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Chayei Sarah

Chayei Sarah

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Published by David Mathews

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: David Mathews on Oct 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chayei Sarah
This weeks Torah Portion Chayei Sarah  The Life of Sarah covers Genesis 23:1  25:18.It serves as the final chapter of the adventures of Abraham and makes way for the story tocontinue through the life of Isaac. This portion opens with the death of Sarah and thedetails of her burial arrangements. It then proceeds to Abrahams covenant with Eliezer tofind Isaac a wife from among his relatives, which is fulfilled through Rebekkah, who agreesto leave her home and become the wife of the Son of the Covenant! The view then switchesfor one last time to Abraham who marries Keturah, has six more sons, and then passesaway at the age of 175 and is buried with Sarah. And then as a closing thought we are toldof the descendants of Ishmael and of his death as well.This happens to be the 5
portion of the year! 5 =
behold, look, pay attention, revelation;with this being the 5
portion, special attention is called to it that hints at some hiddenrevelation that we are to behold! Chayei Sarah will not only reveal historical events in thelives of the Patriarchs, but will also lend insight into our days as well (the end is declaredfrom the beginning) with Sarah serving as a shadow picture of the Bride!Sarah: Strongs #8283 Sarah
noblewoman, princess
rom #8323 sarar
to be or act as prince, rule, contend, have power, prevail,reign  Sarah is one who represents the Bride in a condition where she is able torule and reign with her Husband!
Location of the Burial
Genesis 23:2-4Kirjatharba: Strongs #7153 Qiryath Arba
City of Arba
rom #7151 qiryah
city, town, from #7136 qarah
to encounter, meet,befall, happen, come to meet *Arba was the father of Anak (giant, part of the serpents seed)
In other words the Bridedies when she comes in contact with/meets with the serpents seed, just like what happened within the Garden!Hebron: Strongs #2275 Chebrown
association, place of alliance
ord Picture: Separated/fenced off (
) from the house (
) since the beginning(
) because of being joined to (
) the wrong seed (
)*Hebron is the exact opposite of the term Hebrew coming from the root meaning to crossover or to stand in opposition against. It is no coincidence then that Sarah/the Bride dieshere! An interesting word play is developed though through the words qiryah
(composed of the same letters except one, qiryah having the qoof and yirehhaving the aleph). Yireh/Yehovah Yireh, meaning Yahweh sees, is the name of the locationwhere Isaac is spared because of the ram caught in the thicket!
= signifies the completion of living matter when one returns to the dust from which theycame
= ox/bull, Strong One, sacrificeYahweh sees Sarah/the Bride fenced off from the house due to the wrong seed within herand therefore provides the ram, the Aleph, in order to bring her back to life from the dust!Genesis 23:7-9Ephron: Strongs #6085 Ephrown
 
rom #6082 opher
deer, fawn, stag, from #6080 aphar
to dust, powder(cognate of #6083 aphar
ashes  for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thoureturn Gen. 19)Zohar: Strongs #6714 Tsochar
tawny, whiteness
Cognate of #6703 tsach
dazzling, glowing, clear, bright *By switching the order of the letters you get #2783 charats
loinsDirectly before coming to Hebron Abraham is given a promise by Yahweh dealing with thisvery term aphar  dust! G
enesis 13:14-18After being told his seed shall be as the dust, in Genesis 15:5  And he brought him forthabroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to numberthem: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.By choosing to bury Sarah in this location owned by Ephron son of Zohar, Abraham isactually reminding Yahweh of His promise to him!! It declares that even though his seedwould be as the dust/aphar (die and return to the dust) that from his loins the redeemerwould come (fulfilling the salvation message written in the stars)!*Upon offering up Isaac (shadow picture of Yahshua) the statement is made that as thesand which is upon the sea shore shall his seed be (Gen. 22:17). Sand: #2344 chowl
sand, gematria of 44, same as Igal (#3008)
He Redeems! Sarahs burial is thisdeclaration that the shadow picture of Isaac will be fulfilled and the Bride will beredeemed!Cave: Strongs #4631 mearah
cave, den, hole
rom #5783 uwr
to be exposed, bare, laid bare, uncovered; cognate of #5785or
skin (skins were used for the garments that Yahweh made for Adam and Eveand its a play on the word for light or)Machpelah: Strongs #4375 Makpelah
double or portion
rom #3717 kaphal
to double, it is used of something being down twice,doubled
ord Picture:
 from/out of;
 name of the letter Kaf, palm of the hand or the sole of the foot, important part of the promise to Abraham and his descendants (wherever thesole of your foot/kaf touches);
 to teach, lead, guide;
 to be fruitful, light Sarah/the Bride, who is in a state of death, is given a temporary covering of skins/bloodcovering until she will be restored back to the light (just like in the Garden  in the daythat thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die  in a state of death though they are given acovering of or). This is made possible from the covenant made with Abraham, whichtaught them how to be made fruitful and receive once again the light of Yahweh!!Genesis 23:19  And after this, Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field oMachpelah before Mamre: the same [is] Hebron in the land of Canaan.Before: Strongs #6440 paniym
faceMamre: Strongs #4471 Mamre
strength, fatness; close cognate of mar  bitter(bitter waters)Tying it all together, by coming in contact with the serpent, having the wrong seed, causesthe Bride to come in contact with the bitter waters (the curse of the adulterous woman Numbers 5). But in the face of these waters, comes the reminder that a covenant was madeand a covering was given! He redeems! (Yod prefix on Igal means He was, is, and will bethe redeemer or Goel!)This promise of redemption is fulfilled in the sacrifice of Yahshua who has similar eventssurrounding his burial as Sarah  tying together that this was the promised one foretold inthe heavens (stars)! Genesis 23:13  And he spake unto Ephron in the audience of thepeople of the land, saying, But if thou [wilt give it], I pray thee, hear me: I will give theemoney for the field; take [it] of me, and I will bury my dead there.*Notice that the term cave is left off and just the field is discussed. Matthew 27:3-8
Both are fields bought with silver
Both are fields bought in order to bury strangers (Gen. 23:4  I am a stranger and asojourner, Matt. 27:7  the potters field to bury strangers in)
The name of the field bought in Yahshuas day is Aceldama (Acts 1:19). Aceldama:Strongs #184 Akeldama
field of blood, from #2506 cheleq
portion,share, part; it is used metaphorically of a persons doing his or her part insomething. The name of Sarahs burial, Machpelah, meant portion, but also doubleor something done twice, hinting at that there would be a repeat of this  Yahshuawould also take on death and fulfill his part of the covenant by conquering it!!This particular piece of the Promised Land (Hebron) is given to Caleb under the leadershipof Joshua by the command of YHVH, and a powerful foreshadowing takes place dealing withfuture events of this place!Joshua 15:13-18

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