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Published by David Polk
After her father is gunned down a 27-year-old ad agency art director must take control of one of Harbor City's most notorious crime syndicates to protect her family.
After her father is gunned down a 27-year-old ad agency art director must take control of one of Harbor City's most notorious crime syndicates to protect her family.

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Published by: David Polk on Oct 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 BOSSPilotbyDavid PolkContact:David Polk176 Dusty Rose CourtSimi Valley, CA 93065805.428.5775dpolk@mac.com  
2.TEASERFADE IN:INT. TORI’S LOFT – LATE AFTERNOONPAN the dimly lit, spacious loft and we see that it’sdecorated with avant-garde artwork, but decidedly feminine.We hear a toilet FLUSH, etc., and then – TORI (O.S.)You’ll be there tonight, right?The bathroom door opens and out steps IAN SOMMERS, 30, All- American good looks, shirtless, in slacks.IAN(smiles)It is a command appearance for thehelp, isn’t it?He takes his shirt from a chair, puts it on, buttons from the bottom. Reverse and we see VICTORIA “TORI” PORTER, 27,pretty, sexy, but not overtly so. She’s sitting in bednaked, sheet pulled up around her knees.TORILook, I know you’re nervous; so am I.But remember, Mom is totally behind us.She’ll make sure Dad is reasonable when we break the news to him.IANI’ve worked for your father for threeyears. “Reasonable” is not the wordthat comes to mind when I think of howhe’s going to react.TORIStop it. Ian, darling, the last thingMom and Dad want is for me to end up with someone in the business. When Dadunderstands that we’re in love, he’lllet you out. I know he will.He crosses to her, leans over and they kiss. They gazeinto each other’s eyes. Her sincerity is as deep as herlove for him. A RINGING cell phone interrupts the glow.IANSpeaking of “reasonable.”
3.He takes the phone from a side table, answers.IAN(into phone)Yes.(reacts almost imperceptibly)Everything’s all set.He clicks off. Tori is out of bed now, fastening the lastbuttons of his shirt, smoothing his collar.TORIWear a tie tonight. Mom thinks it makes you look more grown up.IANSure I’m not quitting one boss just to work for another?Her smile is luminous. He kisses her full on the lips,pulls on his sports coat then exits. She falls back inbed, looks up at the ceiling and smiles. Life is good.INT. NEIMAN MARCUS, MEN’S FINE APPAREL – LATE AFTERNOON A SALESMAN discreetly checks out a customer. She’sVALENTINA “TINA” PORTER, 17 going on 27, beautiful, sexy ashell and knows it. She’s talking animatedly on her cellphone, one eye on the salesman.TINA (into phone)She’ll say yes, trust me. And Dad won’t dare make a stink after she does.(winks at the salesman)Just book the suite, Bree... You’resure Brad’s going to be there that weekend? Positive?VIC (O.S.)Is that Bree? Say “hey” for me.Tina smirks. Reverse and we see that the object of herscorn is her gangly kid brother, VIC PORTER JR., 15.Suddenly, Tina’s frown turns to an inviting smile asSalesman #1 makes his way to her.TINA (into phone)Incoming. Gotta go. Call you later.

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