks of life
will be seeking new answers and to make sense of a nonsensical world.

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Published by: Michelle on Jul 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shifting in 2008In the year 2008, more and more people will beginquestioning thingsthat they never questioned before. Individuals fromall walks of lifewill be seeking new answers and to make sense of anonsensical world.For some people—who have been asleep tohumanity's great current of change—a personal crisis in the not too distant future could bethe catalyst to seriously question the status quo.The crisis could beanything from a grave health condition, a costly 
divorce, a houseforeclosure, or a job loss. When the person beginsquestioning moredeeply than before, and realizes how shaky thetraditional means of support are, an opening is created to changecourse.To be sure, such a person receiving this "wake upcall" must act on the "call" in order to shift their circumstances. As part of that, they must choose a different path than theone they have beentravelling.The New Path of Heart This new path involves looking within for answersand responding to theworld with a heart-centered focus. It means givingup, bit by bit, thehabitual ego-based patterns learned in theconventional world. Givingthese up is not a simple thing to do, for there ismuch resistance and ignorance about the truth of one's real condition.That is a normal  part of being human.This awakening person will need to approach thenew path withdedication, persistence, self-love, compassion, and  patience. The last quality of patience is particularly important, for success in navigatingthe new heart-centered path will require ongoingactions and choices.The person must be willing to continue choosingthe higher path, and taking actions that reflect that choice, regardlessof what appears to
be happening. Sometimes it may appear as thoughnothing at all ishappening. Other times, the progress may simply seem to be too slow. Nomatter what adversity is experienced,discouragement must not be allowed to block the person's resolve. The shifting into anentire new way of being requires tenacity and an ability tocontinually remember thebig picture.For Experienced TravelersFor those already on the path of consciousawakening, this coming cyclewill precipitate an even deeper level of questioningthan before. Light will continue to shine on disparities and dysfunctional old paradigmapproaches. As that happens, many secrets and much hidden knowledge will be exposed. Truth will come out into the open.Some of this uncoveringwill involve personal issues that will present themselves in a new way, perhaps escalating into even more of a crisis. Whenthese things occur,if approached intuitively and sanely, doorways will open to allow for resolution. A skilled person who desires to rid themselves of alongstanding concern, therefore, may find that thisnext cycle givesthem just the spiritual fuel needed to finally complete the healing.The Shift on a Global ScaleEach person on the planet will be impacted in someway by theaccelerated transformational shifting in 2008. It 

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