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Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday

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Published by Gerald J. Smith
A proposal to advocate boycott every Wednesday of all purchases in the developed nations to try to force those that own everything and control politicians to raise the living standard of the poorer nations
A proposal to advocate boycott every Wednesday of all purchases in the developed nations to try to force those that own everything and control politicians to raise the living standard of the poorer nations

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Published by: Gerald J. Smith on Oct 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2004
JUNE 11, 2004SHAMELESS, CRUEL AND GREEDY  We are in the grasp of cruel and greedy women and men,They own the giant corporations throughout America, An in every country throughout the world without end.Governments of industrial nations to their will bend,So that they may rape and plunder the undeveloped, And the bounty to the rich nations then shamelessly send.This thing I know, all of the children, that must go hungry; All that are ignorant, are sick and must drink foul water; All of the downtrodden in the world are related to me.In Nigeria and Indonesia men toil day long,They barely survive on the dollar a day that they earn.They grovel in huts, ignorance and bad health, Oh! That’s wrong.In the Philippines, Central America, Vietnam, and Africa;Energy, transportation, clean water and sanitation, Are inadequate and so it is in South America. We have a duty to protect those that are so helpless,Some say it comes from God; some from natural evolution.Honor requires we heed that duty no matter its source.If we can not tear away these tentacles of greed,From the throats of our children in our family,Then we will all strangle because they are in such need.
Think not that their suffering next door to us will long abide.Three-fourths hungry and one-fourth infected with consumerism, Will collapse economies and order on every side.Fast on Wednesday. Say to those in power Share all our wealth, With all our kin. On that holy day, know pain and suffer.Share the pangs of hunger of children; so that all know health.HOLY WEDNESDAY How can I as an individual do anything to influence the industrial nations toshare their wealth withthose countries that suffer in such desperate poverty? Most of you feel that wecan do nothing. Itis just requires too much money to run for office or in any other way effectively influencegovernment policy. Oh how wrong that is! In a very simple way you can changethe world.Mahatma Gandhi has pointed the way. Violence is not needed. There is a way toexpress your will. I propose a spiritual movement that would supplement but not supplantexisting religions andethical beliefs. I propose that no matter what your religion and even if you opposeall of thereligions that you observe Holy Wednesday. All we need to do to change the world is to keep Wednesday holy.1.On that day we will fast. You will eat nothing. You go about your work or play asusualexcept that, unless health considerations not permit it, you eat nothing on that
day. Youmight drink water, coffee or tea. And just before bedtime you might take some juice so that your blood sugar does not go too low.2.You may want to take something to help you sleep. That will help if an empty stomachkeeps you awake.3.On that day at what would be your meal times you will meditate. You willconsiderthe plight of the millions of those children that go to bed hungry every night. You will on oneday a week is at one with them. It will encourage you to take individual actionthatalleviates the plight of the downtrodden.4.Do not buy groceries or anything not essential on Wednesday, that is, get theirattention by freezing commerce on that day every week.5.Do not eat in a café or restaurant on Wednesday.6. In the evening on Wednesday take a stroll around your neighborhood. If they areinterested speak to whomever that will listen about the need for us to share our wealth with theunderprivileged.If reasons of health require you to eat every day do so, but donate the amount youspend on foodfor one day to a charity that is dedicated to feeding the poor or pay for an ad in your local paperthat says only, "gerryjoesmith.com and then click on HOLY WEDNESDAY" orpay to have this web site broadcast on search enginesover the internet. Eventually millions of people will read this article. You arereading this because you read such an ad, are you not? Remember over and over that all of the hungry children of the world are in your family. The food and restaurant industry will notice. Will they not notice that

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