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The Truth Volume3 Issue8

The Truth Volume3 Issue8

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Published by Islamic Media
The Truth, a weekly bulletin revealing the true Islamic prespective about various issues.
The Truth, a weekly bulletin revealing the true Islamic prespective about various issues.

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Published by: Islamic Media on Jul 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Truth
T he Truth
Vol. 3 Issue 8
Thu. Feb 21, 2008
Be with God
\u201cAnd God is with you where so ever you may be.\u201d Holy Qur\u2019an (57:4)

God is everywhere. No space or time is without Him; yet He is independent of time and space. He is Omnipresent; and His love protects us from harm in this world as in the life hereafter.


Throughout history, many guides from
among the people were sent for the welfare
of humanity. These guides were known as
prophets, or messengers from God. These
guides onto mankind were sent with various
gifts for the human race. The \ufb01rst refers
to divine revelation, which consists of
religions and laws concerning all aspects
of our everyday lives. The second refers
to miracles. These miracles have come in

The Truth
By: Harun Yahya

One of the most important reasons for the great equilibrium in the universe is the fact that celestial bodies follow speci\ufb01c paths. Stars, planets and satellites all rotate around their own axes and also rotate together with the system of which they are part. The

Fundam entals of Islam Prophethood
Fundamentals of Islam Prophethood

It is stressed in the Holy Qur\u2019an that the Sun and Moon follow speci\ufb01c trajectories:

It is He Who created night and day and the sun and moon, each one swimming in a sphere. (Holy Qur\u2019an, 21:33)

The word \u201cswim\u201d in the above verse is expressed in Arabic by the word \u201csabaha\u201d and is used to describe the movement of the Sun in space. The word means that the Sun does not move randomly through space but that it rotates around its axis and follows a course as it does so. The fact that the Sun is not \ufb01xed in position but rather follows a speci\ufb01c trajectory is also stated in another verse:

And the sun runs to its resting place. That is the decree of the Almighty, the All-Knowing. (Holy Qur\u2019an, 36:38)

These facts set out in the Holy

Qur\u2019an were only discovered by means of astronomical advances in our own time. According to astronomers\u2019 calculations, the Sun moves along a path known as the Solar Apex in the path of the star Vega at an incredible speed of 720,000 kmph. In rough terms, this shows that the Sun traverses some 17.28 million km a day. As well as the Sun itself, all the planets and satellites within its gravitational \ufb01eld also travel the same distance.

\u2013 Part 4 \u2013
T he
S u n \u2019s
T r a j e c t o r y
The Sun\u2019s Trajectory
O r b its a n d th e R o ta tin g U n iv e r se
Orbits and the Rotating Universe
Giving it Away

Once upon a time, at the end of the afternoon prayer, Prophet Muhammed (M) hastily got up and, stepping over the shoulders of the people, went to the house of one of his wives. People, not knowing what the necessity was, were confused over his rush. On his return, he perceived the people\u2019s anxiety and explained that he had suddenly remembered leaving behind a piece of gold in the house and he was afraid (lest his death should take place while he owned a piece of gold; which would become objectionable for him on the Day of Judgment). So, he had hurried home to tell them to distribute it to the poor and needy immediately.

Which one is Stronger?
Your Feet or Your Car?

A man was saying that:
Look at a car. After
few years of driving you have to change
the tires. But look at your feet, all your life
you walk with them but don\u2019t need to keep
changing them. Then look at the joints of
machines. If they are not regularly lubricated
using chemicals, then you will hear annoying
scratching sounds coming out of them.
But look your joints in the body, we never
lubricate them yet they function perfectly
without making any scratching sounds. These
are indeed the signs of God.

\u201cLo! In the creation of the heavens and the
earth and (in) the difference of night and
day are signs (of His Sovereignty) for men
of understanding...\u201d (Holy Quran 2:190)

By: Harun Yahya

Like many other comets in the universe,
Halley\u2019s comet, seen above, also moves in
a planned orbit. It has a speci\ufb01c orbit and
it moves in this orbit in a perfect harmony
with other celestial bodies.

All celestial bodies\u2014including planets,
satellites of these planets, stars and even
galaxies\u2014have their own orbits that
have been determined with very delicate
computations. The One Who established this
perfect order and maintains it is Allah, Who
created the entire universe.

many forms. In some cases, it has come in the form of a
physical phenomenon such as the case of the parting of the
Red Sea or the miracles of Jesus. In other cases, miracles
have come in the form of spiritual and intellectual gifts,
such as the Prophet Muhammed. His miracle was the Holy
Book, i.e. the Qur\u2019an as well as his holy household.

