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Published by Rohan Kapoor

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Published by: Rohan Kapoor on Oct 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Knowledge Quiz for Competitions / 2010General Knowledge Quiz
1. Author of hard times ?A. ENDID BLYTONB. RAJ RAO
D. H G WELLS2. Which is the language spoken by most people ?A. ANSWER OF c & dB. FRENCHC. SPANISH
3. The study (Art) of communication Ideas or thoughts by finger ?A. DANOLOGYB. CYTOLOGYC. ETHICS
4. Who is inventor of computerA. BlazPascalB. shoiab
C. Challes Babbage
D. Henry jons5. Branchof science deals with causes of diseases is-A. gerontology
B. etiology
C. herpatologyD. limnology6. Who built Eiffel towerA. Louis Williams
B. Fedrick Augeste Batholdi
C. Brendon Louis ShephardD. Qui Nan Mian7. The longest inland waterways in the world is ?
 A. Mississippi river system
B. The Great Lakes
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C. St.LawrenceD. River Rhine8. which country invented the atom bomb?
 A. U.S.A.
B. FranceC. GermanyD. India9. The software named SEAMONKEY is used in a computer toA. Delete the virus infected filesB. Recover lost datas
C. Browse the internet 
D. use as a media player10. Which Jonas brother dated Taylor Swift?A. Nick B. Kevin
C. Jo
D. Frankie11. Who are miley’s best friendsin the hit TV series ‘Hannah Montana’?A. amber and ashley
B. lilly and oliver
C. cooper and jakeD. ashley and oliver12. Which medicine is used for the treatment of cough?A. timozolomideB. minoxidil
C. Levopromazine
D. ciprofloxacin13. whichis driest place in world?A. sahara desert 
B. atcama desert 
C. both a&ampbD. thar desert 14. Lengthof Thar Desert?A. 2,59,000 meters
B. 2,59,000 kilometers
C. 2,59,200 mtsD. 20,59,000mts15. Tagline 'Empowering people' is linked with which brand?A. WiproB. HCL
C. Compaq
D. Acer
16. How do plants stand erect?A. BOND
B. Cellwalls
C. BoneD. Tissue17. which Asianteam will be out of the next Fifa world cup for the first time after a gap of 20 yearsA. SaudiArabB. south KoreaC. Japan
D. Iran
18. who awarded the Indira Gandhi peace prize of the year 2010?A. pratibha patil
B. PM Sheikh Hasina
C. obamaD. Sonia Gandhi19. When does Mahatma Gandhi born?
 A. October 2,1869
B. September 19,1919C. January 30,1869D. August 30,187020. whois called master blaster?A. Ricky ponting
B. sachin Tendulkar
C. Santh jayasuriyaD. Sunil Gavaskar21. which bowler throw a fastest bowl in ODI's?A. Brett Lee
B. Shaun Tait 
C. Dail StainD. Shain Bond22. When was first movie made in India?A. 1957B. 1921C. 1963
D. 1913
23. Who was the first womanto walk in space?A. Marina d'cruz

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