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Academic Zodiac..

Academic Zodiac..

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Published by Niyol Runako
The zodiac has 22 constellations.

The zodiac has 22 constellations.


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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Niyol Runako on Oct 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Download: €72.60Swiss precision jihadic report on the trail of the unusual zodiacal behavior of the Low Moon in the year 2010. The WW3dates are analyzed and predicted to-the-minute (sic!) with hundreds of minute inspections within theastrological=astronomical maps for Berne. The triune case of Low Moon includes Moon in Sextans, Moon in Corvus andMoon in Sextans bis. This is the ultimate WW3 analysis within our practical apocalypse on the trail of the Venus-in-Hydra-2007-Antichrist with the pending fall of the Vatican in the year 2014.
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Download: €45.48Turn the great floods into cash flow when Witchallow and 2007 YE7 rise together in your horoscope.
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Download: €20.10What do the Dec 31st 2009 full Moon, 2009 YE7, Eris in Cetus, jihad, Varuna, Witchallow and the WTC hold in common?
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eBook: €5.55New essays by Klaudio Zic. Parte del contenuto in lingua italiana.
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Download: €590.60Is there a 2, 3 or even 6 sign zodiacal error in your own horoscope? Why is Obama dangerous? "The western descendantis in masonic Sextans. Obama is confronted with his masonic astrologer as Sextans is the basic zodiacal constellation,even cornerstone of the Academic Zodiac and incipient stellar aggregation in zodiacal reformation." Reptilian analysis of thehoroscope interplay between diabolic Italy and masonic U.S.A. with the Messiah as torn between the two. English vs Italianedition. Animated Venus in Orion for Obama. NASA JPL minute Venus ephemeris. Obama assassination update.
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eBook: €17.96eBook Retail: €17.96L'oroscopo della Repubblica Transpadania precede quello della Repubblica Cispadania. Fondata da Napoleone il 15ottobre 1796, ha come capitale Milano.
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Download: €72.60Astrology and personal magick for the year 2011.
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 Your TRUE natal chart & Instant Magick initiation. Download NEWFREE Catalog. RTRRT & Academic Zodiac Services.VIP PRO Services. Get *FREE CATALOG * Instant Magick Initiation*Donate* Welcome the 22 zodiacal stations of the Academic Zodiac. 16 eastern ascendants for the current epoch. The Age of Pegasus was proclaimed
ipse dixit 
on Nov 14th 2009 in the bosom of thelong dark Age of Cetus II. Follow us onFacebook Find usonFacebook!, onUSENETand theWorld Wide WebGetBu$ywith us! 5000 publications cover all the facets of modern astrology and instant magick. Navigate using the <1 2 3 4> links below. Search for a specific publication.Remove astral malware from your registry!Download FreeCatalog. Download our latestVIP Servicesfor your  reference! Download 2011 ~ 2012VIP ServicesCatalog.DownloadMagical Servicesfor free. DownloadFREE CATALOGand Site Guide. Your PersonalMagic Horoscopestarts with our VIP Services. Know your true destiny andchange it at Will! Become a licensed user of the AcademicZodiac system and change future occurrences with your simple Instant Magick tools according to your Plan.* TheAcademic Zodiacconsists in22 zodiacal constellations.* Which one of the 16 is your own trueEastern Ascendant?* Change your personal future for the best right now!* Render your own reality with theReality RenderingTools.*Resolve economicalcrisis to your own favor.* Protect your family, identity,horoscopeand futurity from superstition!*Render and establish personal prosperity forever.* Catch up with the latestzodiacal upgrade.* Render your own reality in minutes with theReal Time Reality Rendering Tools.
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