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Bible Notes

Bible Notes

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Published by itisme_angela

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Published by: itisme_angela on Oct 28, 2010
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BiblenotesThe entire Holy Bible is summarized with easy-to-read review notesand keypoints, useful for everyone and a resource for Bible study.
FORWARD/SOURCESSUMMARY OF THE OLD TESTAMENTSUMMARY OF THE NEW TESTAMENTKEYPOINTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENTKEYPOINTS OF THE NEW TESTAMENTOLD TESTAMENT NOTES – Book-by-Book  NEW TESTAMENT NOTES – Book-by-Book  NOTICES OF COPYRIGHT“Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION.Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.”Additionally, this compilation in entirety:Copyright 1997 BRN-PTRSApproval is granted to reproduce in any form without written permission, provided the material isused in nonsaleable media or is not sold in any manner but is given freely and these notices arecited in their entirety on a title or copyright page. Additionally, the compilation should bereferenced as follows: “Biblenotes” February 1997. If used on the Internet, a link to theBiblenotes’ website would be appreciated.Copyright 1997-2009 BRN-PTRSInternet --http://www.biblenotes.comandhttp://www.biblenotes.net 
Forward:The Important Points of the Bible are in this Review.
Everyone should learn something about the Bible, regardless of his religious preferences. TheBible presents a historical religion and is very difficult to read and understand. For these reasons,these Bible Review Notes were written as a compilation of important points from the viewpoint of a scientist/engineer/researcher. There has been no attempt to discuss or debate these points, merelyto present them in summarized fashion.Biblenotes was published on the web March 12, 1997. The summaries took one year to complete.Over one million readers have used this site for information, education and review.Biblenotes has been awarded a Five Star Rating in 2000 by Schoolzone's panel of over 400 expertteachers.The Hot Site for the day was awarded to Biblenotes on June 16, 1999 by USA Today.
The Holy Bible, New International Version
(International Bible Society; The ZondervanCorporation, Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1991) was used for quoted verses for the great majority of this work: See
 Notice of Copyright 
. Also
The Holy Bible, King James Version
(American BibleSociety, New York; 1992) was used for some references that are better known in the wording of the King James Version. When not stated, the verses are from
The Holy Bible, New International Version
). All verses and references are given in standard form of Book, Chapter: Verse -- asin this example:
1 Kings 11:5-7
1 Kings = Book 
11 = Chapter 
5-7 = Verses 5 through 7
The Living Bible
(Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois; 1972) was also used for reading asan aid in this work, because of its simplicity in wording/paraphrases.The 39 books of the Old Testament are reviewed in order of presentation in the
in OLDTESTAMENT NOTES -- Book-by-Book. The 27 books of the New Testament are reviewed inorder of presentation in the
in NEW TESTAMENT NOTES -- Book-by-Book. Additionally both the Old and New Testaments are reviewed in an overall short summary.

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