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Manifesting Intentions Without Resistance by Steve Pavlina

Manifesting Intentions Without Resistance by Steve Pavlina

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Published by Jennifer Barthe
An excellent article on how to better set intentions while using the law of attraction.
An excellent article on how to better set intentions while using the law of attraction.

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Published by: Jennifer Barthe on Oct 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Manifesting Intentions Without
November 20th, 2006 by Steve Pavlina
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Suppose you set a positive intention, focus your energy on its manifestation for the highestgood of all, see the promising alpha reflection, and then watch your results completelystagnate. Why did your intention fail to manifest as quickly as you desired?Whenever this happens the root cause is that you failed to become a vibrational match for your intentions. Probably without even realizing it, you remained stuck in a pattern of intending for your desires NOT to manifest, thereby sabotaging yourself from making progress.What creates this drag? The answer is your fears. Most of the time, your fears aresubconscious. You aren’t even aware of them, so they sabotage you from the shadows.Your fears act as intentions which keep your desires from manifesting. The more youresonate with fear, the worse your results will be when consciously trying to apply the Lawof Attraction. The LoA is still working fine, but you’ll be inclined to think it doesn’t work  because your fears will cause you to keep manifesting more of the same. And the harder you push, the more your fears push back.In this article I’ll offer you a process for bringing your fears to the surface and getting themout of your way, so you can stop them from interfering with your positive intentions. Thiswill allow you to manifest your desires faster and more easily.
Intentions are a package deal
When you set a goal or an intention and begin moving towards it much more slowly thanyou’d like, the drag you experience comes from your fears, not the external world. If you put all your energy into changing your external circumstances without addressing your fears, your progress will be extremely slow, if you even move at all.
10/25/2010 Manifesting Intentions Without Resistanstevepavlina.com//manifesting-intenti1/8
How can you identify the fears that interfere with your positive intentions? Here’s a fairlystraightforward way to do it:First, imagine you’ve already manifested your intention in its entirety. Sit quietly and justimagine it as being real right now. Don’t imagine it happening in the future — imagine itright now. You’re already there. It’s a done deal. Take a few minutes to make it as realas possible. Now do some role-playing in your imagination. Mentally act out a few differentscenarios to get a feel for what your life will really be like once this intention has becomeyour present reality. Consider the major side effects. How will the achievement of thisgoal affect your health, finances, relationships, career, spiritual practice, etc? In whatother ways will it change you? No change occurs in isolation, so how will this changeripple outward and create other changes? Try to get a clear sense of the whole packageof changes, and see if you can figure out where your life might re-stabilize after the initialchange.For example, if your intention is to manifest a million dollars, imagine how that extramoney will affect the other parts of your life. How will it affect your family, your friendships, your living situation, your career, your taxes, your eating habits, your spendinghabits, your spirituality? How will this one change create a tidal wave of other changes?Where will you actually end up when the dust finally settles?Don’t idealize or demonize these side effects. Do your best to imagine the most realisticresults you can.Manifesting a million dollars, losing 50 pounds, getting married, moving to a new city, or switching careers are significant changes. A common mistake we make when putting outnew intentions is that we consider those intentions in isolation, failing to account for thecomplete package of side effects.If you spend even 10 minutes doing this exercise (longer is good too), you’ll notice there’sa lot more to your intentions than you initially realized. But if you don’t consider these side
10/25/2010 Manifesting Intentions Without Resistanstevepavlina.com//manifesting-intenti2/8
effects when focusing on your intentions, then your intentions will have little power tomanifest because deep down, you’ll know they don’t represent a realistic, stable situation.If you want your intentions to manifest, then you need to understand that they’re a package deal. You have to accept and intend the whole package, not just the convenient parts.
Uncovering hidden fears that sabotage your intentions
When you consider the whole package of your intentions, you’ll notice someinternal resistance. Some parts of your visualization will be wonderful, while other partswill seem undesirable. For example, if your intention is to manifest a million dollars, andyou know deep down that one of your close friends simply won’t be able to handle it because s/he responds negatively to anyone with that kind of money, then you mayfeel some resistance about manifesting the money. You want the intention, but you’reunhappy with the side effects.Any undesirable elements that come up during this exercise will be pointers to your fears.What holds you back from being totally congruent with your intentions isn’t the total package itself, since that package is (so far) only in your imagination. What holds you back is the fear that arises when you consider the total package. Going back to theexample of your friend who responds negatively to financial wealth, your friend isn’tholding you back at all. It’s the fear of your friend’s reaction that’s the real culprit. Evenif you never told your friend about your intention to manifest a million dollars, you’d stillsuffer the intention-blocking effects of your fear. Both your fears and your desires existonly within your consciousness at this point, not in the physical world, so the entire conflictis an internal one. But a lack of internal congruency is all it takes to kill your bestintentions.As you explore your visualization of the total package, take note of which parts you resist,and try to express them in words. For example, here are some fears you might list whenyou think about manifesting a million dollars:
10/25/2010 Manifesting Intentions Without Resistanstevepavlina.com//manifesting-intenti3/8

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