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Published by Rizwan Jamil

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Published by: Rizwan Jamil on Jul 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful
What a fate of the Ummat-e-Muslimah [the followers of the prophet Muhammad Be hisBlessing and peace Upon him] that the demise of the Prophet (S.A.W.) which is soclearly stated in Quran and HADITH (Prophet's traditions) and which has the consensusof SAHABA (the prophet’s companions) on it has now become a controversial issue!Majority of the ëUmmah’ believe that the prophet (S.A.W.) is alive in his grave in theroom of Aysha (R.A.) and that if someone near his grave recites SALAT-O-SALAM, the prophet (S.A.W.) would hear and reply: and if it is recited at a distance there are angleswho would convey and who would convey and present it to him [Belief of the Ulemmascholars ) Some of them even go to such an extent as to say that the prophet’s wives are presented to stay with him at nights (writings of Ahmed Raza Khan.)! This aspect of faithis further generalized and it is believed that everyone becomes alive in his worldly grave,looks at his visitor and recognizes him, hears and replies to the greetings of SALAM andeven prays for him. Moreover they believe that the deceased is kept informed of thedeeds of his relatives; he is pleased with their good deeds and for their evil deeds he prays to Allah for forgiveveness.(See writing of Imam Ibne Taimyah and Ibne Qayyum atthe end of the booklet) These points of their faith have been shown at the end of this booklet. (belief of the Ulemma (Scholars of DEOBAND, BARELY AND AHL-E-ADITHschools of thought).This indeed is a very serious matter as it provides ground for grave-worship---a big formof SHIRK. It deforms the basic faith TAUHEED (which implies worship of none butAllah only in any form whatsoever) Since TAUHEED is the foundation on which thestructure of Islam is erected as whole, it has got to be completely clear form any kind of SHIRK. That is why the prophet (S.A.W.) always strictly prohibited his followers fromany form of grave-worship and he seriously warned of its disastrous consequences evenat his death bed.Therefore, it is the prime Responsibility of true Muslims to take up this matter and fullyexplain it to the masses to enable one to live with the knowledge of truth and not to die inignorance.
The Divine Book ( QURAN) and the prophet’s traditions (HADITH) provide the ultimatecriteria to test and distinguish the true from the false. Let us first look into Quran. Thefollowing few verses clearly explain the idea:-
1. "You (O, Muhammad) will surely (die and ) they too will die". (Zumur-30)2. "We appointed immortality for none before you. So, if you die, will thy be eveliving? Every soul has to taste death".(Al-Umbia-34-35)3. "Everything shall perish save Him".(Al-Qasus-88)4. "Those (unto )whom they cry out for help besides ALLAH created nothing; they arecreated beings) they are totally dead and are not living at all and do not (even) knowwhen they will be raised from their graves )".(Al -Nahl 20-21)The last verse states a universal truth with no exception whatsoever, not even prophetsand saints. It emphasizes that the death does not leave a spark of life. Then, how to expecta dead to see, listen or respond?Many a prophets have been wrongly called out for help in the hours of need ad in misery.It can, however, be seen that if the prophets were any exception it would have beencertainly indicated in Quran and such a categorical statement would not have been made.Moreover:"Then, after this, you shall surely die. Then on the Day o Resurrection only you shall beraised ." (Al-Momninoon-15-16).It is thus established that every dead person will be raised only on the Day of Resurrection and the belief in the revival of life in this worldly grave before the DayofJudgement is evidently baseless.Likewise:"And behind (the dead ) is a Barrier until the Day they are raised (again). (Al-momninoon-100)
Imam Bukhari has brought a number of HADITH (Prophet's Sayings) which disapprovethe notion of revival of Prophet’s life (in the grave).From these HADITH it is established that the Prophet (S.A.W.) is of course alive, not inthe worldly grave, but at the most exalted place in Burzakh. The last part of the lengthysaying which proves the above statement is given below:-I said to them (i.e. my two companions), You have made me ramble all the night. Tell meall about that I have seen. ë They said, Yes. As for the one whose cheek you saw being
torn away, was a liar and he used to tell lies, and the people would report those lies on hisauthority till they spread all over the world. So, he will be punished like that till the Dayof Resurrection. The one whose head you saw being crushed is the one whom Allah hadgiven the knowledge of Quran (i.e. Knowing it by heart) but he used to sleep at night (i.e.he did not recite it then) and did not use to act upon it (i.e. upon it’s orders, instructionsetc) by day; and so this punishment will go on till the Day of Resurrection. And thosewhom you saw in the hole (like an oven were adulterers (those men and women who usedto commit illegal sexual intercourse). And those whom you saw in the river of blood werethose dealing in Reba (usury). And the old man who was sitting at the base of the treewas Abraham and the little children around him were the offspring of the people. And theone who was kindling the fire was Malik, the gate-keeper of the Hell-Fire. And the firsthouse in which you have gone was the house of the common believers, and the secondhouse was of the martyrs. I'm Gabriel and this is Michael. Raise your head. ë I raised myhead and saw a thing like a cloud over me. They said, that is your place. ë I said let meenter my place.’ They said, you still have some life which you have not yet completed,and when you complete (that remaining portion of your life) you will then enter your  place. ë (The translation of the meaning of Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol II page 264-265 By Dr.Muhammad Muhsin Khan.Imam Bukhari has thus proved that the Prophet (S.A.W.) after death is alive not in theworldly grave of MEDINA but at (AL WASEELAH) a place which is better than theParadise of martyrs and is the highest place below the ARSH (the Divine Thorne). Inorder to emphasize this point further Imam Bukhari has brought another HADITH atseveral places in his book, AL-BUKHARI:(82) CHAPTER. The last statement, the prophet (S.A.W.) spoke.740. Narrated Aysha (R.A.): When the Prophet (S.A.W.) was healthy, he used to say, "Nosoul of a prophet is captured till he is shown his place in Paradise and then he is given theoption. (1) When death approached him while his head was on my thigh, he becameunconscious and then
recovered his consciousness. He then looked at the ceiling of thehouse and said, "O Allah! (with) the highest companions. " (2) I said (to myself), "Hence,he is not going to chose us. " Then I realized that what he had said was the application of the narration which he used to mention to us when he was healthy. The last word hespoke was, "O Allah ! the highest companion. "(the translation of Bukhari Vol. V pages 527-528)In the afore said traditions Imam Bukhari has clearly shown that those who believe thatthe Prophet (S.A.W.) is alive in the worldly grave mean to say that the Prophet (S.A.W.)has preferred the company of the worldly people to the company of Almighty Allah inorder to listen to SALAT-O-SALAM and respond. This notion is evidently false and itssupporters do not even care to see its reckless implication-the Prophet (S.A.W.) was buried alive in grave by his SAHABA!!

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