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The Testicle Fairy

The Testicle Fairy



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Published by Phantomimic
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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Published by: Phantomimic on Oct 26, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Irma added this note
I'm not the one for horror stories, but this is good stuff.
Steve U added this note
Great story! Very imaginative and well-constructed. Now I shall ponder some driving patterns of mine!
Phantomimic added this note
BOO! : ^ O
Brian W. Porter added this note
Is it possible that truck drivers are spared, considering the mass they must manuever? I don't know any truckers who have been visited by such a thing. Certainly not me. I think. Great.
Phantomimic added this note
Halloween is almost here, don't miss the latest monster!
Brian W. Porter added this note
No downlads? How else can I read it in the truck before I drive all night?
Daniel Essman added this note
How do you drive? Balls to the walls. This is a first rate Halloweenie story. Maybe needs a little editing...not much...a snip here...a snip there...First rate Phanto...First rate...it even reads like a tale told over a campfire...
mike carvell added this note
great nut cutting edge read

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