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Building a Thriviing Practice With EFT

Building a Thriviing Practice With EFT

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Published by sith_tiger
FIND A LICENSED THERAPIST. Until you can do that, however, this EFT approach can help you get the strength to do it. If this helps, try EMDR or Prolonged Exposure or Maha Vajra's Maha Technique and a few seminars with him and his folks.
FIND A LICENSED THERAPIST. Until you can do that, however, this EFT approach can help you get the strength to do it. If this helps, try EMDR or Prolonged Exposure or Maha Vajra's Maha Technique and a few seminars with him and his folks.

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Published by: sith_tiger on Oct 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Building a ThrivingPractice with EFT
By Gary Craig
Copyright Gary Craig
 Table of Contents
Building a Thriving Practice--Part I: Do you have Bad Breath?
Building a Thriving Practice--Part II: Why would I choose you? 
Building a Thriving Practice--Part III: Golf anyone?
Building a Thriving Practice--Part IV: When nothing else works.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part V: Snoring.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part VI: Self Image-itis.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part VII: Corporations are looking for you.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part VIII: Advertising--Do you know my name?
Building a Thriving Practice--Part IX: Advertising -- Building a newsletter.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part X: Advertising -- Become an AUTHORity.
Building a Thriving Practice--PartXI: The Lazy Man's Way to Riches.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part XII: Advertising on our web site referral pages.
Building a Thriving Practice--Part XIII: Taking apart an actual ad.
How to generate referrals for EFT
Growing Betty's Business
Building a Thriving Practice--Part I
Do you have bad breath?
 There are no secrets to building a thriving practice. I know because I have had both feet in the business world (veryextensive experience) for over 30 years. To succeed, you don't need an MBA from a prestigious university nor doyou need to spend mega-money for someone's mail order magic answer to the supposed "mysteries" of thebusiness world. Business success is based on attitude, common sense and experience. There are no otheringredients. Luck has little or nothing to do with it although some may "stub their toes" a bit more than others asthey gain experience. I have seen people build impressive enterprises from scratch using nothing but the aboveingredients and, by contrast, I have seen others handed a thriving business which collapsed on them because theyignored the obvious.Your practice is a business--pure and simple--and that realization is essential if you are going to bring your skills tothe public in a way that benefits everyone concerned (including you). A healing practice has a product (in this case,a service) and it has customers (clients). It must have sales (fees) to prosper or it will die on the vine. It must bepromoted through advertising (including word of mouth) and, to be ultimately successful, it must develop aPremiere Presence in the market place.Ways to produce that Premiere Presence will unfold during this series. Properly done, your referral sources willmultiply to the point where your biggest problem will be how to tactfully say "no" to new prospective clients. Yourprofessional status will increase within your community and, if you wish, you can have a national or internationalreputation.Think about it. You are a provider in one of the largest markets in the world--the need for growth and healing. It isHUGE and literally dwarfs the assistance available. Stated in economic terms the demand exceeds the supply by awide margin. How many people, for example, can you name that don't have some form of fear, self-image problem,trauma, guilt and/or physical malady that they would love to have relief from? Virtually every person on the planetcould use what you can do with EFT. Even if you didn't have EFT, you could still provide far better healing with theother "empower tools" than was possible only a decade ago.You have the tools. Your market place is massive. There is far more business out there than you can possiblyhandle and there are financially rewarding ways to service rich and poor alike (we will explore many of these). Ifyou are not flourishing, something is wrong. Please pardon this way of putting it but if paying clients aren't lined upoutside your door it is only because in the business world...
you have bad breath!!
 Forgive me again. I'm not being rude with that statement. I'm just using it to shift this discussion into one of themost fundamental principles in business, namely, that
the market place is your best friend
.Only your best friend will tell you if you have bad breath. If your business is below your expectations and if referralsare less than you would like, then there is something wrong with how you are promoting/presenting yourself. In thebusiness sense you have bad breath and are being told that in obvious terms by the market place. We may notwant to hear this. We may even want to blame others for not referring clients to us or for being ungrateful for all ourgood work. We can also blame managed care or our state regulatory environments, if we wish. There is no end tothe excuses and aggravations we can create for ourselves to avoid dealing with the only person responsible for oursuccess--ourselves. However, when we do this, we take up residence in Stagnation City.The market place is our best friend and when things aren't going as well as we would like, it drives a truck throughour living rooms with a big sign on the side that says....
 How obvious could the message be? The market place isn't mincing words or being tactful. It is blowing trumpetsand pounding drums in an effort to tell us we have bad breath. If we don't pay attention, we will surely pay the price.Binaca anyone?Enough said for now. I hope the point is made because the rest of this series will display ways to sweeten yourbusiness breath. Some methods may seem more important to you than others. Some ideas may even violate your

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