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Xaverian Mission Newsletter November 2010

Xaverian Mission Newsletter November 2010

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Published by: Xaverian Missionaries USA on Oct 30, 2010
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Volume 58 - No. 4| 
November 2010
Passion for Christ — Passion for Humanity 
Website: xaviermissionaries.org
MissionBlog: xaverianmissionaries.blogspot.com
orld Day of Peace is tradi-tionally celebrated onJanuary 1 of each year, the Feast of theMary, Mother of God. For this upcomingyear, the Holy See has set the theme:Religious Freedom, the Path to Peace.For us, peace in the world today, some-thing we sing much about in Christmascarols, with all its own complexities, isnot possible without the freedom topractice one’s faith, no matter whatthat faith may be.We also live in a world today wherethe freedom to practice one’s faith,taken for granted by many nations,and perhaps even ours, is curtailedor severely restricted in others. Thepersecution of other faiths is one ofthe hallmarks of a lack of human rightstoday and a challenge for the wholeChurch, particularly in the USA thatlauds a central part of our nationalcharacter as a welcome space for allfaiths.In the centerfold of this issue of XMN,we showcase
He Qi
, a marvelousChinese Christian artist whose talentshared with the world today evolvedout of the severity of the communistregime years ago. In the mission newspage, we share the report of a group ofFilipinos who were recently arrested inSaudi Arabia for participating in aCatholic mass, forbidden by Saudi law.In this and more, we need your help tofaces these challenges in the mission ofthe church.
and the
Xaverian Mission Newsletter
 November 2010
 Xaverians in Burundi, Africa
Provincial Headquarters
12 Helene CourtWayne, NJ 07470-2813Tel.: (973) 942-2975Fax: (973) 942-5012
Xavier Knoll Mission Center
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Mission Center & Fatima Shrine
101 Summer StreetP.O. Box 5857Holliston, MA 01746-5857Tel.: (508) 429-2144Fax: (508) 429-4793E-mail:
Xaverian Mission Newsletter
Ofcial publication of the
 Xaverian Missionariesof the United States
Coordinating Editor
Fr. Carl Chudy
Editorial Team
Fr. Tony LalliFr. Joseph MatteucigFr. Alfredo Turco
Layout Consultant
Diamand Design,
Wrentham, MA
Rea-Craft Press, Inc.
Foxboro, MA
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ometimes hard fast assumptions aboutthe way we see things changes. I hap-pen to have an experience of this when Ithought that the missionary goes to missionto give their lives to save others. Well, ittook one afternoon in the African sun tochange that.I walked to the airport in the middle of agroup of Muslim women who accompaniedtheir husbands leaving for Mecca. Near methere was a young Muslim friend by thename of Irene. She confided with me alongthe way:
“I would like to become aChristian”
.While listening to Irene, a van suddenlyfell on the group and I found myself on theground with pain throughout my body.Around me lay six others who were carriedto local hospitals.After some days Father Sergio Marchettotold me:
“You know that you would be dead if it were not for Irene who saved your life?  As the van was falling, she pulled you in just enough time to avoid the disaster.”
AMuslim woman did not hesitated to put herlife at risk to save me. I realized that beinga missionary is not only giving of oneself,but receiving as well, to save and be saved!During the months I spent recovering, Ithought back to the many experiences inthe Democratic Republic of the Congo andin Burundi, Africa. I considered the dignityof the people in the villages on the moun-tain that I baptized, the commitment andenthusiasm of the people to promote humanrights, the young victims of AIDS I accompa-nied to enter into paradise, street kids thatwe helped to helped to grow and learn atrade, to have a small house and a family allto themselves, and the generosity of manyfriends that contributed in all we did.My meeting with Irene who risked her lifeto save mine would also be my farewell toBurundi as I had to return to my homelandin order to recover fully.
– Fr. Lino Maggioni, SX 
nd T Be
Remember the
in Your Will
or help us with atax deductible donation.Contact:Fr. Frank Grappoli, SX 
12 Helene Court, Wayne, NJ 07470 Tel: (973) 942-2975
Fr. Lino Maggioni with a mother and fteen year old daughter.The mother died from AIDS ve months after this photo was taken.
Xaverian Mission Newsletter
November 2010
 Xaverian Missionaries in the World 
Fr. Edi Foschiatto in red with friends at our parish. Fr. Joe Matteucig,Director of our Center in Holliston, MA is there in the yellow stole.
THrEEDirECTioNSn theMssn f Twn
Some youth in front of a church in Taiwan.
“God then helped usto move towards threedirections in the way of the mission: theministry in our parish,social ministry, and dialogue with the predominate faithhere, Buddhism.”
ecently I was home with myfamily in Italy and naturallymany friends and family are curiousabout our work in Taiwan and China.Let me share with you a little of whatthe Xaverian Missionaries are doing inthe Far East.The Xaverians came to the island ofTaiwan (
once called “Formosa”
) twentyyears ago. During this period a numberof Xaverian priests came to work. TodayFather Fabrizio Tosolini of Italy andFather Paulin Batairwa of the Congowork with me at our parish.In the beginning years, there wasmuch enthusiasm and good will. Westudied the language, looked for ahouse, found work, and with friends, wepurchased furniture, and other necessi-ties to make a home. God then helpedus to move towards three directions inthe way of the mission: the ministry inour parish, social ministry, and dialoguewith the predominate faith here,Buddhism.Here is the first thing to do in mis-sion: pay attention to life experienceand the project that God has alreadygifted us with. A big help on being mis-sionary in Taiwan comes from a sayingfrom our Founder, Blessed GuidoConforti:
“Seek God, love God, and seeGod in everything.”
Our pastoral support to the Taiwan-ese Church led us to accept the parish,St. Francis Xavier. The Xaverian Miss-ionaries built this parish in the 1970’sand then was returned to the diocesewhen we left Taiwan in those days. It isa small parish community, like most ofthe Christian communities of the island.Among the 23 million people, those thatare Catholic are less than three hundredthousand.We live the ordinary life of everyparish with the celebration of theEucharist, prayer and devotion, alwaysadding a touch of our very familiar styletypical of Xaverians everywhere. At theend of Sunday Mass the communitydrinks tea together, in order to get toknow one another better. At Christmasand Easter, for birthdays and namedays, for baptisms and communions, wealso have lunch together as a parish.
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