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Table Of Contents

How to use this guide
Summary of chapter contents
What this guide does not cover
SmartClient Online Reference
Sample applications
Updates to documentation
Related readings
Icons and conventions used in this guide
Identifier icons
Font conventions
Widgets Overview
Why use widgets?
Widget classes
Creating widget instances
JavaScript vs. XML
Including a separate XML file
Manipulating widget instances
Referring to widget instances
Widget containment and attachment—children and peers
Table1.1:Canvas class containment methods and properties
Table1.2:Canvas class attachment methods and properties
Nesting children within a parent widget declaration
Example: Widget containment and attachment
Widget contents
Table1.3:Canvas and Label contents properties and methods
JavaScript debugging
Table1.4:Methods for logging messages
Using the log system statically and in class instances
Setting logging priorities for categories and classes
Drawing Widgets
Specifying initial position and size
Table2.1:Widget positioning and sizing properties
Drawing-related methods
Table2.2:Widget drawing-related methods
Controlling position and size
Table2.5:Widget positioning and sizing utility methods
Example: Dynamic positioning and sizing
Showing and hiding
Example: Dynamic layering
Clipping and scrolling
Example: Widget overflow (clipping and scrolling)
Other visual properties
Table2.14:Widget appearance setter methods
Handling Events
The ISC event model
Example: Event propagation
Handling Page events
Table3.1:Global event handler methods
Registering keypress events
Table3.3:Page methods for registering keypress events
Example: Keypress Handling
Special keys
Table3.4:String mappings for registering special keys
Handling widget events
Enabling and disabling widgets
Table3.5:Widget enable and disable methods
Default widget event handlers
Mouse events
Getting event details
Example: Getting event details
Drag-and-drop operations
Dragging and events
Drag appearance
Table3.11:The dragAppearance property values
Setting the drag tracker
Drag repositioning
Example: Drag appearance
Drag resizing
Table3.14:Minimum and maximum height and width properties
Drag resizing from a sizer button
Example: Drag resizing
Custom drag-and-drop operations
Using the drag tracker with a custom drag
Drop operations
Checking for drop compatibility
Table3.19:The dragType and dropTypes properties
Sequence of events in drag-and-drop operations
Drag repositioning with target dragAppearance
Table3.20:Event sequence—Drag repositioning of a widget
Drag resizing with outline dragAppearance
Table3.21:Event sequence—Drag resizing of a widget
Custom dragging with tracker dragAppearance
Images and Skins
Placing images in an application
ISC "special directories"
Using and customizing ISC skins
Skin directory structure
Using alternate skins included with the ISC framework
Example: ISC skin
Creating your own custom skins
Specifying image directories
Table4.1:Image directory methods for a page
Table4.2:Image directory properties/methods for a widget
Images in Canvas widgets
Table4.3:Image-related Canvas widget instance methods
Example: Specifying HTML as a widget's contents
Example: Using a custom skin on a single class of widgets
Img widgets
Example: Img rollover
StretchImg widgets
Table4.6:StretchImg widget properties
Table4.7:StretchImg widget setter method
The items property of a StretchImg widget
StretchImg widget image file names
Example: Image names using the default value for items
Labels, Buttons, and Bars
Label widgets
Button widgets
Example: Custom scrollbars
Progressbar widgets
Table5.5:Progressbar widget properties
Progressbar widget image file names
Progressbar widget setter method
Example: A progressbar widget
Specifying a form
Example: Form initialization
Specifying form items
Table6.3:DynamicForm button item types
Table6.4:DynamicForm display item types
Example: Form items
Controlling form layout
Example: Form layout
Form item annotations and styles
Example: Form item annotations
Table6.12:Form submission and validation methods
Custom validators
Example: Form item validation
Table6.16:Form error properties and methods
Handling form item events
ListGrids and DetailViewers
Working with lists
Initializing a listGrid or detailViewer
Table7.1:ListGrid and DetailViewer fundamental properties
Table7.3:Fields array fundamental properties
Table7.4:Data and fields setter methods
Example: ListGrid initialization
Example: DetailViewer initialization
Configuring listGrid layout and appearance
Table7.6:ListGrid appearance properties
ListGrid styles
Configuring detailViewer layout and appearance
Table7.9:DetailViewer appearance properties
Adding and removing listGrid records
Sorting listGrid records
Selecting listGrid records
Dragging and dropping listGrid records
Table7.13:ListGrid drag-and-drop properties
Table7.14:ListGrid record drag-and-drop properties
Editing listGrid fields
Table7.15:ListGrid in-line editor properties
Table7.16:ListGrid field in-line editor properties
Example: Editable ListGrid initialization
Working with listGrid values
Table7.17:ListGrid field value properties
Handling listGrid record events
ListGrid record events
Event handling of record events
Event handler variables
Specifying tree data
Table8.1:TreeGrid node fundamental properties
Example: Tree data
Initializing a treeGrid
Table8.2:TreeGrid fundamental properties
Table8.3:TreeGrid filtering properties
Example: TreeGrid initialization
Configuring treeGrid appearance and behavior
Overriding standard treeGrid icons
Adding, moving, and removing tree nodes
Expanding and collapsing tree nodes
Table8.5:Tree node manipulation methods
Dragging and dropping tree nodes
Handling treeGrid events
Menus, Toolbars, and Menubars
Menu widgets
Menu items
Table9.1:Menu item fundamental properties
Menu properties
Example: Menu initialization
Configuring menu appearance
Defining menu actions
Table9.8:Menu shortcut key properties
Implementing dynamic menus
Example: Visual properties menu
Toolbar widgets
Toolbar properties
Table9.11:Toolbar widget fundamental properties
Table9.12:Toolbar button sizing and positioning properties
Defining toolbar actions
Example: Visual properties toolbar
Menubar widgets
Menubar properties
Table9.14:Menubar widget fundamental properties
Example: Visual properties menubar
Widget Initialization Templates
JavaScript Widget Templates
Form items (all types)
XML Widget Templates
Isomorphic SmartClient Styles
General styles
Form styles
DetailViewer styles
Menu styles
Button styles
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Smart Client Widgets Guide

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