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Design for Manufacturing - upload by anilrg1

Design for Manufacturing - upload by anilrg1

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Published by anilrg1

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Published by: anilrg1 on Oct 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Design for Manufacturing: A Structured Approach
 byCorrado Poli
ISBN: 0750673419
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Pub. Date: August 2001
List of Figures
Figure 1.1Figure 1.2Figure 1.3Figure 2.1Figure 2.2Figure 2.3Figure 2.4Figure 2.5Figure 2.6Figure 2.7Figure 2.8Figure 2.9Figure 2.10Figure 3.1Figure 3.2Figure 3.3Figure 3.4Figure 3.5Figure 3.6Figure 3.7Figure 3.8Figure 3.9Figure 3.10Figure 3.11Figure 3.12Figure 3.13Figure 4.1Figure 4.2Figure 4.3Figure 4.4View of the product realization process.Sequence of events prevalent in industry for thedesign and manufacture of products.The team approach often used in industry.Gage blocks.Some line standard measuring instruments(micrometer on left, vernier caliper on the right)used for size control.Examples of limit tolerances.More limit tolerances.A test specimen being subjected to uniaxial loads.Plots of engineering stress versus engineeringstrain for some specimens tested using theapparatus shown in Figure 2.5.A true stress-natural strain curve for 6061aluminum superimposed on an engineering stress-engineering strain curve.Determination of the offset yield stress.Stress-strain curve showing the effects of loadingand reloading in the nonlinear regions of the curve.Stress-strain curves for a typical aluminum alloy(plots on the left) at various temperatures and thestress-strain curve for nylon 66.Screw-type injection-molding machine.Example of a part with an external undercut.Example of a part with an internal undercut.Tooling for compression molding.Two-plate mold showing sprue, gate, and runnersystem.Tooling for transfer molding.A screw-type extruder.Some common structural shapes produced byextrusion.Post-processing of extruded sheets.Extrusion blow molding.External undercut created by choice in thedirection of mold closure.External undercuts created by location of theparting plane between the die halves.Living hinge on computer disk carrying case.Classification system for basic tool complexity, Cb.Basic envelope for a part.Isolated projections of small volume.Examples of parts with recessed features andsection views of the molds used to produce them.810141415161819202021212728282929303031313133333443444445xvii
List of Figures
Figure 4.5Figure 4.6Figure 4.7Figure 4.8Figure 4.9Figure 4.10Figure 4.11Figure 4.12Figure 4.13Figure 4.14Figure 4.15Figure 4.16Figure 4.17Figure 4.18Figure 4.19Figure 4.20Figure 4.21Figure 4.22Figure 4.23Figure 4.24Figure 4.25Figure 4.26Figure 4.27Figure 5.1Figure 5.2Figure 5.3Figure 5.4Figure 5.5Figure 5.6Figure 5.7Figure 5.8Figure 5.9Figure 5.10Figure 5.11Figure 5.12Figure 5.13Figure 5.14Photograph of an injection molded part showingribs and shutoffs.Example of parts with ribs and bosses andsectional views of the molds used to produce them.Photograph of a part with bosses.Dividing surface of a part.Tooling for box-shaped part--shows partingsurface between the core and cavity halves ofthe mold.Tooling for L-bracket.Examples of internal undercuts.Form pin used to form internal undercut.A screen capture from an animation showing theformation of a part with an internal undercut.External undercuts.Side core used to create an external undercutcreated by a circular hole.Simple and complex side shutoffs.Photograph of part with complex side shutoffs.Part with cavity in one-half of die.Determination of cavity detail.Photographs of parts with low (on left) and high(on right) cavity detail.External undercuts caused by features other thancircular, unidirectional holes are consideredextensive external undercuts because the tooling ismore costly to create.Mold dimensions for two-plate mold.Value of C for use in Equation 4.6. (If Lm/Hm < 1,then use the value of Hm/Lm to determine C.)Relative die material cost.Original Design--Example 4.1. (L = 180 mm,B = H = 50mm.)Original Design--Example 4.2. (L = 55 mm,B = 40 mm, H = 20 mm.)Redesigned part.Photographs of two injection-molded parts.Classification system for basic relative cycle time, tb.Example of a part decomposed into a series ofelemental plates.Examples of elemental plates.A slender part.Definition of a slender part.Example of a frame-like part.Photograph of a frame-like part.Two examples of non-partitionable parts due togeometrical complexity.Examples of non-partitionable parts due toextremely difficult to cool features.Photograph of a part with a difficult to cool feature.Examples of part partitioning.Cooling system for part in Figure 5.12.Examples of part partitioning for parts whosepart envelope is rectangular.45464748484949495051515252535455565859596163657879818182828383848484858686

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