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Stonehenge is a Megalith Located on the English County of Wilshire

Stonehenge is a Megalith Located on the English County of Wilshire

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Published by lluketicisb

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Published by: lluketicisb on Oct 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Stonehenge is a megalith located on the English county of Wiltshire. Stonehenge is one of the mostfamous monuments and megaliths in the world because of the size of the rocks it is made from andbecause of its mysterious origin. Many theories have been made about how Stonehenge came to be. Ibelieve that the 3 most possible theories are; Stonehenge was a place for the dead, Stonehenge was anastronomical observatory and that Stonehenge was a UFO landing site.Theory number one: Stonehenge is a place for the deadStonehenge may be a place for the dead because numerous animal bones have been found, severalsigns of cremations were found and lastly human bones dating back to 3000 BC have been found nearthe site. That proves that there were some deaths or cremations at Stonehenge. Archeologists haverecently discovered that Stonehenge was not always a place for the dead (burial ground). Archeologistssay that Stonehenge was a burial ground just between 2400 BC and 2700 BC. It is estimated that about270 people were buried at Stonehenge this makes it the largest cemetery in Britain for that time period.The megalith is believed to be the opposite of the Durrington walls monument; this means thatStonehenge is thought to be a place for the dead because the Durrington walls monument is consideredto be a spiritual place for the living.
 This is the Durrington walls monument. (A similar monument to Stonehenge just made out of wood)Theory number two: Stonehenge was an astronomical observatoryThere is no doubt that there are advanced astronomical calculations behind Stonehenges solaralignment. But the question is was it used for astronomical purposes? Here are some facts supportingthis theory. The way the stones are positioned provides an array of information, so does the choice of the site itself. If we see the alignment and general relationship of these stones we would know whythey were built, this means that a lot of the planning is in the astronomical alignment. Anothersupporting fact is that astronomers discovered the 56-year eclipse cycle by decoding Stonehengesalignments with the sun. If you were to move the stones once per year you would be able to predictlunar events for hundreds of years, this likes a lunar eclipse computer. The problem about this sort of computer is that it required resetting every 300 years. The thing that might discourage people frombelieving in this theory is the fact that we dont know much about the astronomical awareness of peoplefrom the neolith age.

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