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The Unexpected Kiss

The Unexpected Kiss



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Published by Jade
A random scene I wrote. Might become a story, who knows. Enjoy and feedback is extremely appreciated :)
A random scene I wrote. Might become a story, who knows. Enjoy and feedback is extremely appreciated :)

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Published by: Jade on Oct 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The sound of a car horn had me looking over the shoulder. Jason was cruisingalongside me, beckoning me to get into the car. Raising my eyebrows, I obeyed, waitinguntil he pulled over before hopping into the passenger seat.“What’s going on? Where’s Vanessa?” I made a show of looking in the back seatignoring his frowning.“Haha. Wanna go see a movie? Kate’s not done till five anyway, and it’s only twothirty.”“I can read the clock, Einstein.” I smirked as he scowled. “Weren’t you going tothe movies with Vanessa?”“I’ll take that as a yes. And will you stop mentioning her?” I buckled up myseatbelt as he shifted into reverse and did a 180-turn that shouldn’t have been humanlypossible, let alone legal.“Considering that you haven’t stopped mentioning her at all since last week, youshould know that’s a rhetorical question.”“It wasn’t a question, it was an order.”“Oh, an order, huh.” I crossed my legs and hid my smile of satisfaction. God,pissing him off was fun. “Well, lucky for me, I don’t listen to orders. And you’re only older than me by a year, mister.”“A year and a half, and don’t you forget it.” He leaned back as we stopped at alight. “Fine, since I’m feeling generous, I’ll tell you why I’m with you and not Vanessa. It’sreally tragic, actually.” I pulled up my arm, ready to mime playing a violin, but hegrabbed my wrist and yanked it down, keeping his fingers there to make sure my wriststayed down. “Don’t start, or I won’t tell you.”“Yes sir.” I said, grinning cheekily.“Ok, here goes.” He took a deep breath. “She’s boring.” The light turned green,and we moved forward, smoothly shifting lanes. I stared at him in disbelief.“What?” I tipped my head to the side, pretending to shake water out of my ears.“What? Did I hear you properly? This girl that you’ve been practically worshipping sinceSeptember is BORING?!” He refused to look at me, but I could see the corners of hismouth curve up. “Do you mean to tell me-” I paused for dramatic effect. “That you’vecompletely wasted your time, Kate’s time and my time to talk about this young woman?”“Ok! I get it, Louise, no need to rub it in. Yeesh.” He was grinning now as hepulled into the theatre parking lot. After I’d declined his offer to drop me off at the door (Iwas NOT a little kid that couldn’t stand walking a few metres), he parked and we got outof the car.“Hey, Jay!” another guy (tall, athletic, brown hair - I swear, Jason and his friendsmust have come out of molds when they were born, they all look and act so similar) jogged up to us and smiled, slapping him on the shoulder. “What’s up man?”“Nothing, just gonna go catch a movie.” I lounged against the car, waiting for their conversation to end. When it didn’t look like it would happen anytime soon, I reachedinto Jason’s back pocket and snagged his wallet.“I’m gonna go buy tickets.” Jason whirled on me, face burning red and grabbedmy wrist.“Don’t just go into my pocket without warning!” I opened my eyes wide ininnocence.
“Oh, sorry Jay! I didn’t mean to disturb you!” I shoved the wallet into his frontpocket. “Jay, I’m taking your wallet now so I can go buy tickets. OK?” Without waiting for an answer, I stuck my hand in and pulled it out. His face was getting redder, so I justgrinned and headed for the door. Once inside (he hadn’t followed me in yet), I spottedJennifer, a friend from school, manning a ticket counter. I waved and headed over.“Hey Louise. Whassup?”“Not much, I’m here with Kate’s older brother Jason.”“Oooh, like on a date?” She wriggled her eyebrows at me and I laughed.“Jay? No way. He ditched his date cause she was too boring and kidnapped meinstead cause I was waiting for Kate to finish at dance.” I leaned over the counter andpeered at her monitor. “Wanna help me pull a prank on him?”“Sure, sounds cool. What’s the plan?” I tapped the screen and pulled out twentydollars.“Give me two tickets to this movie, and print off a fake one for this movie.” Ihanded her the money and tapped another movie, a total tearjerker. She laughed anddid what I asked, handing me the three tickets.“I so get to watch this. And you have to give me the fake ticket back afterwards.”“Deal.” We shook hands and started chatting about school. Eventually Jasoncame in and headed over, breathing fire.“What the hell Louise! Don’t just go reaching into my pockets like that!”“Why, did it turn you on?” Jennifer joked. He turned red and ignored her, focusingon the two tickets in my hand.