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Question PMP as per PMBOK4

Question PMP as per PMBOK4

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Published by mukheran

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: mukheran on Oct 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Question - 1
Given the following estimates: Optimistic 3 days, Pessimistic 9 days, and most likely 6 days,what is the PERT weighted average?
 A.6B.4C.6.3D.6.1Answer :A is the correct answer.Optimistic = Co , most likely = Cm, Pessimistic = Cp. PERT weighted average = (Co + 4Cm +Cp)/6 = (3+4*6+9)/6 = 36/6 = 6Question - 2
If you have elected to use parametric modeling in your Estimate Costs for the project.Which one of the following is an example of parametric modeling?
 A.$120 per kgB.Historical information from a similar projectC.Estimates built from bottom-up based on the WBSD.Estimates based on top-down budgetingAnswer :A is the correct answer.A is correct; $120 per ton is an example of parametric modeling. Parametric modeling : Using project characteristics (or parameters) in a mathematical model to predict costs (e.g., price per square foot). B is incorrect, as historical information is analogous, not parametric. C is incorrect,Bottom-up estimating is not parametric modeling. and D is incorrect, top-down budgeting isrelated to Analogous estimating .Question - 3
Your company has been hired to configure softwares in 500 computers. All computer needequal time to configure. The contract for the project is set at a fixed cost, the incentivebeing the faster the project work is completed, the more the profitable the job.Management has requested that you study the work method to determine a faster, lesscostly, and better method to complete the project. This is an example of which one of thefollowing?
 A.Time constraint
B.Schedule constraintC.Value analysisD.Learning curveAnswer :C is the correct answer.Value analysis is a systematic approach to find less costly ways to complete the same work. Aand B are incorrect, as this situation does not describe a specific time or cost constraint. D isincorrect, as the learning curve happens as the project team completes the work.Question - 4
If you are the project manager for a project. The customer has requested that you factorafter-project costs, such as maintenance and service. This is an example of which one of thefollowing?
 A.Life cycle costsB.Scope creepC.Project spin off D.OperationsAnswer :A is the correct answer.The after-project costs are known as the life cycle costs.Question - 5
You are the project manager of a Project. Your project will cost your organization $50,000to complete over the next 3 months. Once the project is completed, the deliverables willbegin earning the company $5000 per month. What is the time to recover the costs of theproject ?
 A.10 monthsB.1 year C.2 yearsD.3 yearsAnswer :A is the correct answer.This is calculated by dividing the ROI of $5000 per month into the project cost. 50000/5000 = 10months
Question - 6
You have two possible projects to manage, but you can only choose one. Project MKTG isworth $23,000, while Project SALESPTR is worth $25,000. Management elects to chooseProject SALESPTR. The opportunity cost of this choice is which one of the following?
 A.$23,000B.$27,000C.$50,000D.$4000Answer :A is the correct answer.The opportunity cost is the amount of the project that was not chosen.Question - 7
You are the project manager of the AC Installation Project for a new building. Your BACis $500,000. You have spent $270,000 of your budget. You are now 50 percent done with theproject, though your plan called for you to be 55 percent done with the work at this time.What is CPI?
 A..92B..82C..72D..45Answer :A is the correct answer.CPI = EV / AC Earned Value/ Actual Cost The EV of $250,000 is divided by the AC of $270,000 for a value of .92.Question - 8
If you are a project manager of a project. Till today you have actually completed $34,000 of work and based on the cost plan it should be $50,000. What is percentage ScheduleVariance (SV) ?

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