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Oct. 25 Muhlenberg Tracking Poll

Oct. 25 Muhlenberg Tracking Poll

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Published by jmicek

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Published by: jmicek on Oct 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2010 Pennsylvania General Election Tracking Poll
RELEASE #6 – October 25, 2010FIELDING PERIOD – October 21-24, 2010SAMPLE –437 Likely Voters in PennsylvaniaMARGIN OF ERROR - +/- 5% at 95% Level of ConfidenceTOTALS MAY NOT EQUAL 100% DUE TO ROUNDING
Beginning on October 20 and ending on November 1, 2010, TheMuhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion and the
Morning Call 
will be releasingdaily results from their statewide general election tracking poll. The results are drawnfrom telephone surveys of likely voters in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Eachday’s release will be based on the results of interviews conducted during the previousfour days. For example, the initial release on Wednesday, October 20th was producedfrom interviews conducted between October 16th and 9
. While the total sample size willalternate from day to day because of varying completion rates, the average sample sizeswill be approximately 400. Precise margins of error will be identified with each releaseand average around +/-5% at a 95% level of confidence.All interviews will be conducted by individuals who have been trained in standardinterviewing procedures. The sampling frame for this research is a list of registeredvoters in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To determine if an individual is a likelyvoter the Muhlenberg College/
Morning Call 
poll uses a three step process. First, theindividual must be registered to vote in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This isvalidated through the use of registered voting records provided by the Secretary of Statein Pennsylvania. Second, the individual must identify their likelihood of voting in the November, 2010 election as either “definite” or “very likely.” Finally, the individualmust have voted in at least half of the general elections in which they were eligible since2002 or who had registered to vote since 2008 and voted in the 2010 primary election.For example, if a voter was registered since 2003 they would have to have voted in atleast 2 of the 3 general elections (2004, 2006, 2008) since that year to be included in thesampling frame for the study.
If an individual meets these three requirements they are identified as a likely voter. If they do not meet all three of the requirements they are excluded from participation. Allregistered voters who meet the likely voter criteria specified above have an equal chanceof being selected for inclusion in the poll. Voters are chosen at random through acomputerized selection process.The data gathered through our interviewing process is statistically weighted to insure thatthe sample reflects the primary voters in terms of gender and region of the state. Theweighting process is required because different segments of the population respond tointerview requests in different ways. For example, women answer the phone more thanmen and are therefore likely to be overrepresented in the sample.
Governor’s Race (Including Leaners)
Onorato40%38%40%41%41%41%Corbett47%49%49%49%50%49%Other/NotSure14%12%11%11% 9%9%
Favorability Ratings for Senatorial and Government CandidatesPat Toomey
Favorable34%36%36%37%36%36%Unfavorable36%35%35%33%36%36% Neutral/NotSure30%29%29%30%28%28%
Joe Sestak 
Favorable34%31%31%31%34%35%Unfavorable34%35%34%35%36%37% Neutral/NotSure32%33%34%34%31%29%
Dan Onorato
Favorable32%31%34%34%36%37%Unfavorable39%41%40%39%38%37% Neutral/NotSure29%28%25%27%25%26%
Tom Corbett
Favorable40%42%42%41%42%40%Unfavorable31%29%30%30%30%30% Neutral/NotSure30%29%26%29%28%29%

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