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Sap Fi Paper 08

Sap Fi Paper 08

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Published by baburam

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Published by: baburam on Jul 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Which of these statements on document principles are correct?a.R/3 can assign the document numbers alwaysb.A business event triggers only one document within R/3c.Each business event creates an accounting document within R/3d.R/3 will link related documents in the system2. In the payment process, automatic options to the users area.select open invoices to be paid/collected, post payment documentb.post payment documents/print payment mediac.select open invoices to be paid or collected, post payment document, printpayment media3. Which of the following are true.a.any payment block can be removed in payment proposal editb.only line item payment block is removed during the payment proposalc.items that cannot be paid are detailed in the exception list4. Which of these statements on payment program are correcta.there are four steps in payment process, viz., parameters, proposal, program,printb.once the parameters have been specified, the print program is scheduled togenerate payment media5. Every run of the payment program is identified by two fieldsa.run dateb.identification6. Which of the following statements are truea.The run date is recommended to be the actual date when the program isexecutedb.The field identification is used to run print program7. Which of the following statements are correcta.the G/L account name for house banks must match the names given to thehouse bank in the bank directoryb.the G/L account names for house banks are user definablec.the G/L account names for house banks could be the bank name and accountnumberd.the G/L account names for house banks are defined in bank directorye.at company code level, G/L account names for house banks can be differentfrom those in chart of account8. Which of the following statements are true in respect to payment programconfiguration in all codes areaa.sending company code and paying company code are same alwaysb.by specifying the vendor/customer special G/L transaction to be paid, we canprocess specified special G/L transaction onlyc.by activating payment method supplement, we can print and sort payments
9. Which of the statements are true in respect to configuration of payment programbank determination areaa.without ranking order, system will not process the paymentb.bank/payment method combination is must to define ranking orderc.without maintaining the value date in bank selection, system will not processthe payment10. If we are using check management, which of the statements is truea.define check lots in order to print checksb.check lots are used only for automatic payments11. True/falsea.all company codes in the payment run parameters must be in the samecountryb.a payment method can only be used if it is entered in the account masterrecordc.the payment proposal can only be edited, deleted and recreated as often asdesiredd.the exception list is a part of the payment proposal12. When running the dunning programa.we can edit proposalb.we cannot delete the proposalc.we can recreate the proposal until the dunning clerk is satisfied with the resultd.after completing the dunning proposal list, dunning data is updated in masterrecords13. Which of the following statements are truea.one time accounts cannot be dunnedb.we can assign two dunning procedures to customer master recordsc.dunning procedure can process only standard transactionsd.interest can be posted at the time of dunning14. The maximum dunning level can be defined in the dunning procedure isa.fourb.sixc.nine15. An item whose days in arrears are smaller or identical to the grace periods,dunning program will consider for the dunning notice. TRUE/FALSE16. Which of the following statements are falsea.we cannot specify per dunning level that interest is to be calculatedb.we cannot print a dunning notice in a legal dunning procedure, although nofurther account movements have occurredc.we can set a minimum amount for the dunning charges on each dunning level17. What information does a dunning run change?a.the date of the last dunning run in the customer master recordb.the dunning level in the customer master recordc.the dunning level in documents for which dunning notices are createdd.from (layout set) specifications in the customer master record for the text inthe next dunning lettere.the dunning procedure in the customer master record for the next dunning run
18. Which of these statements are truea.we can calculate interest on G/L accounts under interest on arrears methodb.each interest id must be assigned on interest calculation type19. Two steps to define financial statement versions area.enter it in the directory of financial statement versionb.define hierarchy levels and assign accounts20. Which of the following statements are truea.a financial statement version consist of maximum 9 hierarchy levelsb.we cannot assign account group according to balancec.drill down report is a tool that enables to analyze sub ledger transactionfigures only21. Individual value adjustment for doubtful receivables are possiblea.through special G/L transactionsb.through normal transactionsc.both of the above22. Foreign currency valuation is possiblea.only vendor/customer open itemsb.only balance sheet itemsc.both of the above23. Which of the statements are truea.when we are valuating open items without update for reversal of theadjustment posting after key date, user can define another posting date inplace of key date +1b.when we have regrouped the receivables/vendors, system carries outadjustment postingsc.allocating costs to financial accounting through external settlement, the G/L isupdated online/realtime24. Depreciation posting can be executeda.through batch input sessionb.direct FI postingsc.any one of the above25. To set up the financial statement version in your company, maximum limit is 9. TRUE/FALSE

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