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Behavior Study Guide KEY

Behavior Study Guide KEY

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Published by owls_1102

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Published by: owls_1102 on Oct 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Choose the most appropriate answer for each term.a.Animals process and integrate information gained from experiences, then use it to vary or change responses to stimuli. b.Well-defined environmental cues that trigger suitable responses.c.Term applied to genetically based behavioral reactions of hybrid offspring.d.Time-dependent form of learning; triggered by exposure to sign stimuli and usuallyoccurring during sensitive periods of young animals.e.A behavior performed without having been learned by actual environmental experience.f.A piece of information about the external or internal environment that has been detected by areceptor.g.A program of coordinated muscle activity that runs to completion independently of feedback from the environment.h.Observable, coordinated responses to stimuli.1.
intermediate response2.
instinctive behavior 4.
sign stimuli5.
fixed action pattern6.
learned behavior 7.
animal behavior 2.Choose the most appropriate statement for each of the following terms.a.Any behavior that helps perpetuate an individual's genes b.Behavior expressed as interactions among individuals of the same speciesc.Reproduction in which at least some of the offspring survived.A behavior that improves an individual's chance to reproduce regardless of theimpact on the populatione.Self-sacrificing behavior 1.
adaptive behavior 2.
reproductive success3.
social behavior 4.
selfish behavior 5.
altruistic behavior 
3.Match each of the following terms to the appropriate statement.a.The signaler touches the receiver in a ritualized manner. b.Unambiguous cues sent and received by members of a species.c.A combination of signals that are used to relay the intensity of the message.d.A pattern of behavior that is a social signal.e.Announces that the signaler is about to attack the receiver.f.Induce the receiver to respond quickly.g.Cause physiological responses.h.These rituals must be performed prior to forming a mating pair.1.
communication signals2.
composite signal3.
communication display4.
signaling pheromones5.
 priming pheromones6.
threat display7.
courtship display8.
tactile display4.Complete the following table to supply the common names of the animals that fit the text examples of sexual selection.ANS:a.grizzly bears; humans b.Hangingfliesc.bison, lions, elephant seals, eld.sage grouse
5.Choose the most appropriate statement for each of the following items.a.Competition for resources, rapid depletion of food resources, cannibalism, and greater vulnerability to disease. b.A simple society brought together by reproductive self-interest; in bluegill sunfish, thelarger, more powerful males tend to claim the central nesting locations.c.The alarm calls of some mammals, and the writhing, regurgitating reaction of Australiansawfly caterpillars to a disturbance.d.Some individuals of a baboon troop adopt a subordinate status with respect to the other members.e.Social groups of predatory animals.1.
disadvantages of sociality2.
dominance hierarchy3.
cooperative predator avoidance4.
the selfish herd5.
cooperative hunting6.A sexually reproducing, (1)_
__________________ parent caring for offspring is not helpingexact (2)_____ 
____ ___________ copies of itself. Each of its gametes, and each of itsoffspring, inherits (3)____ 
________________ of its genes. Other individuals of the socialgroup that have the same (4)___ 
_________________ also share genes with their parents.Two siblings are as (5)_____ 
_______________ similar as a parent and its (6)_____ 
_______________. Nephews and nieces share about (7)_____ 
 _______________ of their uncle's genes.(8)_____ 
_______________ workers may be indirectly promoting genes for (9)____ 
__ through altruistic behavior that will benefit their close (10)____ 
 ________________. All of the individuals in honeybee, termite, and ant colonies are members of agreat extended (11)____ 
________________. Nonbreeding family members support siblings,a few of which are future kings and (12)____ 
________________. Although a guard beedies after driving her stinger into a bear, siblings in the hive will perpetuate some of her (13)___ 

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