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Published by mujeebcrc9112

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Published by: mujeebcrc9112 on Oct 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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alm∙mcpw, AZriyadnbepw
kakvXbpw, alm∙mcpw, AZriyadnbepw
apPmlnZv, PamA¯v {]hÀ¯IcpsS [mcW
km[mcW apPmlnZv, PamA¯v {]hÀ¯IÀ almßm¡Ä¡v AZriy§Ä AdnbnsöpXs¶bmWv [cn¨p sh¨ncn¡p¶Xv.
 (sXÁp[cn¡s¸« XuloZv, t]:246, A¼e¡Shv ss^kn)
kakvXbpsS [mcW
Ip¸nbnse hkvXpt]mse a\pjy lrZb§fn
se AZriyadnbm³ alm∙mÀ¡v Ignbpw
 (aplvbp±o³ ame hymJym\w, t]: 2/56, apkvX^Â ss^kn)
BcmWv kakvXbpsS alm\vamÀ; Nne km¼nfpIÄH¶v:
‚r#< k0
 -4k=P-y=m8y- d=w4 \\sq-\4R SN-Y-y-\lW-. ut\n \\sq< |c8d-c{ =: e|% i>w \\vk-yw<? n_ kR- \k8#=vr=Nw< k8W-r-K=ky8`< 284. \\sqv5k7 or= k=P- \p8T-c{ = aPW-6 oz-c{ =. eN-T< aw< \k8#= vN A|L8t< pR@= ir-K=k, n_y=; w-Q \k87k.\\sq=; fk9_R=m8r=\m8W< n8t=v8z-y=\t d+wn=; aw< w-Q. A d+w4 pRy=Q. 28nw< w-Q< |n8K=|/87 e\%8r= r=c-? bh=v-s-x<tm8y BX`;. aPW-\l8z-c{k0< nl[S98d=0 oN8; wr; \ny{8y- m8R-Kz-@-r-K=Q. (qSS=6 oIl-y8a<,
\k. v-. m=hMd< m=S<l]85, p%8v+5)
‚or= d 
 -vS; \\sq< fr_d=D_4 or= y8>w\K8r=!-.v8hn\m8Q; k-T8\w vN|P87 ktl8S= \k8#< or= kP6 n-5M-c{ =. aw-6 kyR- y8>wy8y-. k=Rc{ = k+t- S^r-c{|P87 w_r>p|dsW<  m8L-k m=kL-6 w8mS-K=ky8y- r=N or= vl-y{A kP6 |n8K- pR@=: ktl8S= kPl-6 kyR- vr=Nw< Ar8`8\v8?  aw!< m=!-|P8y86, i>wy=; pR@< n-5W-.A v8hn; m=|!# n-ly-l8y-.\\sqv5kL=\t m=qB8v; m8R-. av5 pR@=.i!\n pR@= fl-P-K=N A7K< r#< \k8/=k+t- u#8y-r=\N*-6. pR@= w_|r# w8mS;. a|DhW-n< B_m8k8rm8y r#< \k8/=k7 >pw]X\PT=. wly=y5W84 kz- y8\w v-xm-c{ =.S;gw- mnS-l8y|P87 A  mh84 kP6 rX\Pt84 >p85F-c{ =. kP6 rX\PT=. krK`y8R8y|P87 \k8/=k7 m8@= |p8k84 w=t!-. \\sq< >p85w<F- 
c{ =.‛ (oIl 
 - y8K7 or= pOn;: |pj< ÑÉ)
IYbn tNmZyansödnbmw!! hnjbwalmßm¡Ä¡v AZriyadnbembXn\mÂtNmZn¡pIbmWv:
 m8L-km=kL-\l vl-y{ - 
n< ‘ktl8S= kPl 
vr=Nw< Ar8\`N ad}s]; aR-y8w- r=N\w%= \k8#<? 
ktl8S= kPl-\l \\sq- 
n<, ‘aw!< m=! 
|P8y86’ eQ pR@y87 vl 
 -y{8\`N< ad}s]; aR-y8w-r=Nw< e%< \k8#<? 
\k8/= m=Lc{\\sq< >p85w<F-c{ -l[8y-  r=Q\v*-6 ktl8S= kPl-\l \\sq-\4R avS<F\y%8k=m8y-r=Q? 
 m=!84 |p8y kPl-\n >p85F-c{ = rX\Pt=W-y vl-y{ -\n|%, S9%; wly- \l \k8/-\n >p85w<F-c{= m8Z84 kz-@- l[
A|r8t8y-r-K; vl-y{v5k7 p85w<F-c{- 
alm∙mcpw, AZriyadnbepw
m=T- kab8\n c=Z=|/87mK-k7 i/-w; |v#8N< \c8|N8v5ut\n r-f8i mw-l=M6 k=LW-y84 a\P87 ka<b; w9v8\fN< \c8|N8v5ut\n ka<b; w=L=*=N |nrW< eL-v5 r-f8iI eN< a08 v-L-|c{8v5EL8k8s; b8w-6 o\K w=RQ |p8y<iLk- mlK=k7 o\K v-L-
(r-f8iI m8ly-6 n-N<)
XpSn ap«Â _nZvA¯msW¶v kakvX¡mÀ
 - oz-c{ =0 \c#k7, df<, \k8t-, s_r`-\K8T, An, Sw]K=t eN-
v an8c8r!Ll[.‛
(a6m=b8Rk< v8r-k, ÉÑÐÑ nv;. ÊÉ) aFv8 w=t- an8c8rm8\`N5w<F;.
