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Aids and Ebola

Aids and Ebola

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Published by RegimeChange.org

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Published by: RegimeChange.org on Jul 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he'sdoing is good . . .Ideology - that is what gives devildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steatfastnessand determination. That is the social theory Which helps to makehis acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes, sothat he won't hear reproaches and curses but will receive praiseand honors."-Russian dissident Alexander SolzhenitsynDEDICATED TO THE SEEKERS OF TRUTHand to those who, regardless of risk, labor tirelessly to tell it.
THIS BOOK is painfully nonfiction - the story is true, thecharacters, scientific and political, are real. Secondary referenceshave been checked and authenticated.Since the importance of this information was clear, I labored towrite for both critical health scientists and intelligent lay readerswithout losing either. Technical words are explained in lay termsfor all to better understand.Though many people - black, white, gay, straight, Jew andgentile - may wish to deny the implications of this work, the truthis the truth. As British statesman Edmund Burke said in the wakeof the American revolution, "People never give up their libertiesbut under some delusion." Perhaps now, as AIDS consumes thelives, liberties, and pursuits of an estimated 30 million HIV-positive people worldwide, the time has come to vanquish ourdelusions about it and its origin.Despite its social and scientific importance, the origin of HIV hasbeen clouded in mystery. Based on the mass of circumstantialand scientific evidence presented herein, the theory that"emerging viruses" like HIV and Ebola spontaneously evolvedand naturally jumped species from monkey to man must beseriously questioned.
There is an old saying in medicine, that diagnosis is requiredbefore treatment. The facts presented here, easily verified, mayhelp diagnose the man-made origin of the world's most fearedand deadly viruses. It is hoped this work will, therefore, helpredirect AIDS science in search of a cure, free AIDS victimsfrom the guilt and stigma attached to the disease, as well asprevent such "emerging viruses" from reemerging.I offer this investigation into the orgin of AIDS and Ebola forcritical review in the hope that it may also contribute to greaterhonesty in science, to political, military, and intelligencecommunity reforms that are truly peace loving, and to self andsocial reflection as a preventative against inhumanity.-LEONARD G. HOROWITZ
All at once, it seems, new viruses and virus-related diseases havethreatened the health of humans and many animal species. Howdid this situation arise? Could it be that scientific studies and theemergence of new pathogens are not totally unrelated events? Inwriting this text, Dr. Horowitz has bravely questioned the extentto which scientific research and lax government oversight mayhave contributed to the present and coming plagues.Open debate on this issue has been soundly discouraged.Opponents to open dialogue on the apparent relationship betweenearly viral research and the latest germ discoveries argue thatlittle good, and considerable harm, would come from a fulldisclosure of the facts. Exposing the truth, many believed, wouldlikely: I) tarnish the reputations of certain scientists, 2) make itmore difficult to maintain science funding, 3) promoteantigovernment sentiment, and 4) likely leave many issuesunresolved. Others argued that it was simply too late to undo pastmistakes. The fact that a better understanding of the new viruses'origins could lead to new treatment approaches, and, moreimportantly, to ways of preventing future outbreaks, wasdisregarded.In considering the recent genesis of HIV and the Ebola viruses,Dr. Horowitz's book has explored three areas of great general andscientific interest: 1) the history of intensive research into theviral causes of cancer wherein readers can become familiar withthe many, now questionable, virus transmission experiments, 2)the CIA and Department of Defense efforts to develop anddefend against biological weapons of germ warfare. Here Dr.Horowitz should be especially congratulated for presenting well-researched little known facts that, though highly disturbing, arean important piece of history that may also bear heavily on theemergence of new viruses, and 3) vaccine production. Clearly, asanyone who reads this book will conclude, there is a great needfor more open dialogue concerning the past and present risks

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