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Retail Assignment

Retail Assignment

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Published by manaswini dash

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Published by: manaswini dash on Oct 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homework Title / No. : _____3___________________________Course Code : _479_____ Course Instructor : ______M r. Nitin sir. ___ Course Tutor (if applicable) : ____________ Date of Allotment : _____________________ Date of submission : ___________________ Student’s Roll No.___A05_________________ Section No. : RS1905________________  
I declare that this assignment is my individual work. I have not copied from any other student’swork or from any other source except where due acknowledgment is made explicitly in the text,nor has any part been written for me by another person.Student’s Signature : ManaswinidashEvaluator’s comments: _____________________________________________________________________ Marks obtained : ___________ out of ______________________ 
Content of Homework should start from this page only:
Indian consumer is a very interesting entity. The consumer in India is asheterogeneous as the country itself is. The urban consumer contrasts with the ruraland the South Indian consumer with the North Indian. Further still, the consumer inthe metros militates with his usage and habit patterns. The Indian consumer, istherefore very difficult to understand and very difficult to predict.Tea and Coffee are the favourite drink in India especially tea. A quiet caferevolution is sweeping urban India with the explosion of coffee bars. That is badnews for tea - still the favourite brew for a majority of Indians -, which has beenlosing out to coffee in recent years.
Category wise major retailers:
I choose two retail store i.e. barista lavaza and café coffee day for comparing onthe category of 
food and beverage
Food & Beverages Market In India
India ranks first in the world in production of cereals, livestock population andmilk. It is the second largest fruit and vegetable producer and is among the top five producers of Rice, Wheat, Groundnuts, Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, Spices, Sugar, andOilseeds, yet India’s share in international food trade is a minuscule 1.5%. Valueaddition to foods by processing is a mere 8% of total production.The objective of the thesis is “To compare and study Barista & Café CoffeeDay, identify areas of excellence and areas needing improvement; and providesuggestions for such improvement”. The aim of this Thesis is to successfullycompare two prominent service sector companies on a common platform, analyzetheir working and performance, and highlight what they are doing well, while providing suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Barista and CaféCoffee Day were chosen because of their identical pattern of functioning andgrowth. They are the only two major players in the national coffee café industry,and their customers consider both as interchangeable brands. This is why it isimportant to study how these brands differentiate themselves from each other, andattempt to improve brand loyalty amongst their customers. For the purpose of thisstudy, I prepared 2 research tools, both questionnaire, to find out the relevant primary data pertaining to the functioning and working of both Barista and CaféCoffee Day.In India CAFÉ COFFEE DAY and BARISTA are the most popular and well-known cafés. The college crowd rates them as one of the coolest hangouts. Thesecompanies sell similar product but their positioning and target audience are verydifferent from each other. These players not only sell coffee and tea but also foodand other merchandise items.
Café coffy day 
Key Features:
125 years of coffee growing history
A fully equipped ISO certified roasting plant with a 70000 tonnes per annumcapacity at Hassan
5000 acres of self owned Coffee Plantations
A ready and enviable base of more than 10000 suppliers
Among the top exporters of coffee in India (Coffee Day Exports)
Coffee Day Comprises of the following Sub Brands
Coffee Day - Fresh & Ground
Café Coffee Day
Coffee Day – Vending
Coffee Day – Xpress
Coffee Day – Exports
Coffee Day – Perfect

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