F¶m kakvX¡mcpsS ssiJmhs« Xzhm^p sN¿p¶Xv XpSn ap«nbpw!!!hÃm¯hen¿pw!!!! hÃm¯ kakvXbpw!!!!!
kXy¯nÂ, FÃm AZriy Imcy§fpw alm∙mÀ Adnbpsa¶v kakvX¡mÀ
hnizkn¡p¶pWvsSm? hmbn¡pI:
uS8mw< b<4 \\Sd-(R)6 n-N< n-|vdn;: j=\\hn |g8>wW-6\PT c-l AL=k\L \k8\0 nb-(S9) 2!\L n-|y8g-c{yc{ =. a!\n avr-6\PT or8\L Sm_p-c{ =. 284 ay8\L k=W84 or=!-
 a|P87 ay87 ‘l8 il8h il[l[8h=’ uc{ r
 -c{ =. e*-l=; 28ny8\L k=W-\K8l\Pt=W=k w\N\cy<w=. an%r; 284 nb-(S9)y=\t at=K6 \cQ. iI v-vr; pR@|P87 av-t=N< |c8d-
c{ =: ‘al[8h=
oz-\k Ar8Y]n-\l[N S8X]; vh-c{ -r-\K (sh8dW< \c8l[ -yw-n< |sx;) n_  ay8\L \k8Q\
v8? 284 pR@=: ‘a
\w RS+\l, w8w<k8l-k rXK= |v#- m8>wm8`< ay87
 aw< pR@w<.’ nb
 - (S9) |c8d-c{ =, n-nK< ay8L=\t h}dy; k_R- |n8Kr=w8y-r=\
N8?‛ (b=q8r
 -m=S<l-; S;y=k<w hd_F< pr-B8x,
, ib<R8h_; p=W+5 \\fS-)
F´mbncn¡pw Cu lZoknsâ kmcw? ]p¯qÀ ss^kn Xs¶ ]dbs«:
h}dyW-\4R u0R-@8|l Sw]8vS<F |b8Y]m8k+. aw< S8Y]m\l[N-r-\Kb8h]n-l pr-g`-c{ < ay8\L p8T-n= v-t=ky8y-r=Q |v#-y-r=N\wN8`< iI v8K-\
4R w8w<pr];‛ (b=q8r
 -m=S<l-; S;y=k<w hd_F< pr-B8x,
, ib<R8h_; p=W+5 \\fS-)>pv8ck w-r=|mn-y=\t l8Lny=; S<|nhv=; EZ= vL5N S9h8b-y8y-r=Q \\Sd-(R)\4R p=>wn8y uS8mw<(R). A mh8n8y S9h8b-K8`< w\4R m=/-6 n-N< sh8dW< kl-m \c8l[ -yv]k<w-y=\t u0R-y8\w |p8yw<. an]\4R u0R-y=k eNw< S8Y]m\
l[N8`< ‘SmS<wK8r4
 p=W+5 \\fS-
’ w
\N m=kL-6 >pS<w8v-c{w<.
C\n]dbpI, FÃm AZriy Imcy
§fpw alm∙mÀ Adnbpsa¶v kakvX¡mÀ
hnizkn¡p¶pWvsSm? CÃ!! CtÃbnÃ!!!
(\\sq< r-f8iI or= d-vS; w=t-y=; m=T- kab\y w9v8f< \cy{ =|/87 (Ew< RS+l-\4R cr]8y8`8\v8 iw<,w/=r8\n?) mK8n-v8S- 
k7 a|Dh|W8t< pR@=: ‘iv{
 - YW-6 w=t-m=T- w9v8f= \ 
cy{r=w<.’ a|P87 |r8x8k=ln8y 
r-f8iI w\4R w=t-\y kaby=\t mw-l-6 \k8L=W-y-T<,kab|y8t< w\N w9v8f= \cy{84 pR@=. ut\n r- f8i\y w9v8f= \cy{8n8y- kab iLk84 w=t!-. iw< k# al[8h=v=;, Ez< Ak8sW-\4R v8w-l=; w=RN< Skl 
 mlK=kL=; ‘eL
 -v5 r-f8iI, (e\4R \p8N< r-f8iIe\N8 m\Z8 Ak=;) oN< n- 
5W|`’ eN< kr@< n 
 -lv-L- c{ +, eN< kF8 S8r;. e!\ny=#<? gjg;B_r; 

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