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URISA Journal Volume 19 No. 1 2007

URISA Journal Volume 19 No. 1 2007

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Published by: URISA- The Association for GIS Professionals on Oct 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 19 • No. 1 • 2007 Journal o the Urban and Regional Inormation Systems Association
Thomas J. Kimpel, Kenneth J. Dueker, and Ahmed M. El-Geneidy 
 Marc Schlossberg and Darren Wyss 
 Joep Crompvoets, Floris de Bree, Pepijn van Oort, Arnold Bregt, Monica Wachowicz, Abbas Rajabiard, and Ian Williamson
Daniel W. Goldberg, John P. Wilson, and Craig A. Knoblock 
Christopher L. Sidlar and Claus Rinner 
On the Cover:
Millions o people depend on buses or their proessional and personal livelihood.For many urban and suburban residents they are the only option or those whosit outside the straining grasp o commuter rail transportation. Buses go whereother orms o public transportation are unable to go. Tey careully twist and wind their way through narrow streets and around unorgiving corners. Whateverthe ee, their thankless goal remains the same: deliver human cargo sae, sound,and on schedule.Tere are ew worse eelings than missing the bus. A bus only waits so long beoreit must lurch back into trafc carrying another load o weary passengers on itsback. Whoever is let at the stop must sit, wait, and contemplate where things went wrong. Te bus then rejoins the commute only to rustrate motorists wholack the patience or these vehicular beasts o burden. Te lie o a bus is lumber, stop, idle, start, all the while beingbrayed at by rush hour trafc. What i there was a better way? An article by Tomas J. Kimpel, Kenneth J. Dueker, and Ahmed M. El-Geneidy entitled
Using GIS to Measure the Efect o Overlapping Service Areas on Passenger Boardings at Bus Stops 
examines common route problems. Te articleexamines the potential overlap in walking service areas on the demand or bus transit using a geographic inormationsystem. Te results could lead to better stop placement and more reliable commutes in metropolitan areas. Te days o sprinting to catch the bus could be over. Routes will be better structured and based on real, not perceived, populationdistribution. echnology will help usher in a new era o efciency.Hail to the bus driver.
URISA Journal • Vol. 19, No. 1 • 2007
EDIORIAL OFFICE: Urban and Regional Inormation Systems Association, 1460 Renaissance Drive, Suite 305, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-1348;Voice (847) 824-6300; Fax (847) 824-6363; E-mail ino@urisa.org.SUBMISSIONS: Tis publication accepts rom authors an exclusive right o rst publication to their article plus an accompanying grant o non-exclusive ull rights. Te publisher requires that ull credit or rst publication in the
URISA Journal 
is provided in any subsequent electronic orprint publications. For more inormation, the “Manuscript Submission Guidelines or Reereed Articles” is available on our website, www.urisa.org, or by calling (847) 824-6300.SUBSCRIPION AND ADVERISING: All correspondence about advertising, subscriptions, and URISA memberships should be directed to:Urban and Regional Inormation Systems Association, 1460 Renaissance Dr., Suite 305, Park Ridge, Illinois, 60068-1348; Voice (847) 824-6300;Fax (847) 824-6363; E-mail ino@urisa.org.
URISA Journal 
is published two times a year by the Urban and Regional Inormation Systems Association.© 2007 by the Urban and Regional Inormation Systems Association. Authorization to photocopy items or internal or personal use, or the internalor personal use o specic clients, is granted by permission o the Urban and Regional Inormation Systems Association.Educational programs planned and presented by URISA provide attendees with relevant and rewarding continuing education experience. However,neither the content (whether written or oral) o any course, seminar, or other presentation, nor the use o a specic product in conjunction there- with, nor the exhibition o any materials by any party coincident with the educational event, should be construed as indicating endorsement orapproval o the views presented, the products used, or the materials exhibited by URISA, or by its committees, Special Interest Groups, Chapters,or other commissions.SUBSCRIPION RAE: One year: $295 business, libraries, government agencies, and public institutions. Individuals interested in subscriptionsshould contact URISA or membership inormation.US ISSN 1045-8077
Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
 Jochen Albrecht 
 Journal Coordinator 
Scott A. Grams
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