God Almighty chose to present these miracles in different
forms in correspondence to the time it was sent. For
example, during the time of Prophet Jesus the people of
that period were the most successful in medicine and cures.
So Almighty God sent Jesus with the gift of curing the ill
to prove that Jesus was performing these outstanding acts
through God\u2019s will.

In the case of Prophet Moses, the people of that time were successful in performing different forms of sorcery, so God sent Moses with the gift of magic such as transforming his staff into a snake.

Finally in the case of Prophet Muhammed, the Arabs of that
time were proud of their success in poetry and other forms
of literature. So, God sent the Holy Qur\u2019an and asked the
prominent Arabs of that time to create a book similar to it if
they were able to.

Finally, the Prophets of God were sent with scriptures.
These scriptures contained the divine laws that deal with
social, economic, and all other factors that deal with our
lives. In addition, they contain stories of people before us
so we may learn from their downfalls. Parables are also
common, especially in the case of the Holy Qur\u2019an where
God gives his servants examples and comparisons from
which to gain a clearer understanding.

Prophets serve as models, be it thousands of years ago when
the Prophets were alive, or in present time, as an example
for people of all races and all ages, to help them attain
communion with God and to guide them on the right path.

Infallibility was an essential trait for the messengers of God
because if they were subject to sin, they would misguide
their people. Prophets didn\u2019t live in luxurious homes or live
like kings. On the contrary, they lived like any other human
being of that time, if not with the lower class.

They were chosen from among the people because of their
humbleness and there hate for materialism. These qualities
were selected as an example of what a perfect person should
be like.

Fundam entals of Islam
Fundamentals of Islam
P r o p h e th o o d
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universe functions within a \ufb01nely-tuned order,
just like the wheels in a factory.

There are more than 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe and each small galaxy contains approximately a billion stars. Furthermore, each big galaxy contains more than a trillion. [1] Many of these stars have planets and many of those planets have satellites. All these celestial bodies follow the most \ufb01nely calculated paths and orbits. For millions of years, each one

has been moving in its own path in \ufb02awless harmony with all the others. In addition to these, there are also a great many comets moving along in their own pre-determined paths.

In addition, the paths in the universe are not restricted to a few celestial bodies. The

Solar System and even other galaxies also exhibit considerable motion around other centers. Every year, Earth, and the Solar System with it, move some 500 million km from where they were the previous year. It has been calculated that even the slightest deviation from celestial bodies\u2019 paths could have drastic consequences which might spell the end of the entire system. For example, the consequences of the earth\u2019s deviating from its course by a mere 3 mm have been described in one source as follows:

While rotating around the sun, the earth follows such an orbit that, every 18 miles, it only deviates 2.8 millimetres from a direct course. The orbit followed by the earth never changes, because even a deviation of 3 millimetres would cause catastrophic disasters: If the deviation were 2.5 mm instead of 2.8 mm, then the orbit would be very large, and all of us would freeze. If the deviation were 3.1 mm, we would be scorched to death. [2]

Another characteristic of heavenly bodies
is that they also rotate around their own
axes. The verse which reads \u201c[I swear] by
Heaven with its cyclical systems,\u201d(Holy

Qur\u2019an, 86:11) indicates this truth. Naturally, at the time when the Qur\u2019an was revealed, people had no telescopes with which to study bodies millions of kilometers away in space, advanced observation technology or our modern knowledge of physics and astronomy. It was therefore impossible to establish that space had \u201cits oscillating orbits,\u201d (Holy Qur\u2019an, 51:7) as described in the verse. The Holy Qur\u2019an however, revealed at that time, provided clear information concerning that fact. This is proof that this book is indeed God\u2019s Words.


[1] World Book Encyclopedia, 2003; contributor:
Kenneth Brecher, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and
Physics, Boston University.
[2] Bilim ve Teknik (Journal of Science and
Technology), July 1983.

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The Truth
The Truth
O r b its a n d th e R o ta tin g U n iv e r se
Orbits and the Rotating Universe
The Truth
The Truth
What are We Proud of?

History has portrayed the fall of the most powerful kings such as Alexander, Pharos and Cesar, despite their fast tracking victories. Hence the transient victories are not something one can rely on, and count them as signs of dignity.

Hospitals show us how strong individuals and athletes can be weakened due to an illness or accident. This makes us realize that physical power and strength cannot be man\u2019s pride.

The wealthiest men may turn into the
poorest by a simple event such as \ufb01re. Thus, wealth too cannot be man\u2019s pride.
Powerful politicians and leaders have ended up in jails or have been executed due to changes in
politics of their country. And so, rural and political power is not dependable either....

Let\u2019s look at our own lives carefully. A human being is weak from the moment of his birth, where even the simplest tasks such as controlling saliva from falling out of his mouth seem impossible. In his old years, walking becomes unbearable for him. If he is able to use his hands and legs, he will have to take several breaks for a short walking distance. And if he is not able to use his legs, he will need a wheel chair and an aid to help him move around.

