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Shia Discussion Offline

Shia Discussion Offline

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Published by Cairoden Dimasangca

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Published by: Cairoden Dimasangca on Oct 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Abu Talib: The Staunch Believer 
Shiaism Discussed Offline
Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Rahim In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the merciful
This paper contains all the articles of this website. Thisway, you can go through all the documents related to thecreed, beliefs and historical aspects of shias whileremaining offline. All questions regarding shiaism areanswered in the light of Holy Quran, Sunni history andauthentic ahadith.However, this paper/website is not for those who justindulge themselves in such discussions to cause fitnahwithout any knowledge. This is for those who are lookingfor guidance, an insight to the school of thought of theAhlulBayt, and those shias who face difficulties whenanswering questions regarding their own beliefs.Knowledge is no ones property. You may distribute it toanyone you may like. However it is requested that whereever you distribute this copy to, do give credit where it’sdue,www.sdol.org. Spread the Light of Quran. I amresponsible for all the contents of the paper, typingerrors should be overlooked. Any questions regarding anyarticle or any other matter regarding the issue can bedirected to my email address, or the web-forum on thewebsite,http://sdol.answering-ansar.org/. A copy uniquein its own way, I hope it is of great help to you.
 Wasalaam Syed Ammar Shahes_ammar@hotmail.com 
Abu Talib: The Staunch Believer 
Shiaism Discussed Offline
Abu Talib: The Staunch Believer1Ahl e Bayt The Prophets Household6Ahl e Bayt and Their Enemies10Ali is to Muhammad as Aaron to Moses13Ali Mawla16Asahab e Muhammad: The Shia Perspective21Ashra Mubashra: The Ten Blessed Companions25Attacking The House of Fatima Zahra (AS)28At-Tahera: Verse of Purity32Ayeshas Actual Age35Ayeshas Rebellion Against Imam Ali42Ayeshas Role In Islam45Azadari: The Mourning48Bida: Innovation in Islam55Demise of Prophet Muhammad59Difference Between Shias and Sunnis63Fadak: The Garden63Fitnatul Wahab: The Menace of Wahabism69Ghadeer e Khum74Imamat: The Perfection Of Deen79Imams: The Holy Twelve84Infallibility90Kalimah: The Shia Stand91Kerbala: The Revival Of Islam93Mahdi (AS): The Twelfth Imam109Majlis e Hussain113Muawiya, The Cursed118Muhammad (SAW) and Ali ibn Abu Talib: The Shia Persepective122Murder Of Uthman125Muta: Temporary Marriage In Islam129 Nomination of First Caliph140Qasim Ibn al-Hassans (AS) Marriage143Quran: The Shia Perspective144Quran Compiled by Imam Ali147Rangeela Rasool150SahaheSittah: The 6 Authentic Sunni Books153Salat: The Shia Way157Shia Factions160Sippah e Sahaba Kill-List162Tabarra168Taqiyah1712
Abu Talib: The Staunch Believer Tawassul174Tawassul: The Negative Approach To Wasila and Intercession180Teachers of The Quran182Tragedy of Thursday184Umer: The Shield Of Islam186Ummekalthums Marriage to Umer188Usamas Expedition191Usool e Deen and Froo e Deen192Visitng Holy Graves/Shrines198Why Become A Shia: The Conversion Story201Why Believe The Shia Mahdi2053

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