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The Man Nobody Knows by Bruce Barton

The Man Nobody Knows by Bruce Barton

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Published by guilngan564

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Published by: guilngan564 on Oct 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Man Nobody Knows
By Bruce Barton 
Christ, by Heinrich Hoffmann
 Paramhansa Yogananda wrote:
Intellectual Recipe:
l. Read a few lines from Shakespeare every day.2. Read the !mitation of "hrist#$ by Thomas a Kempis.%. Read !n Tune with the !nfinite#$ by Ralph &aldo Trine.'. Read
The Man Nobody Knows,”
  by Bruce Barton. !t is the best modern book on (esus.
B) *+R+M,+NS+ )-+N+N/+
(East-West, May-une, !"#$%
&o'ananda at on')ess o* Reli'ious +ibe)als, !"#
The Man Nobody Knows
By Bruce Barton
,ow !t "ame to be &rittenThe 0eader The -utdoor ManThe Sociable Man,is Method,is &ork and &ords,is &ay in -ur &orldThe Master -ri1inally published in 324.5dited by "harles 6eldbush and Richard ". Nickels.&hen published in 324# The Man Nobody Knows topped the nonfiction bestseller list# and is one of the best sellin1 non7fiction books of the 28th century.The Boston ,erald wrote#
 “The life of Jesus, as we ordinarily read it, is what the life of  Lincoln would be if we were given nothing of his boyhood and young manhood, very little of his wor in the !hite House and every detail of his assassination" Jesus lied to dine out# He was the most $o$ular dinner guest of Jerusalem" The reader is not shoced by this method of %r# &arton's # # # Jesus seems even more the being for the ages#(
The Man Nobody Knows
 How It Came to Be Written
T,5 little boy sat bolt upri1ht and still in the rou1h wooden chair# but his mind was very  busy.This was his weekly hour of revolt.The kindly lady who could never seem to find her 1lasses would have been terribly shocked if she had known what was 1oin1 on inside the little boy9s mind.:)ou must love (esus#: she said every Sunday# :and od.:The little boy did not say anythin1. ,e was afraid to say anythin1; he was almost afraid that somethin1 would happen to him because of the thin1s he thou1ht.0ove od< &ho was always pickin1 on people for havin1 a 1ood time and sendin1 little  boys to hell because they couldn9t do better in a world which ,e had made so hard< &hy didn9t od pick on someone ,is own si=e>0ove (esus< The little boy looked up at the picture which hun1 on the Sunday7school wall. !t showed a pale youn1 man with no muscle and a sad e?pression. The youn1 man had red whiskers.Then the little boy looked across to the other wall. There was /aniel# 1ood old /aniel# standin1 off the lions. The little boy liked /aniel. ,e liked /avid# too# with the trusty slin1 that landed a stone s@uare on the forehead of oliath. +nd Moses# with his rod and his bi1 brass snake. They were fi1hters 7 those three. ,e wondered if /avid could whip the champ. Samson could< That would have been a fi1ht<But (esus< (esus was the :0amb of od.: The little boy did not know what that meant#  but it sounded like Mary9s little lamb# somethin1 for 1irls 7 sissified. (esus was also :meek and lowly#: a :man of sorrows and ac@uainted with 1rief.: ,e went around for three years tellin1 people not to do thin1s.Sunday was (esus9 day; it was wron1 to feel comfortable or lau1h on Sunday.The little boy was 1lad when the superintendent ran1 the bell and announced# :&e will now sin1 the closin1 hymn.: -ne more bad hour was over. 6or one more week the little  boy had left (esus behind.)ears went by and the boy 1rew up.,e be1an to wonder about (esus.

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