Therefore, a person who began his life from being nothing but a sperm, and ends his life with

death, should not take pride unto himself and act sel\ufb01shly toward others.
It is upon this matter that our master Imam Muhammed Baqir (P), who is the \ufb01fth successor of
Prophet Muhammed (M), has said,
\u201cI am surprised at him who brags about himself! He was created from a worthless sperm,

and he will end as a dead corpse. While amidst these he does not know what fate will fall
upon him, nor what will happen to him.\u201d(1)
So what does man have to brag about? What is he so proud of? How can he think himself better
than others?
(Selection taken from Morals in the Holy Quran by Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi)

(P) Peace be upon Him / Refers to Angels, Prophets, Imams, and Infallible Ladies.
(1) Usul al-Ka\ufb01, vol. 2, p. 329

A Water Miracle

One day, the companions of Prophet Muhammed (M) submitted to him their
complaint about thirst during a journey. The Prophet (M) got down from
his conveyance and ordered Imam Ali (P) and another person to go and
search for water. So, they went accordingly. They met a woman possessing
two small water-skins containing water. They brought her to the Prophet
(M). Prophet Muhammed (M) asked for a pot to be brought and poured
in it the water of both the water-skins and asked the companions to drink from it. One of
the companions stated: \u201cWe, the forty thirsty men drank water from it very well and

we \ufb01lled all our pots and water-skins with water. I swear by Allah Almighty that the
water-skins (of the woman) seemed to be more full with water than before.\u201d
God is able to suf\ufb01ce 40 thirsty people plus \ufb01ll all their water pots and containers from
water that wouldn\u2019t be enough for one person.
Proud to be you?
Long ago, there
lived a very
proud King. This

King loved a
speci\ufb01c perfume
and never went
anywhere without
putting it on.
One day as he
proudly applied
the perfume, a tiny droplet fell to the
ground. Unable to resist, the King touched
the droplet and wiped it on his clothes.
Just then, as he looked around him, he
realized that his minister was watching him
in amazement. Guilty and embarrassed,
the King ordered him to build a pool of the
same perfume. The minister only replied
\u201cYour Majesty, what goes away with a
drop cannot be replaced by constructing a
pool.\u201d The King\u2019s pride decreased by his
actions (imagine a King so high and mighty
running after a tiny droplet.)
So, instead, he tried to justify his actions by

building a pool (which is expected from a King.) Pride, to think you are better than others, is a source of many evils. You can be proud of so many things from wealth and other material items, to knowledge, worship, and other spiritual acts. Pride shows that you have an inferiority complex and you use pride to cover up your sense of insecurity. Pride doesn\u2019t bring honor. Instead, it brings disgrace and hatred from people. People feel hatred towards those who love self-praise and are inconsiderate about other people\u2019s dignity.

When a person is proud, he forgets about others and only cares for himself. Pride especially displeases God. God didn\u2019t create us to feel superior over others. A person even begins to feel superior over God! God, alone, has the right for pride, since He is the creator of all things. Keep this saying in mind before you have the urge to boast: \u201cTwo things cause people to be

destroyed: fear of poverty and seeking
support through pride.\u201d
By: Masooma Beatty

Islam was not born in the 7th century A.D.
Rather, it is the same religion that God revealed
through His messengers (P) to every people.
Islam sometimes seems strange to non-Muslims
because it is a religion which impacts every part
of life, from eating and sleeping to working and
playing. It is not only a personal religion, but
also a social one.
Muslims seek to live in accordance with God\u2019s
laws. By doing so, they strive to obtain nearness
to God and victory over temporary trials and
temptations in this world. All aspects of their
practice including prayer, fasting, charity, and
pilgrimage are intended to help meet this goal.
Although strict by secular standards, Islam is not
an ascetic religion. Islam requires its followers
to be active participants in their communities.
Muslims believe that God is One, indivisible,
and they believe in all the Prophets of the
Christians and Jews including Adam, Noah,
Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job,
Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elias, Jonah,
John the Baptist, and Jesus (P). Muslims also
recognize another Prophet named Muhammed
(M), who is a direct descendant of Abraham
through his \ufb01rst born son, Ishmael. His
prophethood is prophesied in the Bible in
several places, including Deut 18:18 and John
The Qur\u2019an is the holy book of Muslims.
It contains many stories that are familiar to
Christians and Jews. It was not created by man
but was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed
(M) through the Angel Gabriel at the command
of God. It contains no scienti\ufb01c fallacies or
internal contradictions. In fact, it contains
much scienti\ufb01c knowledge discovered by
scientists only in this century. The Qur\u2019an is an
unparalleled Arabic literary masterpiece and it is
the true word of God.

A Short Introduction to

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