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I Love to Hate You (5)

I Love to Hate You (5)

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Published by Jade
Part 5 of I Love to Hate You. It's short, and I apologize but the next part will be longer :) As always, please comment and enjoy!
Part 5 of I Love to Hate You. It's short, and I apologize but the next part will be longer :) As always, please comment and enjoy!

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Published by: Jade on Oct 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Recap:“Like I said, it’s important to have the right labels.” Leaning down again, he kissed hergently. “You’re absolutely beautiful, Juliana.” He kissed her again as her lips curved.“I love you Caleb.”“I love you too.” He settled down beside her and pulled her against him. “Now shall wecontinue?”“Yes.” He covered her mouth with his.Part 5:The kiss was warm and soft and everything a girl in love asks for. But it was cut shortwhen they heard the front door open and close and Laura’s voice calling, “Caleb! You home?”Juliana pushed Caleb off her quickly and he hit the ground with a muffled swear.“Why’d you do that?!” he scowled as he sat up, only to get hit in the face with his shirt.“Put that on, quick!” Juliana whispered fiercely, running her fingers through her hair tountangle it. She pulled her sweater down and dived for her backpack, rooting through it for adistraction.“Caleb? Is that you up there?”“Yah.” he yelled back, yanking his shirt on over his head and reaching out to nip Julianaaround the waist. “Chill out Jules, she knows I’ve had sex before.”“But she could tell my parents Caleb.” She shoved him away in her panic and didn’t seethe anger, frustration and hurt flash across his face before he hid it. “And they don’t know that Ieven know what sex is!”“Well they’ll have to find out sooner or later.” he reached for her but she evaded him.“Dammit Jules!”“Don’t swear at me Caleb.” She stood up, grabbing her bag, and headed for the door.“I’m going home.” She managed to make it through her front door before she collapsed on thefloor. Her legs refused to support her anymore. When she’d left, he hadn’t even chased afterher. Tears threatened to break out. What the hell was wrong with her?“Honey? You ok?” Heather peered into the hall from the kitchen. When she saw Julianaon the floor, she set down the pan and hurried over, pulling her daughter to her feet. “Come onhoney. It’s ok. It’s alright.” She led her into the kitchen and gently pushed her into a chair. Pullingover another chair, she sat down and took her hands. “Now sweetheart. Tell me what’s wrong.”Juliana looked at her mom’s worried face and the tears began falling.“I’m so stupid mom.”“No you’re not honey.” She ran her hand gently over her daughters hair. Juliana smiledand wiped at her eyes.“Mom. If I had sex, would you be mad?” Her mom froze.“Is that what this is about?” Heather stood up, growing angry. “Caleb is pressuring youinto having sex isn’t he. I’m ashamed of him!” She headed for the door, but Juliana managed tograb her hand.“Mom, he’s not! I want to have sex, that’s all.” She could feel the blush of embarrassmentrunning across her cheeks. “Mom, really. He’s not pressuring me, I swear.” Heather gazed at herfor a moment, before sitting back down with a sigh.“Ok honey I believe you. But if he is, I want you to tell me right away, OK?” When Juliananodded, Heather managed a small smile. “As for sex. It’s your choice honey, you’re old enoughto make your own decisions. Just make sure it’s what you want and you’re taking the rightprecautions.”

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