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Kelly Hopkins

Kelly Hopkins

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Published by marsha_mcclelland

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: marsha_mcclelland on Oct 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"I have been researching disease, vaccines and their reactions for a little overthree years now. I have spoken with parents over the phone who thought their child was having a reaction, I have spoken to parents afterthere child went through a reaction, but I had yet to actually see a child havea reaction until last night.I was at a Home and Garden Party last night, and one of the women there had brought her newborn girl, my son is about 9 weeks old and so I would judge hers to have been about the same.Her daughter seemed fussy all night long and finally got to a point where she had to leave the room because the child would not stop crying. I watched her try to nurse and do everything she could to calm her down, but nothing worked. I waited for a few minutes before I went into the other room with her because I thought maybe the child was just cranky and mom was uncomfortable nursing in front ofpeople.The childs crying became very high pitched and really disturbed me. My first thought was that the child needed to be adjusted, so I started talking to the mom about chiropractic, she said she knew about the benefitsof chiropractic and was having her four year old adjusted but had not had the newborn because she was nervous about it.The mom was holding the child close to her body and as we sat there I reassuredher on having her newborn adjusted, as both mine were adjusted within days of their birth.Then she turned the child around and I saw the most terrifying thing in my life.The childs eyes were so wide open and she had this look of terror in her eyes.Then I noticed her body, she was as stiff as a board her toeswere pointed so straight it would have made a ballerina jealous, it is very hardfor me to put into words what I saw, but you could just tell by the look in hereyes that her body was being wracked with pain.I was in shock, literally, it took me a couple of minutes to gather my thoughtsand I asked her when the childs last vaccination was. The mother shook her headand said, "I knew it, it was five days ago." That mother knew what washappening the moment I asked her that question. She said shehad been fussy ever since she had had her last vaccination, and that she seemedto be getting worse every day. I asked her how many they gave her.Four, they gave that baby girl 4 vaccinations in one visit! One of them was thenew PCV-7. The moms husband had just told her that morning not to vaccinate thekids anymore because he had heard a radio program and was not sure vaccinationswere safe, he wanted to do some research first, but she went ahead and did it anyways. By now she was in tears and saying she wished she had listened to her husband.Fortunately my chiropractor was there and she adjusted the baby girl. I had themom call her midwife and tell her what was happening. After the adjustment the baby just melted in the DC's arms, it was amazing. She was still having periodicscreaming fits but seemed to be getting some relief.I went home that night and fell into my husbands arms and cried my eyes out. I had been holding it together while I was with the mom, in order to give her support, and could hold it in no longer. The mom called me this morning and said thebaby was doing alot better, she had had a rough night but seemed back to normalthis morning. Now we are going through the steps to get this reported, she is going to start getting informed on vaccinations and she is going to start gettingthe baby adjusted.

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