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Lives Too Short - The State of Men’s Health

Lives Too Short - The State of Men’s Health

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Published by Men's Health Forum

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Published by: Men's Health Forum on Oct 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lie expectancy is closely linked to poverty. This is especially true or men -
their health is even more aected by disadvantage than women’s.
Men visit the GP20%less than women.vi
52%o all A&E department visits are by men. Men aged between 20
and 29 years are the biggest single group o users o A&E departments.vii
Women have higher GP consultation rates or a wide range o illnesses,
so the gender dierences cannot be explained simply by their need or
contraceptive and pregnancy care.viii
Weight & activity
are overweight.xv
Just 40% o men meet the Chie Medical Ofcer’s
recommendations or physical activity.
of men
of women
Men are70% more likely than
women to die from cancers
that affect both sexes
and 60% more likely to get cancer.x i v
Drinking & smoking
33%o men and 16% o women are drinking
at a potentially harmul level.
Alcohol-related death rates in
men have more than doubled,
rising rom 8.2 per 100,000 in 1992 to 16.7 per
100,000 in 2008.xvi
16% of men in professional work smoke
compared with 27% in manual work.xvii
Cardiovascular diseases
– the most common
cause of death
Male death rates rom circulatory disease are
300 per
and, or women,
190 per
This includes heart disease and stroke.xiii
Full policy recommendations and practice guidance on these issues are set out in MHF’s
publications reerred to in the More inormation on men’s health section overlea. All are available
on our website.
Show your support or the action plan or men’s health by signing our pledge at:
Tackle men’s mental health problems
Get more men physically active
Address men’s high cancer rates
Improve men’s use of primary health services
Involve more workplaces in men’s health and wellbeing
Lives Too Short
The state o men’s health in England
In every age group, men have a higher mortality rate than women.
i Ofce or National Statistics (2008), Mortality Statistics: Deaths
registered in 2007. Review o the National Statistician on deaths in
England and Wales.
ii Ofce or National Statistics, Interim Lie Tables 2006-8
iii ONS, Lie expectancy at birth and at age 65 by local areas in the
United Kingdom, 2006-08
iv ONS, Trends in Lie Expectancy by social class 1972-2005,
October 2007
v ONS, Health Statistics Quarterly 47, Autumn 2010
vi ONS, General Liestyle Survey 2008, chapter 7.
vii NHS Inormation Centre, Hospital Episode Statistics: Accident
and emergency attendances in England (experimental statistics),
viii Bajekal M. et al (2006), Focus on Health.
ix ONS, Suicide rates in the UK 1991-2008
x Biehal N, Wade J and Mitchell F. Lost rom view: Missing persons
in the UK. Bristol: Policy Press; 2003
xi Ministry o Justice. Population in custody: Monthly tables, March
2009. England and Wales. London: Ministry o Justice; 2009.
xii Social Exclusion Unit. Mental Health and Social Exclusion. London:
Ofce o the Deputy Prime Minister; 2004
xiii ONS, Mortality: Circulatory diseases - leading cause group,
January 2006.
xiv National Cancer Intelligence Network et al, The Excess Burden o
Cancer in Men in the UK. Men are almost 40% more likely than
women to die rom cancer and 16% more likely to develop the
disease. Ater excluding breast cancer and cancers specifc to one
or other sex rom the analysis, the dierence is even greater - with
men being almost 70% more likely to die rom cancer and over 60%
more likely to develop the disease.
xv NHS Inormation Centre, Statistics on obesity, physical activity
and diet: England, February 2009.
xvi ONS, Alcohol-related deaths in the United Kingdom, January
xvii NHS Inormation Centre, Statistics on Smoking: England, 2009.
September 2009.
o men die beore the age o 65
o people who
kill themselves
are meni x
To fnd the fgures or your local authority visit see
ootnote iii or contact the Men’s Health Forum.
at birth:............... at age 65:................ ranking:..............
o men still die beore 75i
o adults who
“go missing”
are menx
Men make up94%xi
o the
prison population.
72%o male prisoners suer
rom two or more mental
disorders.x i i
Dying young
Men & health services
Top ten UK & English local authority
areas for male life expectancy at birthiii
Your town:
Bottom ten English local authority areas
for male life expectancy at birth
Life expectancy at birth and at 65 years oldii
Mental well-being
Life expectancy at birth by social classi v
Mortality rates in England & Wales
by three social classes, men aged 25–64v
The MHF action plan for men’s health
At birth
At age 65
Life expectancy at birth
& professional
& manual
Mortality per

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