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Rain Forest Lesson Plans - 3-5yrs

Rain Forest Lesson Plans - 3-5yrs

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Published by martinholland

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Published by: martinholland on Oct 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3-5 Years (Early Years Foundation Stage)
Quest 1: "Down in the Rainforest" Rhyme & Discussion
Process:Group size: Small Group/Whole Class
The children are sat in a circle and the teacher explains to them that they are going to become explorers inthe rainforest. The teacher talks briefly with the children about woodlands which they may have visited andwhat they have seen there. Using this as a context the teacher then describes in simple terms the location of the rainforests and the similarities and differences between these and the woodland environment with whichthe children may already be familiar.The teacher then introduces the chorus of the "Down in the Rainforest" rhyme to the children . They repeat itso that they will be able to join in with the refrain when the rhyme is recited.The teacher has a large Storysack or box containing a model of a tree, a toy machine and soft toys/stickpuppets produced from the templates below to represent all the creatures mentioned in the rhyme. Eachobject is taken out of the sack as the rhyme progresses and placed on a nearby table or small mat in thecentre of the circle. The children are encouraged to join in with the appropriate animal noises at the end of each verse. During the last verse the tree will be cut down by a machine, then each animal returned to thesack as the rhyme reaches its conclusion.The teacher now begins a discussion with the children about the story. Has the story made them feel happyor sad? Do they think that it is a good thing that the rainforests are being chopped down? Explain in simpleterms why this is happening, i.e:
Topic Heading
"Down in the Rainforest" Rhyme and Discussion
To gain an understanding of the nature of a rainforest and to understand insimple terms the issues of deforestation and conservation.
20-30 minutes
Model of a tree stood in a pot (made from a roll of paper with slits cutinto the top then pulled out and opened up)
A toy construction machine.
A small table, rug or mat.
A storysack/box containing soft toys or stick puppets made from thetemplates listed below:(Templates can be downloaded from the online quest page)1.Jagua2.Blue and Yellow Macaw3.Black Howler Monkey4.Blue Orchid Bee5.Giant Anteate6.Strawberry, Golden and Green and Black Poison Dart Frogs7.Hairy-nosed Bat8.Striped Coral Pipesnake
"Down In The Rainforest" rhyme (see below)
Trees are being cut down to make furniture.
Land is being cleared for grazing cattle to make beef products such as burgers.
Animals are being hunted for their horns, fur, skins or tusks.
Animals such as snakes, chimps and parrots are being hunted to be sold as pets.The teacher then asks the children what they think they can do to help. Some suggestions might be:
Find out more about the rainforest through the rainforest quests.
Try not to use too much paper.
Recycle paper and card.
Ask our parents and carers to give help to the people who live in the rainforest so that they can lookafter the trees and animals for the future.
Down in the Rainforest
Down in the Rainforest,1,2,3,We are the explorers,What can we see?Uh-Oh – trees!A giant canopy of trees!Stretching high into the sky,And making air to breathe.(Deep breaths in and out)CHORUSUh-Oh – a jaguar!A spotty, furry jaguar!Hunting for his breakfast,Crouching in the trees.(Growl, growl)CHORUSUh-Oh – a macaw!A blue and yellow macaw!With figs and nuts in his hooked bill,Swooping through the air.(Caw, caw)CHORUSUh-Oh – a monkey!A big black Howler Monkey!Hanging upside down,And eating fruits and leaves.(Howl, howl)CHORUSUh-Oh – bees!Blue perfumed orchid bees!Buzzing around the brazil nutflowers,To make more seeds and trees.(Buzz, buzz)CHORUSUh-Oh – an anteater!A giant long-nosed anteater!Sniffing and scooping up the ants,And scoffing them greedily.(Sniff, sniff)CHORUSUh-Oh – frogs!Poison-dart frogs!Strawberry, Golden, Green andBlack,In a star-lit canopy.(Croak, croak)CHORUSUh-Oh – bats!Hairy-nosed bats!Listening with big ears in the night,To catch ants and spiders for tea!(High- pitched click, click,click)CHORUSUh-Oh – a snake!A stripy coral pipesnake!Slithering downwards to hide in hisburrow,But leaving his tail poking out!(Hiss, hiss)CHORUSOh No! Machines!Men with big machines!Slashing and burning down thetrees,No more food or air to breathe...No more jaguars!No more macaws!No more monkeys!No more bees!No more anteaters!No more frogs!No more bats!No more snakes!Down in the Rainforest,1,2,3,We are the explorers…..But there’s nothing left to see!
3-5 Years (Early Years Foundation Stage)
Quest 2: Rainforest Animal Chain of Sounds
Process:Group size: Small Group or Whole Class
The children are sat in a circle on the carpet. The teacher explains that they will be producing a soundtrackof rainforest animal noises to be played in the Rainforest Role Play area. The teacher withdraws thecreatures from the storysack/box one by one, revisiting their names and sounds with the children. As eachcreature is introduced it is placed in a line on the mat in the middle of the circle. When all the creatures havebeen introduced to the line, the teacher uses a long stick to point to each animal in turn. The children makethe associated noises, thus creating a “chain of sound”. The children are then challenged to hold the stickand make the chain of sound individually with the rest of the class as audience. Group or individual chainsmay be recorded as desired.
The children will produce a recording of a chain of rainforest animal noises to be used as a soundtrack in theRainforest Role Play area.
Other Activities:
Play 'Guess the Rainforest Sound' using rainforest audio clips fromwww.rainforestSOS.org/schools/free-resources/rainforest-multimedia/rainforest-sounds
Listen to and learn the pop song 'Breathe', written by Australian singer Luc Floreani - www.rainforestSOSorg/schools/free-resources/rainforest-multimedia/music 
Topic Heading:
Rainforest Animal Chain of Sounds
To name some of the creatures of the rainforest and to make a chain of sound incorporating their calls which can be used as a soundtrack in theRainforest Role Play area.
30 minutes
The storysack/box containing the collection of soft toys/stick puppets used toillustrate the rhyme in Rainforest Quest 1A long stick or ruler A recording facilityA small mat or rug

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