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Peter Lucantoni'IGCSE - Unit 11

Peter Lucantoni'IGCSE - Unit 11

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Published by Andreas Tzionis

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Published by: Andreas Tzionis on Oct 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IGCSE – Unit 11
A. Match the following definitions with the words below.
a.the highest point of a hill or mountain/a meeting between heads of governmentb.walk unsteadily, momentarily lose one’s balancec.write or draw carelessly or in a hurryd.with hidden or unpredictable dangerse.clear enough to readf.overcome and take control or climb (a mountain)g.advise not to doh.a small emergency supply of foodi.the cut off (of a limb – arm, foot, etc.) in a surgical operation j.the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level1.altitude_____2.amputation_____3.conquer_____4.dissuade_____5.legible_____6.rations_____7.scribble_____8.stumble_____9.summit_____10.treacherous_____
B. Use the each of the following words in a sentence of your own. Do notmake any changes.
1.determination __________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________ 
2.raging __________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________ 3.mines __________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________ 4.specimen __________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________ 5.launch __________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________ 
C. Use the following words/phrases to complete the sentences that follow.Make any changes that might be necessary. There are more words thanyou need.
attempt condition perish sheer venture volatileavalanche blizzard benefit potential mine manuaachievement 
1.Weather is very ____________________ in this part of the world; you neverknow if it’s going to be sunny or rainy in the next few minutes!2.Spaceship “Challenger” exploded minutes after launching in 1986. All 7members of the crew tragically ____________________.3.Last winter a horrible ____________________ hit London. Everything froze in just one night!4.When signing a contract you have to carefully study the terms and ____________________; otherwise, you might be misled.5.All students are ____________________ good students; everybody ispossible to succeed and nobody is stupid!6.The expedition team decided to ____________________ to the most remotearea of the country this year. It is really going to be a daring and risky journey.

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