“Which movie are we going to?”“Jason, this is Jennifer. Jen, this is Jay, Kate’s older brother.” I smiled innocentlyand handed him the fake ticket. “Here’s your ticket Jason. I just KNOW you’ll love thatmovie.” My grin widened as he read the ticket and his jaw dropped. His head whippedup and, when he caught us laughing, his eyes narrowed.“Oh ha ha. Where’s my real ticket?” I handed him the other ticket, still laughing,and gave Jen back the fake ticket.“You’re going to be in so much trouble one of these days.” Walking past, heruffled my hair and headed for the concession stand.“He’s so cute.” Jen grinned. “Getting all red when I asked him if you going into hispocket turned him on.”“You should have seen him when I actually did it.” I hugged her good-bye andtrailed after Jason. After the movie, we drove home somewhat silently. I’d plugged myiPod into the stereo and Yiruma played sweet piano melodies as the houses flashed by.“Why are we listening to this?” His voice broke through my daydreams and Iclosed my eyes and replied.“Because they sound pretty.” The car slid to a halt, but I stayed put.“While I agree, you’re going to fall asleep at this rate. Come on kiddo, out youget. Go get your stuff.”“I’m not a kid. And what are you talking about?” I felt myself smile as the musicshifted to a soft, dreamy piece.“You’re sleeping over tonight aren’t you? So go get your stuff, or you’re gonnahave to walk back here by yourself.”“Huh?” I opened my eyes and saw my house. “Oh. Thanks Jason.”
“No worries.” He watched me as I stretched and unbuckled my seatbelt. When Iopened the door, he grabbed my wrist. “Oh, I almost forgot.” He pulled me back slightlyand planted a light kiss on my lips. “There’s your end of date kiss.” He smirked at me asI stared, thinking he’d finally got in the last word.“Is that the best you got? You need kissing lessons.” I pulled my wrist free andgot out of the car, walking as quickly as I could without making it obvious to the frontdoor. My fingers fumbled with the keys and I bit back a swear, knowing any minute hecould be behind me, noticing how shaken I was. Finally, I managed to unlock it andwalked calmly (sort of) inside, shutting the door, then booking it to my room. I touchedmy fingertips to my lips for a moment, before shaking my head to forget. Pulling a bagfrom my closet, I grabbed a tank and a pair of pj pants, throwing them in. My phonevibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out automatically.“Anyone else home?” the text read. It was from Jason.“No...why?” I replied, hitting send and putting it on my desk. A knock came on thefront door a moment later. I rolled my eyes, knowing it was Jason.“It’s unlocked, just open it!” I yelled, grabbing a brush and sticking that in mybackpack as well. I could hear the door opening and closing, then feet on the staircaseas I grabbed everything else I needed. When he poked his head in through thedoorway, I hitched my backpack onto my shoulder and rolled my eyes at him. “I wasn’tthat slow.”“If you say so.” He walked over, grabbed my backpack away and tossed it on thefloor.“What the he-” I never finished the sentence before he grabbed me and broughtme colliding against his body, lips melding. It was hot and steamy, and butterfliesimmediately set to flight in my stomach. When he pulled away, we stared at each other for ages before he finally spoke.“Still think I need kissing lessons?” His voice was slightly hoarse and his handswere still on my hips. My hands were stuck between our chests and I managed to griphandfuls of his shirt. Nodding, I pulled him down and kissed him. He kissed me back,one hand sliding back to rest on my back, just above the curve of my butt, and the other sliding up to my neck, holding my head in place.“This. Is. Insane.” he said, in between kisses. I ignored him, sliding my arms upto lock around his neck, pulling him closer. He groaned and began leading us backwarduntil the backs of my knees hit my bed and we toppled over.“What the hell are we doing?” My lips felt swollen, and my eyes didn’t want tostay open. My arms were still around his neck but now there was about a foot of freespace between our faces and his hands were braced on the bed, on either side of myhead. His knees straddled mine, bracing the lower half of his body.“Hell if I know.” He leaned down and kissed me again, nibbling at my lower lip. Iarched, feeling cold without his body heat, but when he didn’t take the hint, I unlockedmy arms from around his neck and ran my hands down his chest. Ignoring his slightmoan, I took hold of his belt loops and yanked him down so he lay fully on top of me. Hepulled away to give me a look.“What?” I said innocently, still holding him down by his belt loops.“Nothing.” He rested his head beside mine, his mouth facing my ear.

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